The Cannon Fodder Is Prepared To Divorce Chapter 96

Chapter 95: Extra 4

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Since the news that Lin wanted to go abroad came out, Qu Lang has become a poor man abandoned by his ex-boyfriend among his friends.

This inherent impression is of course indispensable for Lu Chen's fanfare.

Lu Chen and Qu Lang said: "Think about the fact that you hurt the piano player because of you. If you have a conscience, remember to think about it!"

Lu Chen said to their friends: "Qu Lang must really like to think about it, so he will let it go."

At first, Qu Lang would explain, but he didn't know what happened to other people. No matter how Qu Lang explained, no one listened. Everyone felt that Lu Chen was right. If the two were not true love, how could Qu Lang let Lin think?

After hearing Lu Chen talk a lot, Qu Lang felt that he almost couldn't tell the difference...

Do you really like Lin Xiang so much?

Did you really love Lin think?

Everyone around said yes, that's it, right? May be loved.

But even if he loves it again, Lin thinks he betrayed himself!

Take advantage of yourself!

I didn't go to him to settle the account, I was already doing my best...

However, Lin Xiang didn't want to return to China. His influence on Qu Lang was basically negligible. If there was no influence, he could not worry about it.

After listening to Lu Chen reciting the scriptures, Qu Lang only thought that Lu Chen liked Lin Xiang, and he didn't know if Lu Chen had caught Lin Xiang.

Qu Lang lived a long time and remained alone. It's not that there are no people around him who have come forward and then pounced, but Qu Lang looks down on him, he only thinks that those people are very annoying. Everyone who wants to pick himself up, as long as he shows a good face, he can treat himself as a fool...

When Qu Lang saw these people, he remembered Lin Xiang, remembering the terrible things Lin wanted to do.

It was not until Qu Lang met Shen Mingbei that he understood true love, true love, and realized that he and Lin Xiang could not be regarded as love.

If he had to say something, he was only repaying Lin Xiang for his life-saving grace. Lin wanted to say: The wish is to be with himself. So Qu Lang satisfied Lin Xiang's wish. He wants to be older than Lin, so he naturally has to take care of the younger people, and it has become a deep feeling in the eyes of other people.

Is this love?

Qu Lang used to feel that he was affectionate for Lin Xiang. Zai Lin wanted to use himself to steal Qu's secrets, and then walk away and fly away, and he could deal with it indifferently. Even if I can persuade myself, Lin Xiang has never existed...

But if things change a bit, change to own Mingbei.

Qu Lang just wanted to gouge out his heart and give it to Mingbei, only begging Shen Mingbei not to leave him. If Shen Ming Beifei wants to leave, Qu Lang can also tolerate it, as long as Shen Mingbei can allow himself to see him.

In fact, the only thing Qu Lang regrets is that the first encounter between himself and Shen Mingbei was not a good one. If the two of them met for the first time not in a sensual place, but at an ordinary time, I probably only need to look at it to realize the source of the heartbeat...

It wont take five years to figure it out.

Even now, his wife has put on the ring she gave and approved the reconciliation of the two, but Qu Lang is still anxious. He always thought, if he had never hurt Mingbei, if he could fight for a little bit, even if he could get it back, if he was more selfish and didn't divorce Mingbei.

Qu Lang felt that he would be more confident when facing Mingbei.

Will learn from the heroes in those idol dramas, domineeringly and forcefully pull Mingbei to register, to tell the world that Shen Mingbei is his own!

However, when Mingbei accepted the ring, he said, "It seems that there is no other person who wants to date, so you can accept your confession, but it's fine if you get married."

Shen Mingbei's attitude is: it is okay to fall in love, but not to get married.

"Being a boyfriend is enough. The divorce procedures are too complicated now."

"I will never let you think of divorce in the future!"

Even if Qu Lang coaxed Shen Mingbei to finish signing Qu's equity transfer letter and holding all his property in both hands, it would only arouse Shen Mingbei's conscience guarantee.

"You must ask me to keep it, then I won't be polite with you. But if we break up, I will pay you back." Shen Mingbei thought from the bottom of his heart that the two would not last long.

Qu Lang understood that the comfort of words was not effective, so that the property of the two could not be separated clearly, and only used money to tie Shen Mingbei to his side.

Shen Mingbei's uneasiness about the marriage relationship is a punishment for his own faults.

Looking at the ring on the wash table, Qu Lang clearly realized that he still had a long way to go.

Qu Lang touched the ring he was wearing on his ring finger. He knew clearly that, except for the different lettering inside, the two male rings were exactly the same. It was the pair ring he gave when he "proposed."

Mingbei accepted the ring, but did not agree to get married.

Qu Lang took the ring left by Shen Mingbei at home to wear a small string and hung it around his neck, planning to take advantage of today's rest day to buy some items.

Mingbei said to meet customers, then go.

He will always come back anyway.

Qu Lang took a deep breath, remembering what Uncle Wu said. As a little lover, a virtuous helper, you must do your duty and do everything well, so that you can have a good day!


Dizzy and washed out, Shen Mingbei was sitting on the plane, only to realize that there was something missing on his fingers.

Shen Mingbei stared at his finger for a long while.

Assistant Xiao Zhang asked suspiciously: "What happened to Brother Shen?"

"I seem to have lost my ring." Shen Mingbei tried to remember where he left the ring.

"Where did it go? Expensive or not! I have spare accessories. Brother Shen, which one do you like, put it on first." Xiao Zhang took out the accessory box from his bag, opened one of the boxes, and found the inside. All kinds of rings are dazzlingly placed.

Shen Mingbei: ...I always feel that my assistant has a pocket in another dimension. Why does he have everything in his bag?

Shen Mingbei didn't want to admit that he was talking about the ring given by Dai Qu Lang. He picked one from Xiao Zhang's accessory box and found a similar one to wear. However, they were all his own rings, the same size. After Shen Mingbei put on Xiao Zhang's ring, he always felt that nothing was right there.

"It looks good!" Xiao Zhang looked at his brother Shen's fingers enviously, and became more regretful. Why did Brother Shen move his mind behind the scenes? In the future, everyone will not see Brother Shen's plays...Alas, I am fortunately that I am Brother Shen's assistant. Whether or not Brother Shen acts in a play, it will not affect my appreciation of Brother Shen's prosperous beauty.

Xiao Zhang thought in a mess.

On the other hand, Shen Mingbei was a little guilty, because he really couldn't remember where he put the ring that Qu Lang gave him.

Can't it be left on the road? !

If Qu Lang asks this, Shen Mingbei will be even more guilty...

The author has something to say: Thanks to the little angel: 1 rocket launcher was thrown out of dust; 1 landmine was thrown out of 50123630; 10 bottles of Feilengcui irrigation nutrient solution; 4 bottles of wow irrigation nutrient solution; Moxiaojiu muddy irrigation nutrient solution 1 bottle.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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