The Bounty Goblin Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Please say my name

The scream of the audience that you can only hear inside of the stadium, Everyone looks enjoying the event. 10,000 the accumulated measure of a non-human creature who's watching.

The elf blonded-woman and calling out the number 21 participants, Jiro try to look at his sticky patch and he recognized that it was him.

"Mr. Jiro! you're next in the battle come up to the stage," the woman elf said.

Jiro nodded his head and starting to follow the woman elf. Jinra and the other of his comrades try to follow him on the stage.

Jiro raised his arm and open his palms, Which means he wants to stop his comrades from coming along to him.

"Leave this fight to me, and stay on your bench I will you give a nice performance. "Jiro utter to them.

Korita gives a smile and thumbs up that sign of his giving support to Lord Jiro from the battle, Jiro attained in the small tunnel, the placed was so dark incapable to see him in the dark. Then suddenly the woman standstill.

"This the place that I can escort you, This the endpoint of this tunnel, you can see the up stair behind this wall," The elf said.

Jiro nodded and didn't say any single words to her, He continues to walk until; he saw the spiral stairs, and he started to step up on the stage.

The loud crowd reaction that can defear to your ear that you can only hear, as he stepped in the stage the first thing he saw is the giant ogre that screaming out to him.




That voice is coming from the ogre He's punching his chest to show in the crowd how durable his body.

"In the left side, He has the speed and strong bodies, This the 2nd time he's participating in this event his name is Trigor!"

The announcer said, and giving a considerable introduction to the participants, and the crowd reacts to his voice.

"In the right side,"

The announcer stopped to speak, He's looking at Jiro's tiny body, He's checking that the green small creature is the participant.

"Yes, his name already wrote in the list of participants" the woman elf mutter to him.

He back again his enhancing magic and try to speak again.

"Oh! This is the first time in history, there's a goblin participating in our event, He has a body and.... and... he's Jiro from the goblin race,"

The commentator didn't speak any characteristics about him, the crowd notices the reaction of the host, so they laugh seeing Jiro inside the stage.


"What's your problem? the ogre will smash until you turn into green herb"

The crowd didn't restrain themselves to give offensive comments about his appearance, Korita, Gorita, Goromochi, and Jinra keep restraining themselves when they heard offensive words to their lord.

Korita clenched his teeth,

"Lord Jiro please win, and smash that ogre in front of you!"

Korita yelled to his fullest and caught all the attention of the audience, all of them lift their head to him,


He took a slap from his brother Gorita,

"Hey, Korita sit down to let the others underestimate our master, to they have big disappointment in the result of the match,"

Jiro leaving a big question mark to his head, in any minute the match will be started as the referee goes on,

"This a fight between to of you so don't hesitate to launch big attacks we have a healing barrier here to protect you,"

The referee separated the 2 fighters, Jiro started stretching out his limbs, and Trigor cracking his necks and swiping his neck by using his finger.

"I will kill you!" Trigor murmur.

As the referee entered, He starts to point his finger in the skies and colorful magic occurs, this signs the battle is already started.

Trigor starts to move and dashing through to Jiro, Trigor stretched his arm while closing his fist Jiro still standing to his spot,


Trigor cast a skill to his hands and aiming at his opponent.


A strong destructive power occurs, the attack of Trigor hitted in the ground and some of the bricks of the stage started to fly in the audience, Jiro uses his agility to stepped back while clenching his one foot to not fly outside of the arena.

"This ogre has the of attack magic power," Jiro said to his mind

He uses cross-arm to blocked the portion of the bricks that hitting to his face, Trigor dashing again but unfortunately, the ogre has weak agility to catch up to Jiro's pace.




"Don't participate in the event, if you can only do is run to the stage" the dwarf said.

Trigor uses his bare hands to lockdown Jiro's but he can't make any contact with him, Trigor lifts his legs and uses a skill.


Trigor uses stomp skill to shake the ground to stumble his opponent and also slow the movement speed, Jiro has the ability of wolf so he can back again to his foot.


Trigor wasn't happy to see those 2 attack doesn't affect at all, Trigor places his hands on the ground and pull some part of the bricks.

"You didn't want in close combat huh?! take this!" Trigor said.

Trigor get some force by stretching his arms and release the bricks, Jiro can't see those attacks but suddenly he slipped and hit damage to his stomach.

"Ugh!" Jiro utter

Unticapatedly his breathing starting to stiff makes him kneel on the ground, his eyes getting bigger and Jiro holding his stomach while enduring the pain.

"Ahh, this the only way to slow down your movements huh," Trigor said.

The homo goblin's getting started to worry about him, but except to Jinra he knows the capabilities of his master, he's the one who witnessed the destructive power of Jiro.

A red widescreen flashes to Jiro's eyes it's the sign of warning.

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Your health bar was decreased to 25% to avoid getting any damages, your health it still 75% your vitality wasn't to cover up all the damages.

Trigor uses the chance to grab the body of Jiro he dashes inside to him, but Jiro notices the sound of his big footstep, Jiro gets alerted and rolled over in the ground to make a distance.

Jiro place his hands in the ground and lift his body, he wiped the black-green blood to his mouth,

"Tch! I thought that's the end for me" Jiro utter

Jiro pulls his silver knife and back to his senses, the red eyes him starts to gleam and make the ogre stopped for a second.

Trigor was terrified to his eyes, it's starts to stiff his body for no reason, Jiro was getting a serious to his fight he's not holding back his power,

"I'm getting serious, I will giving you time to surrender," Jiro said while licking his keen silver knife.

Trigor wasn't happy to hear those words so he keeps pushing himself to take a closer to Jiro but Jiro tries to secretly cast his skill [Black fire] that no one can notice.

While Trigor rushing to him, and again he's using his skill [Smash] and Jiro uses the trajectory of Trigor's body, Jiro slide into him while Trigors hand is in the air.


While Jiro is dashing he cut some flesh from the ogre's body and makes him stumble strongly.


The favor of the audience started to change and Jiro gives some strength to the other audience to cheer him up.

"Good luck, we are happy that you joined in the contest in bringing our race" a level 1 goblin said come from a different forest.

One name dominate inside of the stadium




Jiro started to boost his confidence, the ogre endure the pain to his legs, he stood up and frustrated coming to him, the blood still spilling out from his legs.

Jiro jumped to him and cut the left arms of Trigor.


Trigor started to scream out, he uses his right arms to cover the blood spilling out, Jiro again dashes to him.





Jiro cut the knees of Trigor and make him to knelt in the ground, he's full of blood to his body, even Trigor is in the risky situation but he didn't know say the word surrender,

In Jiro's mind, he's a true fighter putting his life to save his dignity of ogre races, when Trigor knelt on the ground Jiro stepped back and put something in his pocket.

"You're a good fighter, I will giving you a fight that you never forget," Jiro said.

Jiro cast him the element magic a black fire surrounded his hands and everyone is terrified of what they are seeing right now.

Jiro step back his left foot and raised his hands it was like shooting again, but this different from before; his [black fire] much stronger but still not complete the perfect form.

[Black fire bullet]


A deafering sounds come to their eyes, the bullet has so much enhancement but no one that can't stop his attack.

The silver bullet passing through the air when the committee see a danger that can directly to assassinate his opponent,

They decided to interfere in the fight and get the ogre out of the area, everyone is shocked even the king put a big letter O on his face.

"Who the hell are you!"

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