The Cannon Fodder Is Prepared To Divorce Chapter 95

Chapter 94: Fanwai 3 The Little Lover Who Can't Be Seen

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Commercial films are completely different from the audiences of purely literary and artistic expressions. Shen Mingbei himself can be regarded as a type of "acting and guiding". In the first filming, apart from his fans closing their eyes and complimenting, there are no other people left. Not mocking.

Among them, Xiang Nansheng's fans jumped the most.

At the beginning, I invested money with Nan Sheng to join the crew of "Bright Time", and my fans have told how good this script is. However, he was thrown away by Qu Lang with money before he finished the performance. Xiang Nan Sheng not only embarrassed him, but also missed an opportunity to explode, allowing Qin Yi to pick up the bargain.

Although he didn't tell Nan Sheng about this incident, he couldn't hide the news. His fans analyzed the clues and came up with a big show.

One of the most widely circulated brainwashing kits is

Shen Mingbei had the support of the Qu family. For the future of his Ma Tsai, he took the money to replace Xiang Nansheng, who was significantly more popular than Qin Yi.

Xiang Nansheng suffered a dumb loss and was bullied by capital and seniors.

At first, Xiang Nansheng felt that there was no need to explain the whole story to the fans, but later found that after this operation, the fans loved him more and more. During that time, the sales of products endorsed by Nan Sheng continued to rise, and he also succeeded in reaching the top of his popularity by relying on this wave of abuse of fans.

Among his traffic artists of the same period, his direct popularity soared, and he successfully became the largest and most loyal traffic niche with fans.

In the eyes of Xiang Nansheng's fans, Shen Mingbei is the devil who needs to be defeated.

His fans also rely on the common goal of "against Shen Mingbei", come together, and become more united!

The brainwashing kit is only spread in a small area, no one asks Shen Mingbei openly, and Shen Mingbei is naturally not good to mention this matter specially.

Both sides are a little embarrassed now.

Xiang Nansheng didn't want to make a relationship with Shen Mingbei. Originally, he and his fans were "little messing" after all, no one looked at him, but in his previous live broadcast, he immediately set the "bully" person to sit. After the fact, Qu Shi Entertainment began to "block" him.

All his endorsements, commercial performances, and various script invitations are all replaced, and they are replaced by Qin Yi, who is less popular than him.

For Xiang Nansheng himself, compared to Shen Mingbei, the "big devil", Qin Yi, who always follows Shen Mingbei to pick up the bargain, is even more hateful!

This time, Shen Mingbei's movie overturned, and Xiang Nansheng was a little gloating. He didn't say anything, but his fans couldn't sit still and plan to settle the old and new hatred together.

[yoyooooo, this kind of spicy chicken movie is filmed, it will not be used for money laundering! ]

[Good and evil are rewarded in the end, some people pay for this kind of money-losing movie...]

The language is very unkind, and his attitude is very troublesome. From the time Shen Mingbeis film was released in theaters, to the few months since the news that his film was awarded abroad, Xiang Nanshengs fans have not Shao "fighted" with Shen Ming Beijia fans.

What's more, he questioned Shen Mingbei's award.

[What if you win a prize abroad? It's great to have money! I also want to be rich. ]

Shen Mingbei wanted to go to a press conference to explain to Xiang Nansheng fans and the gossip media who secretly followed the matter like when the Internet was underdeveloped.

However, the fact is that Xiang Nansheng fans are keen to secretly diss, and gossip media prefer to take pictures...

No one asked, Shen Mingbei couldn't explain it.

Since seeing the comment that questioned the reason for winning the award, Shen Mingbei took a sigh of relief in his heart. When he saw Qu Lang, he was a bit unpleasant. If it werent for Qu Lang, then there would be no trouble. child!

In early autumn, full heating in the capital has not yet started.

In Dongjiao Park, because the occupancy rate has not risen, heating supply has always been a problem.

However, after Qu Lang acquired and took over, funding was not a big problem. Except for the security guard at the door who was replaced by his own, the entire community was taken by Qu Lang as his own home.

Qu Lang could have solved the heating problem, but he accidentally discovered that the heating was not warm, so he could find an excuse to climb the bed!

Qu Lang tried every means to climb the bed, because together with the property were Qu Lang's own people, and the past two years have been smooth. But this year, Shen Mingbei, from the colder weather, didn't go home very much in the autumn, and he didn't even pay much attention to Qu Lang.

It's rare to come back today and let Qu Lang go to sleep in the guest bedroom directly. Can Qu Lang endure this? Must not, he kept outside crying: "Mingbei, you let me in~ The weather is very cold recently, the heating in the guest bedroom is not hot QAQ"

Shen Mingbei in the room did not respond.

Qu Lang didn't understand where Shen Mingbei's dissatisfaction came from. After being on vacation at home for the Nth time, but ignoring his Mingbei's "rejection", Qu Lang quietly inquired about the whole story with Xiao Zhang.

Xiao Zhang explained one of the reasons: "Brother Shen suspected that you secretly bought him an award to make him happy..."

Qu Lang:? ? ?

When did he buy the prize! Even if some of the foreign award sponsors are Qu Shi, it does not mean that they have a black box operation! What is my wife's taboo, don't I know?

After Qu Lang figured it out, he was also very wronged, and he didn't mean it.

Before Mingbei set foot in this industry, the Qu family had long established rules in this industry. It could not be because his wife wanted to do this business, so he asked the employees of Qu Entertainment to withdraw, right?

"Mingbei, your award really has nothing to do with me!"

There was still no movement inside.

Qu Lang was locked outside the bedroom, touching his chin to recall where the spare key of the bedroom was.

When Qu Lang sneaked in by prying the door, he found that his wife was struggling to write in front of the notebook, completely reaching the state of selflessness.

Suddenly Qu Lang did not dare to speak.

He thought that his wife was arguing with him, but found out that his wife was doing business. He was full of grievances, but suddenly became concerned.

"Pay attention to rest early, do you want to drink milk?" Qu Lang was a little grateful that he came in with a milk cup.

"..." Qu Lang responded with silence.

After a long time, Shen Mingbei, who was struggling with writing, suddenly raised his head. He moved his stiff neck and was about to knock himself, but he noticed that his hands were pressing on his shoulders.

"Is this strength okay?"

Qu Lang had put down the milk cup. He stood behind the chair and massaged his wife's neck. He still forgot his grievances in his words, and he was full of his wife.

The two were already too familiar with each other. Shen Mingbei relaxed his body, narrowed his eyes slightly, and gave a contented "um", expressing his approval of Qu Lang's craftsmanship.

"Even if you are striving for a career, you have to take care of your body. Don't get cervical spondylosis at a young age..." Because of worrying about the age gap between himself and his wife, Qu Lang has become a member of the health-preserving crowd. Looking at the exhaustion of his wife after taking a break, Qu Lang couldn't help but want to take Shen Mingbei to health!

"No, I know it in my heart." Shen Mingbei let Qu Lang's hands make chaos.

Earlier, he had some inspiration from Xiang Nansheng's affairs, so he hurriedly went back to the house to write a new script. After recording it, he realized that a long time had passed.

At this moment, Shen Mingbei had already forgotten the things that made him frustrated. No matter what Xiang Nansheng was, it had nothing to do with him.

A little awkwardness between Qu Lang and Shen Mingbei disappeared in this massage.

After all, what about Xiang Nansheng has nothing to do with them. It's not the same level of competition. While Xiang Nansheng was still struggling with how to bring fans to the rhythm, Shen Mingbei had already launched his own commercial film works, and began to win various awards in box office word-of-mouth.

As a new director, Shen Mingbei's two works have obvious advantages and disadvantages, and there are still many places to learn. But when he focused on artistry, his artistry was enough to win international awards, and when he was developing towards a commercial film, he was already good enough.

A successful director is nothing more than this.

The only thing that makes Shen Mingbei fans regretful is that Shen Mingbei has rarely appeared in front of the camera since the commercial film was recognized by the industry.

Even if there are occasional shots, it is just a passerby, or a special role in an Easter egg.

Shen Mingbei achieved the success he wanted in his career.

As for love, Shen Mingbei knew that he had exhausted his courage to love once, but that was enough.


When Xiao Zhang married his blind date, he asked Shen Mingbei nervously: "Brother Shen, what do you think of the marriage?"

In Xiao Zhang's view, his brother Shen is really amazing in terms of getting married.

When Brother Shen and Mr. Qu got married, it seemed that neither of them loved anyone, but after their divorce, they loved him so much... Oh, this person who loved him so much was especially Mr. Qu.

"As for marriage, two people must trust and support each other. Don't worry about living too much, but the emotional pay is mutual. If you let the other party continue to pay, it will be easy to lose balance, and treat each other better and last longer!"

Shen Mingbei finished talking with Xiao Zhang and gave Xiao Zhang a big red envelope.

"Happy wedding!"

Xiao Zhang was not polite with his brother Shen. He received the red envelope and asked for leave: "After the wedding, we plan to go on our honeymoon and we will be away for a month. Take care of yourself, Brother Shen!"

Compared with the last blind date, Xiao Zhang said that this time he was worried, but he was actually very relieved. He knew very well that his brother Shen was already taken care of.

"Don't worry about me, take care of your object!"

Shen Mingbei doesn't feel that he needs someone to take care of him. He can cook, make money, clean the room and do housework. When he is in a bad mood, he will find some fun to solve himself. There is no need for Xiao Zhang to worry.

Well, Shen Mingbei, who didn't need anyone to take care of him, woke up the next morning because he forgot to adjust the alarm clock and overslept.

Shen Mingbei suddenly awakened from his sleep and watched the moment of energy. When he got up, he kicked and climbed the bed, and he was suspected of trying to cover himself to someone who was suffocating.

"Wake up! I'm going to talk about investment today!"

Qu Lang turned over, pressed his wife under him, and muttered: "What investment? I'll vote for you."

Shen Mingbei: ...hehe, cast you a big head!

Shen Mingbei forced Qu Lang out of bed and hurried to wash. While tidying up his appearance, he said to Qu Lang who was following: "The investor of the next film is a very important customer. He said he wants to see me."

"The investor is in the South Island. My plane passed this morning, and it is estimated that I will be back in two or three days."

Shen Mingbei prepared quickly, simply packed a few things, and left the door directly.

"Papa--" Shen Mingbei slammed the door shut.

The wind and fire got up to catch the plane. Before Qu Lang woke up, his wife was gone.

When Qu Lang saw the ring taken off by Shen Mingbei on the washstand, he suddenly frowned. He always felt like a little lover raised by Mingbei, who could neither obtain a public identity nor see it.

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