The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 1876

Chapter 1880 Wrong Question

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Chapter 1880: Wrong Question
Ye Yuwei turned around and glanced at Mo Fei before saying, "There will be a press conference later. You may have to go over." Ye Yuwei took a step back. "Lets see how selfish a person can be."

Mo Fei raised her eyebrows slightly.

Gu Enterprise prepared afternoon tea for the reporter. After the interview, everyone could have afternoon tea and exchange their thoughts, although Ye Yuwei did not understand what was there to talk about.

However, PA Wen said that this was a tradition in Gu Enterprise. After the press conference, they would give the reporters some time to rest and chat.

Ye Yuwei was fully convinced that this was an evil plan on Gu Juexis part.

What could these people talk about? There were no other reasons than to delay the news from being published under the pretense of allowing these hypocritical snakes to make friends.

Mo Fei was there as Ding Enterprises representative but nobody recognized Mo Fei.

However, that was not important. It was enough that everyone recognized Ye Yuwei who walked next to her.

"Mrs. Gu"

After Ye Yuwei went over, everyone stood up and greeted her.

"Everyone, please continue." Ye Yuwei smiled and said as she led Mo Fei to Ding Jiaqi.

Ding Jiaqi was still upset. When she saw Ye Yuwei, her eyes lit up with a glint of cunningness. She stood up immediately and smiled. "Mrs. Gu, Cousin Fei."

There was no expression on Mo Feis face, although Ding Jiaqi called her Cousin Fei very loudly.

"Miss Ding." Ye Yuwei stopped in front of Ding Jiaqi. "Im sorry about earlier. My husband might have been too straightforward but he truly dislikes others questioning his decision. I thought that Miss Ding should know this since you managed to come over here."

Some grievances appeared impeccably on Ding Jiaqis face, but it was not too obvious.

Ye Yuwei turned around to give Mo Fei a knowing look. See, this is what you call acting.

"I, I know. Im just a little curious. After all, our Ding Enterprise"

"Your Ding Enterprise?" Mo Fei exclaimed and leaned on Ye Yuweis shoulder, breaking out of her proper stance.

Ding Jiaqi pursed her lips and tears welled up in her big eyes. "Cousin Fei, its Grandma who asked me to come. If you have anything against me, you can tell Grandma. Theres no need to mock me in front of outsiders, no?"

Mo Fei was still leaning against Ye Yuwei. Her gown was slightly wrinkled from her rough movement.

"Ding Enterprise received an invitation because of me. I havent said anything about you coming uninvited, but now youve offended Gu Juexi. What kind of terrible intentions do you have? You dont want to see our family do well, dont you? Are you afraid that our family will be working with Gu Juexi?" Mo Fei bombarded Ding Jiaqi with questions coldly.

"No, Cousin Fei, what are you talking about? Its just something that That Grandma told me to ask." Ding Jiaqi was flustered. Her words started to come in somewhat coherent chunks.

"Miss Ding, its good as long as you can change after making a mistake. How can you throw your elders under the bus?" Ye Yuwei asked indifferently.

Ding Jiaqis face turned even paler because she finally understood that Ye Yuwei and Mo Fei approached her to pick on her on purpose.

"Mrs. Gu." Zhao Fangyu was talking to his colleague when he realized what was happening here. He hurried over and pulled Ding Jiaqi behind him. "Mrs. Gu, my cousin is young and doesnt know the rules. Im really sorry," Zhao Fangyu said and looked at Mo Fei. "Feifei, Jiaqi is also concerned about Second Uncles company too. She doesnt mean anything else."

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