The Big Villain Asked Me To Save Him When I Was Reborn Chapter 121

Chapter 119: End

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It is definitely not the solution to continue like this. Jiang Yu decided to make it clear to Huo Cheng alone that he would solve any grievances at once.

Now she is no longer the helpless and bullied little pitiful of the previous life.

She is not afraid of Huo Cheng, but... Qiu Li is her biggest weakness, and she must not involve Qiu Li.

At noon that day, Jiang Yu finished dancing at the Esmeral Art Center and saw Huocheng who had been waiting for a long time outside the classroom.

She didn't know what the ability of Huocheng to reach the sky, in Esmeral, she was able to enter the land of no one.

Jiang Yu carried his schoolbag on his back, walked out of the classroom door, and said to Huo Cheng in the corridor: "Come with me."

Huo Cheng sneered, followed behind her lazily, and came to the rooftop.

There is no sun today, the wind is very strong, and the sky is full of clouds, much like the night Huocheng died.

That night, Huo Cheng was drunk and violently abused her for a long time. She lay on the cold floor with scars, raised her head with difficulty, and saw the same, dense clouds outside the window.

She also saw the man standing by the floor-to-ceiling window, with his hands in his pockets, looking at her from a distance, his dark eyes surging with silent waves.

Jiang Yu fell asleep groggyly.

When she woke up, she fell in a pool of blood.

In the final scene, the police took the man away with the knife in his hand, dripping with blood.

Qiuli was detained in a police car.

And Huo Cheng died under the sharp blade.

There are thirty-two wounds on his body, some fatal and some wounds on his arm. It can be seen that the murderer is not killing, but venting indiscriminately.

Qiu Li killed Huo Cheng when she was in a coma.

This is the final outcome that Jiang Yu wants to change after being reborn. She can't let Huo Cheng die in Qiu Li's hands, or let him stay in a dark prison and spend a long and lonely life.

On the rooftop, Jiang Yu said to Huo Cheng: "You have been following me these days, what do you want to do?"

Huo Cheng smiled and took a step closer to her.

Jiang Yu immediately backed away and looked at him defensively: "Say, what do you want?"

"Xiaoyu, you know what I want." Huo Cheng opened his hand to her, like a snare laid by a hunter: "I'm back just for you."

Jiang Yu was going crazy by him.

This man was the biggest nightmare of her last life. After another time, he still refuses to let her go!

"If you don't leave, I will call the police." Jiang Yu reached into his schoolbag and threatened in a deep voice: "You won't get the slightest benefit by doing this. If you let my father know, you won't be better off. Ending..."

"I'm so scared." Huo Cheng's smile on the corner of his mouth became more frivolous, and step by step towards her, he walked over: "What can the police say? I haven't done anything to you. The police can't help you. No one can help. If I can help you, you are destined to be... mine in this life."

Jiang Yu's pupils trembled, looking at Huo Cheng's odious face approaching in front of him, it suddenly occurred to him.

Huo Cheng of the previous life also said this!

No one can help you.

You can never escape.

Destined to be mine in this life.

Huo Cheng looked at the girl who shrank like a bunny in front of him, and his eyes flashed with the desire to destroy it.

"I'm afraid you still don't know the background of our Huo family. Last time your little boyfriend sent my brother in, my grandfather was really angry."

His voice was low and slow, as if every word was torturing her: "Do you think your dad can be your backer? Compared to our Huo family, what is he?"

"This is a society under the rule of law, you can't cover the sky with one hand!"

"I have arranged it, not only that **** Qiu Li, but also your father and mother, they will all... die."

When Huo Cheng said the word "death", the last string in Jiang Yu's mind suddenly broke!

Father, mother, Jolie...

She came back to life, they were the warmth she regained, and they were her most important people and the last bottom line.

If she loses them, then the world no longer has meaning to her.

Jiang Yu no longer hesitated. She took out a fruit knife from her schoolbag, and when he was defenseless, she pierced into Huo Cheng's abdomen without hesitation.

At that moment, Jiang Yu discovered that the original sound of the blade cutting the flesh and blood was not heard with ears, but felt with hands.

And this feeling is so familiar.

She looked at the hilt of the knife reaching Huo Cheng's abdomen, and she felt a hint of revenge.

Yes, she killed that demon, and the biggest hidden danger was lifted. Qiu Li would not kill anymore, nor would he go to jail because of him.

Huo Cheng crashed to the ground in front of her, struggling to retreat, dragging the blood on the ground, and finally there was a look of panic in his eyes.

And such panic and panic gave Jiang Yu courage in his heart.

She is no longer afraid of Huocheng, and she is no longer afraid of the scheduled ending.

She can't let him go.

Holding the knife, Jiang Yu approached Huo Cheng blankly, knelt down, and stabbed him several times.

The blood spewed out, dyeing her white skin red.

A full thirty-two knives, red blood snaking out along his body, the terrifying demon lying in a pool of blood, already dead like a dead fish.

Jiang Yu laughed easily and finally saved Qiuli.

and so on

Who saved whom?

Jiang Yu looked at the man in the pool of blood. Suddenly, some fragments buried in the deepest part of consciousness slowly crawled out of the cracks in memory...

She went back to the Huo Family Mansion on that cloudy afternoon again, and she saw the man coming home drunk.

At this moment, Jiang Yu seems to be an outsider, re-watching this picture hidden in memory from a third-person perspective.

The woman is wearing a slim black nightdress, dancing in front of a large French window, spinning, spinning, and turning thirty-two whips, just like a beautiful black swan...

And this thrilling beauty further stimulated the devil's nerves.

Huo Cheng grabbed her hair, dragged her over, and threw her heavily on the ground.

Next, he did a lot of evil deeds against the poor woman.

She lay on the cold floor with scars, and endured all this desperately.

She wanted to scream, but there was no sound from her throat.

On the coffee table, there is a fruit knife.

Without hesitation, she picked up the fruit knife and pierced the man's abdomen when the man was violent.

Jiang Yu slammed his mouth and watched the already crazy woman, stabbing him in the abdomen.

A full thirty-two dollars.

It wasn't Qiu Li, it wasn't Qiu Li who killed Huo Cheng, it was her herself!

Whether it was the previous life or this life, Huo Cheng died in her hands!

And the next moment, Qiu Li rushed into the room embarrassedly, watching the murder scene as tragic as **** and the injured "black swan" sitting in a pool of blood.

"Doctor, I can finally sleep at ease."

Jiang Yu sat in a pool of blood with his knees on his knees, beside the man's cold body, she gave him a pure smile: "I won't have nightmares anymore."

Qiu Li squatted in front of her, gently picked up the thin woman, put it on the sofa, and then took off her coat and put it on her.

"Yeah, I will never have nightmares again." He softly said to her in a gentle voice, "Take a good rest."

"Doctor, did I know you before, why are you so good to me?"

Qiu Li pulled her blood-stained hair behind her ears and attached it to her ears and said softly, "This is a secret."

"Is it a secret that can't be told?"

"This secret can only be heard in a dream."

He looked at her affectionately: "Okay, go to sleep. The wind in the dream will tell you this secret. Hush, listen carefully. After you hear it, you must forget it immediately."

The woman has fallen into a state of sleep, groaning unconsciously: "I seem to hear..."

Jiang Yu heard it, and heard the man say softly in her ear: "I knew you very early. Every night when I was seventeen, I would go to the lake to watch you dance. I was so fascinated by you."

"If you look back then, you might see me."

"The wind on the lake is very strong. I want to stand by your side and let the wind blow your hair onto my face."

"No matter how dirty the world is, you will always hang in my heart and be the cleanest moon."

"Little Swan, you dance well, forget everything that is unbearable, you are so clean..."

"All the sins, I will continue for you."

I'll continue for you...

Under his hypnosis, the woman has fallen asleep.

Qiu Li gently stamped a kiss on the edge of her eyes, then stood up and began to rearrange the scene of the murder.

He cleaned Jiang Yu's fingerprints on the handle of the knife, and then deliberately left his own fingerprints on it. At the same time, he pulled Jiang Yu's shoulder strap to her arm, leaving many red marks on her neck.

Soon, the butler rushed into the room and saw the cold body of Huocheng and Qiu Li's beastly behavior towards the unconscious wife.

Soon, she woke up and was taken to an ambulance by doctors and nurses.

Not far away, Qiuli was handcuffed, and the police pressed him into the police car with his upright back.

Qiu Li struggled a bit, turned his head to look at Jiang Yu, a smile broke out at the corner of his mouth, and he gave her a mouth shape.

She looked at him blankly, and did not read what he was saying.

But Jiang Yu, as a bystander, heard his voice.

He said to her: "I protect you."

At that moment, tears burst out of the bank.

He protects her, he is protecting her!

She ran and ran after the police car, trying to explain, telling them that it was not the truth and that Qiu Li was not a criminal.

She did it, everything is her...

But that is just a memory, a memory that cannot be changed and has happened.

In the subsequent investigation, Qiu Lis "crime" was clearly revealed, and his motive was very obvious. He had a plot against his wife. When he tried to commit violence, he was discovered by Huo Cheng, who was the husband. During the fight between the two, he stabbed him to death with a knife. .

Thirty-two wounds are enough to explain his "perversion". Through the diagnosis of Qiu Li, the psychiatrist discovered the mental trauma of his childhood, which further proves that he is a perverted murderer.

And Jiang Yu... She has very vague memories of this period, and she has no hatred for this terrible "demon" Qiuli, the only impression is that he usually doesn't like to laugh.

Later, the memory became more and more chaotic, and she could not even remember that he had "violent" her. She regarded him as an indiscriminate murderer. She killed Huocheng without any reason. To kill is to kill, not for the sake of She is not for anyone...

Only in this way can there be no trauma, no pain, and forget all misfortunes.

Clean and clean.

The fragments of the memory rushed out of my mind, combined into a complete picture, all the memories and emotions hidden by hypnosis, surging out...

The heavy rain poured down, followed by great sadness, Jiang Yu knelt on the roof, howling.

In the fuzzy rain curtain, she saw the figure of the man staggering towards her, she stood up with difficulty supporting her body, and then fell into his firm and powerful arms.

"Ali... I killed someone, I did it."

"It's not you, you are the cleanest one."

"It's me"

She hugged him, tried her best, and kissed him, as if to give him everything back.

Qiu Li said distressedly: "Everything will be fine."

"It's not going to be alright, I killed someone."

"Xiao Yu didn't kill anyone." Qiu Li said softly: "You just killed the devil in your heart."

Jiang Yu opened his eyes blurred by rain and tears and looked at the rooftop.

The entire rooftop was empty, there was no blood, and there was no corpse of Huo Cheng.

She looked at Qiu Li in disbelief: "So so..."

"I have noticed that something is wrong with you." Qiu Li said in a deep voice: "Always a person talking to himself, speaking into the air."

Jiang Yu was stunned and said: "But Huocheng is back!"

"I can't come back. He died five months ago and was killed by his wife."

"Ah! His wife..."

"It looks like Tao Anxin, your high school classmate."


During that time, Qiu Li had been carrying out continuous mental treatment for Jiang Yu.

Huo Cheng was just a shadow or haze in her heart, and after learning of Huo Cheng's death, she never saw him again.

There are indeed many things changed in this life. She and Tao Anxin had their lives replaced, and Tao Anxin became the culprit who killed Huocheng.

And she is about to start her new life.

Qiu Li obviously noticed that Jiang Yu was extremely gentle to him during that time. Perhaps because the wedding date is approaching, she is trying to become a beautiful and ideal wife.

In fact, the hypnotized memory was fully restored, Jiang Yu just wanted to repay the man in front of him with all his strength.

He convicted her and went to jail. He is not a murderer, she is!

After rebirth, she thought she was trying her best to save Qiu Li, but in fact, he saved her.

He gave her another youth, another marriage and a new life. We respect each other, love each other, and agree to join hands for life.

The wedding took place on the big lawn of Esmeral. Everyone was very happy, only Xie Yuan, who seemed a little unhappy.

He took Jiang Yu's hand, walked across the long red makeup road, and handed his daughter to the man who was dressed up like a dog on the opposite side.

Qiu Li took a deep breath, stretched out his hand nervously to pick it up, but Xie Yuan held his daughter very tightly, and he was not willing to let go.

The relatives and friends watching the ceremony looked at each other.

Jiang Yu felt Xie Yuan's strength, she whispered: "Dad..."

Xie Yuan's eyes were red, and he reluctantly handed the little girl's hand to the hand of the opposite man. After a long pause, he said in a deep voice, "Don't bully her."

Qiuli took the back of the girl's hand wearing white lace gloves, placed it under her lips, and asked valuingly, guaranteeing: "I swear."

I swear to respect and love her in my life, and I will never bully her.


On the lawn, Esmerals friends were singing and dancing, laughing and playing, and there were people like Bu Xizhi and others who secretly ate desserts in the self-service area, and everyone had a smile on their faces.

Wearing a beautiful wedding dress, Jiang Yu sat under the vine woven flower stand, watching the setting sun in the distance, playing with the lace of the headdress in his hand.

At this time, a message was sent from the [Knowledge] app---

Ding! [Save the Devil Boy] The task was finally completed, and 300 million remuneration was credited to the account.

Although it was unexpected, Jiang Yu couldn't help but jumped up slightly.

Seeing so many dazzling zeros, how can you be unhappy! Qiu Li didn't know that there was such a large amount of private money in his account when he got married. This is great.

However, Jiang Yu was happy for less than two seconds, and the next news from the service account instantly extinguished her joy--

Next, reiterate the two laws of the company:

1. The reborn person must not allow any dialogue between the future and the present of the seeker, otherwise the agreement will be invalidated and the funds in the reborn persons account will be deducted. If the funds are negative, the reborn person will disappear forever.

2. The reborn person must never have a relationship with the customer.

"In view of the fact that the rebirth violated the second law, the following punishments are now given to the rebirth. All the efforts of the rebirth in this life will be obliterated, ending this life and returning to the situation of the previous life.

Jiang Yu: "???"

She did violate the second law, but the punishment was so severe!

If all the efforts of this life are obliterated, then Mom and Dad will not exist, and Qiu Li will not marry her. He will still stay in prison and spend the rest of his life!

Service number: "But..."

Jiang Yu: "But what!"

Service number: "But please don't be discouraged. Although all the experiences of this life have been erased, the rebirth still has a reward of 300 million yuan."

Jiang Yu:...

If there is no family, no lover, she wants these three hundred million, what's the use? !

Service number: "Of course, this company is based on the principle of humanitarianism. Rebirths can apply to the [Knowledge] company with a remuneration of 300 million to offset the penalty."

Jiang Yu can be regarded as understand, this broken company, changed to ask her for money.

In the beginning, Jiang Yu agreed to the task of [Save the Devil Boy], and was indeed attracted by the three hundred million yuan reward.

However, in the process of completing the task, she gradually fell in love with the young man who was covered in darkness but was still working hard to run toward the sun.

However, compared to this windfall, Qiuli is a precious reward for her.

She is willing to give up her honorarium in exchange for his peace.

Jiang Yu: I agree to offset the punishment with rewards.

Service account: "The reward offset penalty mechanism has been activated. At the same time, the rebirth has reached the full point of contribution points, and will also terminate the employment partnership with the [Knowledge] app. Finally, I wish you a happy wedding. An impossibly new life. The time is long and the future is promising. We are destined to meet again."

Jiang Yu: "Wait a minute!"

Service number:?

Jiang Yu: "Can I say a few words to the future [Jiu Li] in the end."

Service number: "Please wait a moment, I'll apply to the company."

Two minutes later, the service number replied: "You have three minutes."

Jiang Yu immediately sent a message to Qiu Li: "Ali, I'm married, how are you now?"

Qiu Li responded quickly: "I'm fine now. I am not in jail. Everything is slowly returning to normal. Don't read the rain..."

Jiang Yu was a little bit sour in his heart, how could he not read it!

She still asked, "What does very good mean?"

Qiu Li: "Very good is just... raising your head."

Jiang Yu raised his head, but not far away, under the flower porch, the young man was wearing the white suit of the groom's official, with a tall stature and elegant and elegant temperament.

Under the dim halo of the setting sun, his smile was dyed with a soft color.

The handsome and handsome groom finished editing the text message, and then raised her phone to her--

"Very good means that I have Xiaoyu now. Tonight is our wedding night, and our lives will be very happy."

"And I will do what she wants. Every step in the future will be in the sun."

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