The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 1948

Chapter 1952 Her Kindness

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Qian Yikuns expression said nothing but what do you think?

"Why dont you clean up and Ill go instead?" Qian Yikun raised his eyebrows and said matter-of-factly.

When Mo Feis eyes scanned the apartment, she suddenly felt like buying things did not seem to be such a difficult task anymore.

However, at this point in time, she had forgotten that she could choose not to do anything at all.

After Mo Fei snatched the note and turned to leave, Qian Yikun finally put his smile away. Then, he turned around, went back into the apartment, and shut the door behind him. He took out the document from Mo Feis folder that she left on the table.

Qian Yikun read through the documents in the folder and thought about what he had told Mo Fei.

Did that mean that Mo Fei had been waiting for those people to leave?

There were light footsteps coming from outside the door. Qian Yikun hurriedly put the document back and returned it to its original place. He quietly opened the door when someone knocked on it.

When Qian Yikun opened the door, Mo Fei had one hand against the wall as she stared at the man who opened the door for her. "Hold up. Why should I help you clean your place? Move aside. Ill take my stuff and leave."

Mo Fei only reacted after she got into the elevator, convinced that something did not make sense. However, when she was with Qian Yikun, she always felt that her brainpower was always in deficiency.

Qian Yikun stepped aside in an amiable nature. When Mo Fei walked in to get her bag, she suddenly swerved around and gave Qian Yikun a look. It was a dangerous gaze.

Qian Yikun leaned against the door. "I thought that since this will our house in the future, is it wrong to ask you to come over and help clean?"

His voice was tinged with some grievances.

Mo Fei, ""

Why did hearing these words make her feel like a scumbag?

"Officer Qian? Hello, is your soul at home?" Mo Fei waved her hand in front of him.

Qian Yikun immediately flung her hand away. "If you want to leave, hurry up and get lost. I want to clean up the place."

"Dont you know that there are people in this world who are called housekeepers?" Mo Fei was stunned. Could this young master be any closer to the common people?

Qian Yikun turned around and glanced at her. Then, he went to the bathroom and took out a new towel. He even carried a bucket of water and started to clean up the room. "Im a civil servant. Too poor. Cant afford it."

It was true that police officers did not get paid a lot.

Mo Fei, ""

Very well. That was a very good reason indeed.

Mo Fei lowered her head to peer at her bag, but she saw no signs of someone else touching it.


Mo Fei crossed her arms and looked at Qian Yikun who was wiping the dust off the table with a lowered head. She reached for the folder along with her bag.

"Hypocrite, why do I feel like you purposely sent me away?" After saying that, she realized that she had been tricked by this man.

Qian Yikun raised his head and looked at Mo Fei. "If you want to help, go down and buy something. If you dont want to help, leave quickly. Whats with all the nonsense?"

Mo Fei grumbled in protest. Did he just throw her a figurative bucket of disdain?

Or was this person accusing the guilty first?

Mo Fei turned around and left mercilessly.

Qian Yikun only raised his head to take a glance before lowering his head to continue cleaning.

In less than ten minutes, Mo Fei returned with a huge shopping bag in her hands. She got Qian Yikun everything that he wanted.

Qian Yikun could not hide the hint of a smile that was playing on the corners of his lips. He watched as Mo Fei put down the things, rolled up her sleeves, and went into the kitchen to clean up.

Qian Yikun looked at Mo Feis back as she tidied up the kitchen. Although this woman had a bad temper and had a vicious tongue like Gu Juexi, only Qian Yikun knew how good she was. That was enough.

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