The Bounty Goblin Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Laringo Vs Mikano

They're passing inside of the tunnel it was so dull, that you can only see is the boundary of tunnel strong beam of light glimmer to their eyes,

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Elve's, dwarves, centaur, and other races are applauding, in one participant; who already wins to his battle, this man wearing a white plated silver has gold in the perimeters and clenching a keen sword and golden touch in the handle.

Based on his looks and his from the elves race, when Jiro reaches the area, Morphin's opponent already collapsed and pour from his blood.

A green transparent circle filling in the battle place, once the magic circle release all of the wounds of his opponent already heal, and there no signs of injury.

Morphin comes near to his opponent and offering his right hand.

"I'm sorry, that was a good battle I hope you didn't take any injuries," Morphin said while assisting his opponent to stand up.

His opponent it's come from his races.

"Yes Mr. Morphin, you're really strong I can't land a single attack on you," the elf said.

Morphin kneading his head and give smile to him,

"No, you're tough, I'm just lucky," Morphin said.

The 2 participants went off out of the stage, and the crowd still yelling his name, and the new battle is about to starts.

Jiro heard the 2 dwarves muttering to each other,

"Yeah, that one wearing a red cape and had a black mask to his face, they have the similar ability of Mr. Morphin, I'm looking forward to seeing those 2 fighters on the stage," the dwarf said.

The 2 new contestants step on the stage,

"On the right side it comes from the dryad race his name is Laringo and the left side is from our race; the elves race his name is Mikano," the announcer of the battle said.

Laringo comes from dryad races, he has green skin like a treant and he had a great shape of the body, he's utilizing the bow as a weapon, and his opponent is from the Elf races one of the well-known elves in town he's wearing a red cape and black mask he's specialized in swordsmanship.





Those 2 names you can hear inside of the stadium, the 2 fighters kneel their heads to give cherish to each other, and until the mage referee separates them.

The referee points his finger in the atmospheres and murmuring a chanting spell, colorful magic arises to his hands.


The colorful magic it's a sign the battle is already begun, Jiro watching carefully in the battle.

"Jinra, who's your bet? based on these 2 fighters," Jiro said.

Jinra look at the stadium and finding the difference between of them,

"I think, I give my vote to Mikano he has a big advantage on this battle," Jinra said.

And all of them back their eyes in the fight.

"Ohhhhh, I see" he replies.

The 2 fighter starts to move their feet, Mikano uses his feet to make the close distance to Laringo but Laringo already knew his plan.

[Piercing arrow]

Laringo held the string of the bow but no arrow loaded in the bow, when the time he release the string; a light green arrow occur his come from his magic,


Laringo launches multiple arrows and makes Mikano step back to avoid those attacks, Laringo stepped back also to increase the distance between them.

"Tch! he's smart, I can't reduce the distance between us," Mikano said.

Laringo keeps pulling his launches assortments of the arrow but one of them didn't send any strike to his opponent, he pointed his arrow in the skies and chanting new spells.

[Arrow Rain]

Arrows collapse in the place where Mikano stands, Mikano uses his swords to block the arrow, he was looking in the skies to check if the arrow stops from falling.

When the time Mikano back his eyes to Laringo,

"Where is he?" Mikano said.

Laringo uses the arrow to distract his opponent, Mikano still finding to him, he was shocked when Laringo comes out from the skies diving to him with a huge speed and pulling out something from his bow.

Mikano tries to cross his arms to block the attack, but it's too late.


A big collision comes from the stadium and a big depth of dust enveloped the stage, when the dust went off, Laringo back to the place, and keeping his distance to Mikano, he backs something from his bow, while Mikano still standing to his spot and full scratches to his body.

The fabulous red cape Mikano before is now full of riped and no one didn't know what's happening to him.

"Phew!" Mikano spits some blood out of his jaws.

Mikano knew already knew his opponent is not an ordinary fighter he has the skill and good decision-making.

Laringo didn't let Mikano recovered his strength he started to pull again his bow.

"Wow! this intense fight who will win the game?" Jiro said.

The fight still not over, Mikano uses his swords to deflect the arrow, utilizing his sword in every arrow he sees. Laringo didn't feel any frustration even Mikano close the gap.

Mikano dashing through Laringo He didn't waste any time to return the fight favor to him, when the distance is around 5m Mikano started to cast a spell.


Blue circle magic encircled the area, its binding magic, sealing the enemy Laringo put his finger in the binding magic but it's useless there's an electric shock when you force it to come out.

"Haiss.. finally I can give you a good fight" Mikano uttered.

Laringo tries to step out of his foot but there sticky things that make to slow his movements but Mikano can't move voluntarily inside the void.

Mikano stepped inside he swung his sword and aiming at Laringo's body, but Laringo has an elastic body he uses the golden bow to black the attack.




Sound of the weapon hitting to each other, Laringo starts to stiff his body, and his movement started to slow because of the skill [Void]

The fight started was to change the favor, Mikano uses swung his sword widely but he uses it to fake Laringo, Mikano main plan to land his bare hands to him.

Mikano gathered some mana to his hands to add more damage.


A strong punch landed at the left ribs of Laringo; it makes him shake his whole body spit some blood out of his mouth.

Some of the Laringo bones are broken and catching up with his breathing, Mikano swings again his right hand to give launch another attack. Lirango uses cross arm block to defend himself.

But he can't take away the force of the punch, Laringo flies through the wall of the void and bounce back again and drop into the ground.

[Chain mail]

Mikano uses cast skill again to end the fight, this skill is called chain mail to bounce back all the damage that He was taken before.

The blue magic circulating around in Mikano's hand it's shimmering in their eyes it's strong mana gathering in one place.

Mikano uses his weight to lock down Lirango, Mikano raises his hands taking so much force before he releases the attack.

Laringo clenching on the ground trying to escape from Mikano, but his strength wasn't enough to lift Mikano to send him away farther, but his stamina running out and some of his mana drained because of his attack earlier.


A huge massive explosion, Mikano launch his skill and create collision inside of the place,

"Oh no!"

"I feel pity for him"

The crowd reaction dominates in the place, based on their faces they enjoyed the fight and they not thinking who will win the fight.


Mikano moans out of the place and persists standing on the stage even he having a hard time with his opponent.

Laringo has full white to his eyes he completely passed out from that big attack, until green transparent release and heal his wound also to stabilize his broken bones.

Finally, he back from his senses Mikano giving great sportsmanship to lending his hands from his opponent.

"I'm sorry I got carried away, he-he" Mikano whisper to him.

Laringo didn'tspeaky any single words because his stamina is lost.

"Hey, both of you're really strong!"

"That's was an intense fight!"

"I'm happy that I came here,"


All the crowd was applause because of the fight and telling how they enjoy the fight, then suddenly a woman elf looking for something inside of the crowd area.

"Number 21"

"Number 21"

Because Jiro has a strong hearing senses, He looks at his patch someone and looking for him,

"It was me," Jiro said to his mind.

He raised his hands to catch the attention of the woman elf, Jiro went off the chair and coming closer to her.

"Are you looking out for me?" Jiro said while his finger to his face.

The woman checked the name list of participants, and he was curious if his the name on the list.

"Your name is Jiro right," the elf said.

Jiro rubbed his head and smile at her.

"Yes I'm that person," Jiro said.

"Stepped inside the stage, you're next in the battle,"

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