The Cannon Fodder Is Prepared To Divorce Chapter 94

Chapter 93: Extra 2 Wifeless

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In September, the Graduate School of Capital Film School opened, and Shen Mingbei enrolled as a freshman.

The feeling of going back to school is amazing. Shen Mingbei's first impression of this place is that there are many celebrities around here, and almost no one cares about who he is, um, or the people who care about it are very restrained.

Because Shen Mingbei and Director Gong are very familiar, the courtesy of the student tutor's first meeting did not last long. Director Gong arranged a self-study course for Shen Mingbei and went to grind the script written for Shen Mingbei.

New apprentices can always arouse Gong Yi's enthusiasm. He dragged on the script for almost two years, and finally finished writing before the school holiday.

After the script was written, Gong Yi received strong support from President Qu.

Mr. Qu said: He fully supports his wife's drama!

With no worries about funding, Gong Daoli led Shen Mingbei to make a film.

As soon as Shen Mingbei left for a few months, Qu Lang wanted to follow, but Director Gong refused to take his family.

I always felt that he had lifted a rock and hit him in the foot. Qu Lang, who was guarding the vacant room, stayed at home with a grievance. While working diligently, he asked if there was a shortage of money for Director Gongs crew.

The relationship between Qu Lang and Director Gong can be traced back a long time ago, but at that time Qu Lang was still a Bole who wanted to discover Maxima. Now Qu Lang wants to be a strong backing for his wife!

"Call me if you are short of money!"

This is what Qu Lang often said to Director Gong.

Gong Yi didn't know it before, but now he understands that Qu Lang is not a stupid man with a lot of money, but wants to make his wife live more comfortably.

After all, how can investors manage the hotels where the artists live? Ruthless investors just want to see money make money.

But whether it was Shen Mingbei or Qu Lang, neither of them admitted that they had reconciled.

He believes that he has seen through the essence of the relationship between the two, and the imaginative director and screenwriter, the well-known domestic director Gong Yi, did not forget to make up a broken scene of reunion when he taught his apprentices how to film.

Well, in Director Gong's script, the two car accidents and cancer were all arranged.

After the filming was over, Gong Yi admitted that he knew Qu Lang over as an investor.

At the finale banquet, Shen Mingbei and Qu Lang awkwardly pretended not to see each other, Gong Yi looked in his eyes and worried in his heart.

I dont know the actual progress of the two of them, let alone Qu Lang, who had been in the room long ago, thought that the two of them were in a state of "love is hard to open" or "you listen to my explanation" or "I don't listen or listen." .

To talk about his apprentice's love situation, Director Gong didn't want to intervene, but Qu Lang's concern for him was in his eyes. According to Gong Yi's idea, it is a very traditional "I would rather demolish ten temples than destroy a marriage."

One person wants to redeem, one person does not want to listen, this is definitely not right, at least it is necessary to talk about success or failure!

So Director Gong wanted to create an opportunity for the two to communicate.

Shen Mingbei was very surprised by Qu Lang's arrival. Except for the moment they first met, they had never attended any public occasions together. In the past, Qu Lang didn't bring him, but now he doesn't want to bring him.

Gong Yi found Shen Mingbei who was shrinking in the corner, patted him on the shoulder, and said to his apprentice earnestly: "Talk to him well, no matter what the problem, make it clear."

Shen Mingbei: ... Didn't you say anything to Qu Lang? The question is, does Qu Lang listen to it? He doesn't listen to anything!

Because Qu Lang was diagnosed with psychosis, Fu Li also said to stimulate Qu Lang as little as possible, and Shen Mingbei also saw Qu Lang crying and crying with his own eyes.

But Shen Mingbei felt that it was difficult to explain his relationship with Qu Lang to Master.

"He is sick."

Shen Mingbei used declarative sentences to speak of facts.

Gong Yi looked puzzled: "Don't scold anyone."

Shen Mingbei sighed: "He is really sick, and the hospital has been diagnosed. Sometimes it is difficult to communicate." Oh, sometimes it is silly. If you want to give him a chance to solve each other's physiological needs, he can't completely fail. meaning.

This makes Shen Mingbei occasionally wonder whether Qu Lang likes himself or the process of pursuing himself?

This incident has always been in Shen Mingbeis mind, and even a thought has arisen

If Qu Lang just likes the process of pursuing, then don't promise him all the time!

Not knowing that he had been sentenced to "wifeless" by his wife, Qu Lang was still standing in the middle of the venue holding a champagne glass, dealing with waves of people. He was trying to find opportunities to "hook up" with his wife.

The two hadn't seen each other for months. Except for daily video communication, Qu Lang hadn't seen Shen Mingbei alive for a long time.

A long distance away, Qu Lang's sight has been following his wife around the court. He pulled Lacong when he received the invitation from Director Gong, and secretly rubbed the hand-made suit he had prepared, and then he continued to gesture like a nouveau riche. Watch.

Qu Lang was rehearsing his words in his heart, planning to go and chat with his wife immediately when Director Gong left!

But Qu Lang hadn't made a move yet, and someone around him came up to strike up a conversation.

A young actor who watched Qu Lang and Shen Mingbei's gossip, because they are both students of the film school, played a small role in Gong Yi's play this time, so he attended the finale banquet.

This student is a standard academic, he is from a serious academic class, and he used to look down on such "wild roads" as actors like Shen Mingbei who are still popular.

He had always been a professional student before, and he confessed that he was superior and despised him secretly. But who could have imagined that this year's Shen Mingbei turned into his postgraduate senior and also became an apprentice under the name of Director Gong.

The student even secretly slandered the relationship between Shen Mingbei and Director Gong.

He was jealous and had to wear a mask to be a man. He had seen the gossip of Shen Mingbei and Qu Lang, and he had to make up for the drama of an attempted hookup with a wealthy family and a tragic divorce.

The brain fills up to completely ignore Qu Lang's activity under Shen Mingbei's Weibo.

They are all men. This male student thinks that since Shen Mingbei is fine, he only needs to lower his face, so it is fine!

Isn't it just hooking up with men, who can't!

The student walked towards Qu Lang confidently, obviously staggering his body, but when the two passed by, he suddenly tilted the glass and spilled champagne on Qu Lang.

After all, he has learned to perform. Before Qu Lang got angry, he put water splashes in his eyes, and he looked like weeping with tears. Whoever reads it does not compliment: I feel pity!

He softened his voice, as if he had been wronged by the sky: "Sorry, I didn't hold the glass firmly, I will pay you, President Qu! I'm sorry!"

Qu Lang: ...I've played this trick a long time ago. Should I invite myself to the lounge to change clothes next?

"Ah, it can't be cleaned, Mr. Qu, let's go to the lounge to get it. I'll find a piece of clothing for you." The student showed a pitiful expression in time.

Qu Lang: Ha ha.

He rehearsed this trick when he was at home and applied it to practice.

The difference is that he sprinkled his own clothes, then secretly changed into Mingbei's boyfriend's shirt, and wanted to have fun with Mingbei, but his wife refused to accept the move.

This made Qu Lang gloomy.

Oh, this is Qu Lang's awakening from the wine that day, and he realized it later.

Mingbei suddenly took himself to see his parents, but actually introduced himself to his parents. Later, I made dinner and drank with myself. In fact, I was a little nervous with him. Mingbei wanted to hangover, but he just let himself cry out of interest.

Qu Lang regretted it anyway.

Later, he thought of countless tricks, but returned to no avail. His wife lost all interest in him.

Qu Lang could only continue to work hard while taking care of it. Now when this person was sent to the door, Qu Lang pouted and ignored him. Seeing that there was only one person in Shen Mingbei, he hurried up to say something with his wife. As a result, Shen Mingbei was surrounded by another person.

Qu Lang glared fiercely at the person who stopped him.

Haha, I really underestimated him. I stopped myself with him in order to cover another person!

Qu Lang said to the student indifferently, "Aren't you going to lose money for me?"

student:? ? ? Is this different from what you think? !

Later, the money for the high-definition suit was not taken back.

The filming money that the student had just gotten into Qu Lang's pocket was not enough.

Only a little bit of loss was restored, and Qu Lang was very unwilling! But no matter how unwilling Qu Lang was, he missed an opportunity to be outside with his sweetheart.

Later, after Qu Lang and his wife came home, they seriously told the black report: "The guy who came to talk to you is very scheming! He even arranged for someone to stop me in order to preemptively say something to you."

Today's Qu Lang is also vigorously smearing the "rival in love".


One day in a certain year and month.

Shen Mingbei's first film as a director went live. Well, it was led by Gong Dao on the road of literary and artistic films. Even with his fans' guarantee, the box office was still bleak.

Even with Qu Lang's continuous charter, the decline still cannot be changed, and Shen Mingbei's studio has fallen into a bottleneck in the development of his career.

Shen Mingbei never had a good night's sleep in the three days from the movie's release to the cruel release. He borrowed money and loaned money to make this movie. He expected that the box office of the literary film would be miserable, but he didn't expect it to be so miserable.

Qu Lang knew that his wife was worried about the box office, but he didn't quite understand the studio's accounting problems. He just treated it as a business and lost some money.

Qu, really rich, Lang wanted to come, not just a liar who is tens of millions and costs less than 100 million yuan, it's not a big deal. Until Shen Mingbei did not go home for three consecutive days and slept in the studio, Qu Lang finally realized something was wrong!

[Qu Lang: Mingbei, why haven't you come back qaq]

[Shen Mingbei: You eat by yourself. ]

Qu Lang stared at the reply for a long while, a little strange, he didn't ask to eat!

So he sent a more obvious message.

[Qu Lang: But I miss you (*/*)]

[Shen Mingbei: Hmm]

Qu Lang was shocked, his wife could not be so cold! Didn't even give me a full stop!

After a brain replenishment, Qu Lang deeply thought whether he had taken a little goblin to hook up his wife from somewhere! Otherwise it won't be so cold! Even if there is no "I miss you", at least it should be "I know"!

Later, Qu Lang learned that Shen Mingbei's studio was in a debt crisis. After he asked about the debt, he was a little puzzled: "Just so much money?" After discounting the box office, he borrowed about 30 million yuan.

Hearing Qu Lang's words "Why not eat minced meat", Shen Mingbei's rare emotions were exposed and he rolled his eyes at Qu Lang. Xiao Zhang also showed a contemptuous look on the side, and Mr. Qu said: "Our studio has just started, and there is not so much money to use..."

Just as Qu Lang wanted to speak, Shen Mingbei became cold again and said, "I won't take your Qu family's money."

Qu Lang was taken aback and thought for a while and said: "Mingbei, your Shen family's company is well established. I have read last month's financial report and the turnover is more than 300 million. Isn't it a problem to take out 30 million?"

Shen Mingbei:? ? ? What Shen's company?

Qu Lang: "As for the previous Lu family company, I registered under your name after the reorganization, and I asked you to sign it before!"

Shen Mingbei: ...I don't remember at all.

Qu Lang understood the expression of his wife, and in the next second Qu Lang flicked his wrist: If he had known that Mingbei hadn't read the documents carefully, he should have inserted a marriage registration form into it!

Later, Shen Mingbei finally realized that after reading his script, Director Gong confirmed that he really wanted to shoot this subject, so he smiled and said, "If you want to try it, try it out."

Box office is indeed not easy, Shen Mingbei should not consider literary films to be shown on theatrical lines, as literary films have their own audiences. So although the theaters are showing off quickly, when they were sent to foreign countries for evaluation, they won several good awards.

The award-winning Shen Mingbei Studio received initial funding for the second film. This time Shen Mingbei plans to try a commercial film.

"At least let the studio break even!"

Shen Mingbei set up grand ambitions, and Qu Lang later realized that he had more time to guard the vacant room...

The author has something to say: Thank you little angel: The doll fish casts 1 landmine; 3 bottles of 733506 irrigation nutrient solution.

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