The Cannon Fodder Strikes Back Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Extra Uniform Play 1.0

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Since Yunjinshu won the Golden Bull Award for Best Actor, his value has risen, and his return to the entertainment industry for a year of silence is itself very topical. Coupled with the addition of his title of actor, the momentum of prosperity can be said to be impossible. Block.

Naturally, Xinghui Company will not let go of such a good opportunity. It has helped Yunjinshu to finalize several new film contracts with international directors, and also arranged for him many international famous brand endorsements and catwalk activities.

Although the opportunity is rare, Yunjinshu has been used to living leisurely days in County X. The first encounter with such a high-intensity work is simply exhausted. FEN is exhausted. He leaves early and returns late every day, and there is no time to go home.

"Han Jiang, I'm sorry, I'm afraid I will be filming all night tonight, so I can't go back to dinner. You and Douzi don't have to wait for me."

Han Jiang snapped off a chopstick in his hand, his face looked ugly as a bitter woman in a deep palace, but the depression in his stomach could not be said, otherwise Yunjinshu would definitely be wronged with those bright eyes. Looking at him, he said, "Are you not supporting my work? You eat mine and use mine now. If I don't work, why don't our family of three drink northwest wind?"

Han Jiang wanted to cry without tears, and really screamed into the phone: Daughter-in-law, the money I gave you is enough for the three of us to eat for a lifetime! !

It's a pity that someone Han didn't have the guts. Since he came out of prison, someone has been completely persuaded. There may have been such a cool, handsome and bully before, enough to hook up a few small stars for fun, but now it's different.

God knows how bumpy his chasing his wife is. It took him two lifetimes before he was locked up. If he dares to play tricks, he dares to make 10,000 guarantees. Yun Jinshu will definitely kick him out of the house with a single kick, and he wont even frown. .

Who will let the material basis determine the superstructure, alas...

"Then you pay attention to safety, don't work too hard and remember to drink plenty of water. If the director bullies you, you will kick his lifeblood. If a female celebrity touches your PI stock, you have to resolutely resist. ..."

Two green veins popped out of the head of the Yunjin book on the other end of the phone, "Do you think I'm as unscrupulous as you? Okay, let's start over there, I have to pass."

"Hey, wait a minute, leave me your director's phone number. If you don't come back after 6 o'clock tomorrow morning, I will have to have a good talk with him, hello? Hello?"


Yun Jinshu rolled his eyes and clicked on the phone, too lazy to talk so much with this guy.

Kidney Bean nibbled a chicken thigh and ran over with a grin. He looked at Han Jiang, who was standing by the phone with a bitter expression on his face. He yelled sweetly, "Ma Ma, do you want to eat chicken thighs?"

Han Jiang silently wiped away tears of lasagna, turned around and looked at kidney bean's chubby bun's face, and said earnestly, "Son, remember to call him father next time, and it's okay if you don't ask father to call father."

"Oh, I see, Ma Ma." Kidney Bean squinted and smiled especially pure, and bit on the chicken thigh.

"..." Han Jiang beat his chest and touched his son's head, "Son, don't eat chicken thighs, beware of bird flu."

Kidney Bean curled his mouth and shook Han Jiang's disgusting look. He took the chicken thigh in his hand and walked on the short leg, and ran back to the bedroom.

He can really nag, menopausal men are the most unreasonable ()

"Heh, you bear kid haven't heard of it yet, have you?"

Han Jiang deeply felt that the status of the head of his family was in jeopardy. Not only could he not hold his wife, but he could not even control his son. He had turned this little bastard!

Rolling up his sleeves, Han Jiang got upstairs and decided to talk to his son at night. He pushed open the door of his son's bedroom. At a glance, he saw the little guy sitting on the bed playing IPAD, and the screen was showing impressively. "Gu Yun Wangdao" in four characters.

Han Jiang's face turned blue immediately, and he felt a painful feeling of being sold by his own son. He walked over and said righteously, "Where did you turn these things out? Like this distorted facts and pollutes the underage of the motherland." The picture of flowers should be resolutely resisted."

Kidney Bean blinked his eyes wide, and puffed his cheeks aggrievedly, "I just want to figure out what Xipi feeling is."

"W...what? Xipi? What the **** is this Nima?"

"That's it." Kidney Dou put the iPad in front of Gu Yan, and said with a little finger on the screen, "It's this video. I saw Daddy Zhao laughing at this thing all morning before. While slapped his legs and said, "It feels like a cypress, hahaha", and ah..."

Kidney Bean approached mysteriously and whispered, "I also saw the leek leaves on Ganpa Zhao's teeth. Don't tell him."

Han Jiang's face was half black immediately, and he clenched his fists with gritted teeth, "I knew that Zhao Hanchuan's **** was'Gu Yundang', damn, I'll call Li Ke now, and he doesn't care about his wife? !"


Zhao Hanchuan, who was far away, sneezed loudly, rubbed his nose and said, "Which **** scolds me?"

Han Jiang listened to his son's advice and opened the so-called "Gu Yun King's Way" MV. As a result, his face became darker as he watched, and finally he became Master Bao.

I have to say that the girl who made this MV is a magical editor. I edited the two-step movie clips of "The Tree Is Like This" and "Exaggerated", and combined with the tactful and lingering BGM, it made Gu Yan and Yun Jinshu act alive and well. The most terrifying thing about a wealthy dog with a son and a child is that the ending turns out to be HE, unforgivable!

"Mama, you have to calm down and be clammy!"

Kidney Bean hugged Han Jiang's thigh with his hands and feet, trying to call back Han who overturned the vinegar jar.

It's a pity that someone was already frantic and irrational. He caught up with the night of the full moon and instantly transformed into a werewolf. He bit Gu Menqing's neck with a bite, and shouted "Thief! How dare you insult my lady!"

Ahem, it's far away...

All in all, in short, Comrade Han Jiang's Hong Guoguo was eating, jealous, and going!

With God's horse, his own wife ignores herself!

I dont have a MV because my wife and other men have dog-blood MVs!

With the **** horse and even the baby, go out to ghost (PAI) and mix (XI)!

Unforgivable! Where is the husband? ?

Looking at the hideous smile on her Ma Ma's face, Kidney Bean flees out of the house weakly holding a box of chocolates + piggy bank.

Ma Ma is terrible QAQ, Godfather Gu, save me!

"Ka, Jinshu, you feel wrong here, stop for a moment."

This is the fifth time the director has called a timeout, and the staff in the entire studio are exhausted at this time. Originally, filming at night is a great test of the body, but it is not enough to shoot this scene several times, which makes people inevitably anxious.

In this scene, during the Republic of China war, the bandit army raided the army and cooperated with the internal traitor. The commander Chen Ze, the actor in the play, resisted but was finally captured, accepted the insult of the bandit army, and was tortured.

Yun Jinshu wears a German-style dark green military uniform, large lapel red epaulettes, a row of shiny metal buttons, and his face is as white as jade. He looks like an ascetic gentleman in every way. When he tried the costumes, he did it. A uniform drew all the women around, even the director who has always been picky was full of praise.

It's a pity that now the "Commander" frowns, his white gloved palms are tightly clenched, and his face is a bit pale.

The director came over and patted him on the shoulder, and patiently spoke about the play, "Chen Ze became commander at the age of eighteen, so he must have arrogance in his bones. You performed well, but at this time the bandit who tortured him The boss is the brother of his favorite woman. Two people have known each other since childhood. One became a soldier and the other became a bandit. So Chen Ze has feelings for this person. You just showed his pride but didn't act him. Affection, I have to think about the script when I go back."

"Well, I know, thank you director, give me a few minutes, and I will adjust it as soon as possible."

Yun Jinshu felt very guilty and didn't want to drag down the progress of the entire crew.

The director smiled and picked up a bottle of water for him, "Forget it, in fact, this scene is not so rushing, I just workaholics can't stop it, since you are in a wrong state, I won't force you, let's come here today. You go back and rest first, the state is better than anything else."

The director's words made the entire crew cheer. Yun Jinshu rubbed his eyebrows and kept apologizing to these people.

Everyone knows that Yunjinshu is notoriously good-tempered, so he didn't embarrass him at this time.

At this time, there was the sound of car horns from outside the studio, and soon Han Jiang came in with a few large bags for supper.

Its not the first day that the people on the crew met Yunjinshu. They were tacitly aware of what happened between the two of them. Someone laughed and said, "Mr. Han, are you here to visit the class again? Dont worry, Jinshu is fine, cant we? Dare to deceive the big movie emperor."

Han Jiang let out a laugh, raised the supper in his hand and said, "I am mainly here to give everyone supper, and the second thing is to read the brocade book.

Yun Jinshu glanced at him and kicked his leg.

Everyone burst into laughter and rushed to grab the supper. No one noticed that Yun Jinshu was dragged out of the studio by Han Jiang while still wearing a costume.

"Hey, let go, I haven't changed my clothes yet."

Han Jiang looked at the Yunjinshu with a smile, feeling like he was swept by a brush.

He was used to seeing him wearing a shirt and casual jacket. Now that he saw this straight military uniform, his breath became a bit hot.

This dark green military uniform is exactly the size of the Yunjinshu. Whether it is a smooth back cut or the pants gathered in black boots, it perfectly sets off the Yunjinshu's figure.

The palm-wide belt is tied in the middle, which outlines a beautiful curve. The black boots make a crisp sound every step of the way. The hem of the woolen fabric will slightly swing with the front and back overlap of the thighs, just enough to wrap the Yunjin book. The TUN cable is quite warped.

Han Jiang's throat gradually became dry, and he tugged at his tie and said with a smile, "No need to change it, so it's not funny."

Yun Jinshu gave him a glance, and seeing this guy's eyes could guess his dirty thoughts.

Glancing silently around, Yunjinshu curled up the corners of his mouth, and his white-gloved right hand squeezed somebody's crotch bulge without heaviness or lightness, "Hurry up and take care of your brother, I hear No?"

He glanced at Han Jiang obliquely, his eyebrows were slightly raised, and the night was full of reverie.

Han Jiang's breathing became hot, and he grabbed his arm and moved forward. The tip of his nose almost touched Yunjinshu's face, "You are playing with fire."

Yun Jinshu chuckled and laughed. He really felt that this was a rotten line in a dog-blood idol drama.

Raising his hand and pushing him, the ascetic white gloves flashed in front of Han Jiang, "Don't be fooling around, this is outside."

Han Jiang rubbed his back with his palm, and raised his eyebrows playfully, "You mean you can go home, eh?"

Yun Jinshu looked at Han Jiangs bright eyes, and somehow thought of the wolf who had been hungry for a long time, and said with a sullen smile, "It seems that this house cant be returned tonight, or you can go by yourself, I Go to Gu Yan's place for a night, I believe he will be happy to take me in."

"Dare you!" As soon as the word Gu Yan was mentioned, Han was as if he had eaten explosives. The romantic accent he had just now disappeared, and he looked like a crazy lion.

"Do you think I dare."

Yun Jinshu patted Han Jiang's face, turned and walked forward, the expression on his face was like a fishy cat.

Now he really likes Han Jiang's appearance when he is so angry that he collapses and he dares not speak. No matter how you look at it, he feels... so cool!

After the two returned home, Yunjinshu didn't even have time to change his clothes, so he went into the study to study the script.

Han Jiang wandered back and forth in the empty living room like a trapped beast, feeling aggrieved in his heart.

This unfortunate daughter-in-law is too ill-trained! Before I die, I am ready to defect to the "Goddess"!

What is so good about Gu Yan? Does he look cool and handsome and domineering by himself? Do you love your wife? Do you have your own JJ big? ! ==+

Someone became more and more angry when he thought about it. The hair on his head was messed up by him. Thinking of the "King of Gu Yun" MV that Kid Bean had shown him before, someone decided to stand up as a serf and sing.

He gritted his teeth and stomped his feet, standing fiercely at the door of the study, knocking on the door with a "boom".

"What's the matter?" Yunjinshu's voice came out of the room.

Han Jiang snorted coldly, rolled up his sleeves, and instantly possessed the evil charm.

"Ahem... Well, Jinshu, I warmed you a cup of milk, you open the door?"

Someone shook the big tail behind him flatteringly, leaned on the crack of the door and stared at the back of his daughter-in-law, drooling, and immediately fell to the ground.

Yunjinshu was dizzy while reading the script. He was indeed tired at this time. He stood up and rubbed the corners of his eyebrows to open the door to Han Jiang.

Han Jiang successfully penetrated into the enemy, looked at Yun Jinshu and stared at Yun Jinshu with red eyes, and smiled evilly. He pushed the milk in front of him and said, "Since you are so tired, don't look at it and drink the milk. sleep early."

Yun Jinshu rubbed his eyes and shook his head, a bunch of dull hairs turned up on his messy head, and the straight military uniform looked extraordinarily soft.

"No, I have wasted a lot of time today. If I still can't find the feeling before tomorrow morning, I don't need to film this scene."

Han Jiang twitched the corner of his mouth, pretending to flip through the script and said, "Do you need me to help you with the lines? The efficiency of two people's cooperation will definitely be faster."

Yun Jinshu laughed, his lips blushing, "What will you do? I'm afraid I will laugh at the line with you."

Han Jiang flipped through the script at random and just saw the "torture" section. He immediately raised his eyebrows with a smile and approached the chair of Yunjinshu. He put his hands on both sides of the desk, trapping him between his arms and his chest. .

"How do you know if you haven't tried it?"

Yunjinshu wanted to say something, but at this time Han Jiang took out a nylon rope from the drawer and quickly tied him to the chair.

Yun Jinshu, who was still a little dizzy in his head, instantly awoke his head, and immediately opened his eyes, "What are you doing?"

Han Jiang curled up the corner of his mouth, sliding his right index and middle fingers on Yunjinshu's face a few times, raising his eyebrows and chuckles, "Of course I'm interrogating you, Lord Commander."

Yun Jinshu was stunned for a moment, not knowing what he thought of, his ears instantly turned red, "Let go, stop making trouble."

The Yunjinshu in an ascetic military uniform suddenly showed such an expression, which made Han Jiang harden suddenly. He put his tongue against one side of his mouth and pulled off the belt around Yunjinshu's waist without forgetting the **** strokes. .

"Commander Chen, your waist is so thin."

"There is no such sentence in the script!" Yun Jinshu's face flushed red, and he subconsciously struggled a few times, but his arm was tied behind his back and couldn't move at all.

"You are in my place now, you have to obediently do what I said, don't make me angry, don't forget... you are my captive."

Han Jiang pulled Yunjinshu's tie and took him forward a bit, his hot breath sprayed on his face, and his black eyes were sharp as if he was about to take off his clothes immediately.

Yunjinshu's eyelashes trembled, and a thin layer of sweat appeared on his forehead, turning his head to ignore him, "What do you want?"

This sentence is a line in the script. At this time, it is no less than a bucket of hot oil poured on Han Jiang. He licked his dry lips, sneered, and sneered Yunjinshu's chin with his belt. Name."

"Heh, don't you know?" Yun Jinshu snorted and raised his eyebrows to look at him.

"I'm asking for your name!" Han Jiang narrowed his eyes and raised his voice suddenly.

"Chen Ze." Yunjinshu's Adam's apple scrolled up and down a few times, reluctantly said.

Han Jiang laughed lowly, fiddled with the medal on the uniform on the chest of Yunjinshu and said, "Isn't your name Yunjinshu? When did you change your name?"

"You!" Yun Jinshu turned into anger, staring at him, his chest rising and falling.

Han Jiang stared at the white neck exposed on his collar, like a hungry wolf staring at food, squinted his eyes and continued according to the script, "Gender."

Yun Jinshu panted, knowing that these are all lines in the script, but now it sounds ashamed to make him feel uncontrollable. He can't wait to kick Han Jiang out, but at this moment he has to admit, Han Jiang The role of the bandit army is so vivid that he doesn't need makeup at all.

"Zhao Liu, I am a male or female, you should ask your sister."

Han Jiang twitched his belt and slapped on the seat with a snap. Yunjinshu closed his eyes subconsciously. Han Jiang couldn't help but lowered his head and stole an incense. He unlocked Yunjinshu one by one with his fingers. The buttons on the book.

"I think you really owe you a fuck, do you want me to beat you with a stick?"

"Han Jiang, don't deceive others too much!"

The first sentence is a line in the script, and the latter sentence is someone's free play. Yun Jinshu glared at him in resentment, blushing as if he was about to bleed.

Han Jiang couldn't help laughing at this moment, but the expression on his face was still cold. He tore open the clothes on Yunjinshu's chest, and a few buttons that hadn't had time to untie instantly jumped everywhere. Both.

Using a belt to fumble up and down the flat and smooth chest, and even foully teased the two upright red beans on it, Yun Jinshu's breathing was unsteady, so he kicked him when he lifted his foot.

Han Jiang grabbed his ankle and pushed himself between Yun Jinshu's legs, wickedly curling his mouth, "Oh-it seems that Commander Chen can't wait to let me hit you with a'stick'."

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