The Cannon Fodder Strikes Back Chapter 95

Chapter 95: Extra Uniform Play 2.0

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At this time, Yunjinshu was tied back to the chair, and the buttons on his upper body had been torn apart. The straight military uniform and the white shirt inside were hung loosely on the elbows, exposing a large flat chest, which rose and fell with his rapid breathing. Volt.

This half-revealed style is in sharp contrast with Zhou Zhengs lower body. The straight dark green pants are wrapped in slender legs. Even the black military boots dont even come and remember to take it off. Yunjinshu seems to be in the play. The legs were tightly joined together without a gap in the middle, and the muscles at the base of his thighs tightened slightly with his tight nerves.

Han Jiang took the belt and slid all the way from his neck. As he passed his chest, he unhurriedly leaned in to tease his RU head buried under the woolen cloth. He narrowed his eyes and said, "Chen Commander, are you cold? Why are you? Are you shaking?"

A layer of sweat came out of Yunjinshu's forehead, his chest jumped faster and faster, and his throat rolled over his head dumbly, completely uncooperative.

Han Jiang sneered, his tall figure approached, raised his eyebrows dangerously, and put his other hand into the Yunjinshu clothes. He touched the hardened small bump, which made him scornful. With a low laugh, "It turns out that Commander Chen is a slut. Not only did he get tough on my sister, but he was so excited when he saw me."

Yun Jinshu opened his eyes quickly, and his face was so furious that he was close to dripping blood, "Fuck, Zhao Liu didn't have this line!"

"Emperor Yun, you mispronounced your lines again. How can you film tomorrow in this state?" Han Jiang shook his head with a pity on his face, and said with a wicked smile, "It seems that we have to do it again."


The belt was under the wheel again, and although the loud noise did not fall on Yunjinshu's body, he couldn't help but close his eyes, and even his hair was picked up a bit.

Han Jiang kneaded his fully erected nipples, pressing his whole body on top of him, like a wolf that threw down food, and said in a very light tone, "Say, where do you hide the road map? Up?"

"I don't... don't know what you are talking about."

Yun Jinshu kept breathing heavily, and the body that hadn't been intimacy for a long time trembled unconsciously. However, Han Jiang was a complete **** who specially fondled his sensitive belt, making him blush in a few moments.

"I don't know?" Zhao Liu, oh no, it should be Han Jiang, who has been possessed by the bandit leader, with a cold snort. He lifted his knees and rubbed Yun Jinshu's legs with a smile. Understand that he has reacted.

"Then let me take a good look at Commander Chen."

Speaking, he put on the white gloves that Yunjinshu put aside, reached out his hand into Yunjinshu's clothes, followed the smooth and straight back all the way up, and suddenly rubbed his fingers on the right side near the armpit. few times

"Hmm..." Yun Jinshu shook uncontrollably, and closed his mouth with just a short muffled hum, raised his eyes and stared at Han Jiang.

There is a mole on the inner side of his right arm, which feels extremely vivid every time he touches it in the bath, and Han Jiang likes to bite a small piece of his flesh and rub it in his lips, making him tremble every time.

"The back is smooth and there are no scars, and there is no dissection in the armpits. It seems that we need to check other places."

Han Jiang slid his fingers down with a strong sense of interest, and slid into the buttocks of the Yunjinshu, and stroked erotically through his underwear. The thin material of the gloves just aroused a layer of goose bumps.

"You fucking... uh... don't touch it!"

Yun Jinshu knew that he was involved in Han Jiang's plot again, saying that he was helping him with the scene. It was the weasel giving the rooster a New Year's greeting.

It's strange to blame him for the sleeplessness just now, and for a while, he didn't have any precautions before Han Jiang grabbed Qi Cun.

He was glared by his water-shine black eyes, Han Jiang only felt that half of his body was crisp, and his lower body jumped instantly, swelling for a whole circle.

Licking his chapped lips, he couldnt wait to immediately tear off Yunjinshus military uniform, advance into his body, let him sink with him, and let out a lewd moan, but he also enjoyed the process of teasing his lover, and he just held back for a while. Desire that is about to explode.

"Commander Chen, I just checked that I haven't touched you very much. You got up first by yourself. Just like you, you still want to lead soldiers to fight?"

Yun Jinshu, whose head was dizzy, couldn't tell whether it was Han Jiang or Zhao Liu who said this. He lowered his eyes in shame, his eyelashes trembled uneasy, clenched his fist and raised his neck and said, "You are kind of you Just kill, I would rather die than make you so insulted."

This sentence almost made Han Jiang laugh out loud. How dedicated his Jinshu is. At this time, he did not forget his lines. He suppressed the smile and the feeling of soft heart. He used to wear The gloved finger stroked Yunjinshu's lips, "I haven't found the road map yet. How can I be willing to kill you? Look at your mouth. You are really good at speaking. Did you hide things in your teeth?"

As he said, he actually put his index and middle fingers into Yunjinshu's mouth, and the eroticism teased his soft tongue and warm palate with gentleness.


Yun Jinshu opened his mouth and was about to bite his finger, but Han Jiang seized the opportunity and strangled his neck, "I advise you not to make any crooked ideas. Your brothers who are born and die are still locked in the mountains. I If you are upset, you can kill them with one shot now."

Yunjinshu paused, knowing that Han Jiang was deliberate, but inexplicable itchiness flowed from deep in his heart. He turned his head in shame and anger, but was dragged back by Han Jiang again. Putting his finger into his mouth, this time he did not bite it again.

Although Han Jiang's movements were vulgar, he couldn't bear to take a little bit of effort. He even looked at Yunjinshu with gentle eyes, witnessing his face and neck filled with a beautiful blush under his gaze.

At this time, he lowered his head and gnawed on the earlobe and neck of the Yunjinshu carefully, and said hoarsely, "You like it too, look at your little mouth, it makes my things watery. of."

He clearly said that his gloves were wet by Yun Jinshus mouth, but he was lewd no matter what he said. Yun Jinshu shrank his neck in shame, and a drop of sweat glided across his face and down his white chest. Dripped down.

Han Jiang lowered his head, licked off the drops of sweat, and even teased his RU head with rough taste buds.

"Hmm...Um..." Yun Jinshu couldn't control it anymore, and she raised her hair and let out a series of tingling gasps. At this time, all the scripts of the lines were almost forgotten.

Han Jiang felt that the blood was flowing back all over his body, and the bulging part of his lower body was strangled in his pants. He took a deep breath and stabilized his mind disturbed by the Yunjinshu. When he opened his eyes again, it was completely dark. , As if sucking people in just by looking at it.

"Oh-Commander Chen's mouth is so tight, where is the road map, huh?"

He rubbed Yun Jinshu's reactive organs with his knees neither light nor heavy, forcing him to let out a sensational low breath.

"...I don't know what...what is the road map, even if there is me the fuck...I will not give it to a bandit..."

Han Jiang tweeted, pulled off his tie, took off his shirt on his upper body, revealing a strong body, "Commander Chen, you are too bad at the way, so you don't know what is good or bad, don't blame me for being **** you."

Speaking, he found a pair of scissors from the drawer next to him, and walked over slowly with the Yunjinshu.

Perhaps it was because he was too deep into the play, or for some other reason, Yun Jinshu opened his eyes wide, stiffened his body to maintain the dignity of a soldier, but his back still shook uncontrollably.

Han Jiang took the scissors and rubbed his cocked lower body. After feeling the trembling body of his lover, he pulled out his trousers tucked in black boots little by little, and then held it to see Shun Gao The waist trousers should be cut off if it is not hurried or slow...

"What are you doing!" Yun Jinshu suddenly recovered, his body bounced to stop it, but unfortunately he was tied in place by the nylon rope tied behind him.

Han Jiang restrained his moving legs, and even slapped his **** badly, "Don't move, Commander Chen doesn't want to be an eunuch, either."

"That's the crew's clothes! I will use it tomorrow!" Yun Jinshu completely recovered, and kept twisting his body.

At this time, Han Jiang pulled off his pants, and kissed his bulge through his underwear, "Emperor Yun, you said the wrong line again, you should be punished."

He said that regardless of Yunjinshu's struggle, he cut off his entire army pants and threw it aside, leaving only the black boots on his feet that reached the calf.

The white and powerful legs are lined with the black boots, which is particularly sensational. At this time, except for the military uniform on the upper body and hanging on the arm, all the other parts of the Yunjinshu are exposed, and the ascetic and licentious look makes Han Jiang again Shi changed a bit.

"Han Jiang, your **** ...&()..."

No matter how good the temper is, Yun Jinshu also collapsed at this time. He was crying without tears when he looked at the pieces of clothes on the spot.

"Commander Chen, don't you even remember my name, Zhao Liu? Then I will help you think about it." Han Jiang said that he didn't give him time to react, he raised his mouth and smiled. The tip of his tongue licked the wet front end, raised his eyebrows and said, "Look, you're hard..."

Yun Jinshu suddenly stiffened, and a beautiful blush quickly appeared on his skin. Although he had experienced Han Jiangs cheeky skin, at this time the sensitive parts were manipulated like this, and he was even spoken out of his bodys reaction openly. He couldn't raise his head in shame, and the curse from his mouth was swallowed into his stomach.

"Enough... Enough, I'm not playing anymore..."

If you didn't say this, it was like pouring a bucket of hot oil on the raging fire. It suddenly made Han Jiang's eyes narrowed dangerously, and even his breathing was a little short.

He tore off the underwear of Yunjinshu, put it in his mouth, and waited on it with the tip of his tongue. He didn't forget to raise his hand on his chest and wreaked havoc on his chest. Up."

"Hmm...hmm...don't do that...stop...stop..."

How could the Yunjinshu, which provoked lust, withstand Han Jiang's "lips and tongues", tightly buckled the back of the chair, shaking violently, and the whole body seemed to be soaked in sweat, shining brightly. The layer of water was light, and the physiological saline was forced out a bit.

Han Jiang pressed his legs firmly on the handrails, arched his body and bit his lower abdomen and organs, and teased his swollen pouch from time to time, even though he was already burning with anger at this moment, listening to the Yunjinshu uplifting. Gasping and moaning seemed to have reached a climax.

With Han Jiang's vomiting, Yunjinshu's tsunami-like **** surged all over his body, which made him tremble uncontrollably. He bit his lip and leaned back and squeezed out a few words with difficulty, "Yun...Kidou still At home..."

"The **** has taken refuge in your old friend's place long ago."

"...Who do you...say?"

"Gu Yan!"

When he mentioned that **** Han Jiang, he got angry, and when he sucked on his mouth, he heard Yun Jinshu's scream, but suddenly pinched there.

The moment I flew to heaven, it was too painful to be dragged down to hell. Yun Jinshu panted in embarrassment and shook his head in panic, "Don't... stop..."

Han Jiang meant to pick him up deliberately. He raised his eyebrows with a smile and said, "I must listen to what my daughter-in-law said. How dare I move again if you tell me to stop."

"I... I said..." Yun Jinshu was itchy and unbearably tortured by his increasingly empty body, and almost collapsed and said, "Don't torture me..."

Han Jiang smiled, leaned forward and nibble on his lips, his right hand finger was stained with the AI fluid flowing out of the Yunjinshu and penetrated into his acupuncture point, "Two months, you haven't let me touch you in two months. After finally going home, I want to go to Gu Yan's house for the night, Jin Shu, you said you should be punished."

Yun Jinshu was stunned for a moment, and then he realized that the crux of Han Jiang's sudden madness was here. He was so angry and annoyed for a while that he was so speechless that he had to raise his head and give him a hard look.

It is a pity that such a pair of eyes glowing with water and desire not only did not have a deterrent effect, but also picked up the desire HUO in Han Jiang's bones.

Han Jiang's fingers were not idle at all, and he quickly but tenderly extended his fingers one by one, while the other hand slammed the front end of the water with his fingertips badly.

"Baby, you are so wet..."

Yun Jinshus face is not knowing whether it is angry or ashamed. In short, it is already red and about to bleed, and the body is tortured by desire. The blood in the whole body is roaring and longing. Hungry and impatience, he lifted his neck and uttered. Even he moaned in shame.

"Give me... a good time..."

This scene was too sensational, Han Jiang had endured it a few times, and he went in at once without any warning.


Yunjinshu was unprepared and suddenly raised his voice, but after the moment of pain, he could hear a trace of satisfaction and desire from the end.

Han Jiang put his legs on his shoulders, took a tie with his left hand and tied it to Yunjinshu, his right hand squeezed his TUN petal wantonly, his lips held the already hard pebble-like **** constantly Sucking, as if you must **** something out of it.

"Ah...hmm...don't breathe...it hurts..." Yun Jinshu's body couldn't lean back and could only be tightly attached to the chair, but his legs were lifted high and separated in the air. The very lewd and humiliating posture kept fluctuating.

Han Jiang's eyes were as deep as the sea, and a violent storm was setting off at this time. Not only did he not let go of Yunjinshu's nipples, he even pierced his **** with the tip of his tongue like a movement under his body.

"Does it hurt? I think you are very cool, Commander Chen, look at you, you are sloppy, you are still singing in it wet."

The immense shame made Yun Jinshu embarrassed. He seemed to be unable to tell whether he was Yun Jinshu or Commander Chen. At this moment, he heard the "bandit leader" say, his body shuddered suddenly, and the folder Han Jiang cursed secretly. With a sound, he raised his hand and patted his **** a few times, "Damn, do you want to pinch me off? I really don't know how my sister likes you when you are in such a commotion. Will this thing in front of you be used, eh? "

Han Jiang is self-taught and has a good understanding. The role-playing GAME is completely played off. At this time, he almost regards himself as the king of the mountain.

His movements were rampant like a thunderstorm. At this time, the two sensitive parts of Yunjinshu were pinched in the palms of his hands by the "bandits", and his head was completely muddy, "Too...too fast, it hurts... You tap...I won't hold it..."

These messy and horrible words would never be said in Yunjinshu before, but now he is completely captured by sleepiness and desire, and for a while he doesn't even know what he is talking about.

Han Jiang's eyes were burned red by the lust. He couldn't wait to break the Yunjinshu into pieces like this and swallow it with his bones. No one could **** him.

Crazy possession and assault almost made both of them crazy. Two months of abstinence was a torture for both of them. Now that the flesh and blood are close together, it is almost like Mars hits the earth out of control.

I don't know when Han Jiang untied Yunjinshu's wrist, hugged him on the furry carpet, and pushed in from behind.

The back position can go very deep, the hard and huge piece of meat suddenly pushed into the intestines that had never been touched, and Yun Jinshu screamed and shivered all over his body.

Han Jiang hugged his waist, leaned down and kissed his back and behind his ears, but the movements below were not in the slightest ambiguity. He quickly made a snapping sound, and the sound of water churning with body fluids made everything lewd. The person blushes with a heartbeat.

The piece of meat suddenly hit a certain bulge, and Yun Jinshu's eyelashes were wet. He bit his wrist tightly and shouted, "Stop! Stop! Don't push there!"

To be and not to be the opposite in some cases. Obviously, Han Jiang quite understands the temper of Yunjinshu, and he continued to grind and lash out there wickedly, "It's here, is it comfortable?"

Yun Jinshu shook his head indiscriminately, his sweat was thrown out. He felt that he had become a wire, and the switch was inside the body. As long as he poked there, his limbs and skeletons would be enveloped by electric currents. The rushes all over the body, making him eager and frightened.

"I... don't play anymore, stop..."

Every time that mysterious "switch" in the body is pushed, the tightly jammed organs of the lower body will swell up a little bit. Han Jiang knows that his **** is coming, so he can't help but lower his head and kiss his side. Face, "Do you want to be in size?"

"..." Yun Jinshu did not speak, but the trembling of his body betrayed him.

Han Jiang squeezed his chest badly, and continued to aim at that fierce attack behind him, "Say, do you want me?"

"Hmm..." Yun Jinshu's ears were all red, and he buried his head in his arms.

Han Jiang almost fell in love with this baby daughter-in-law. He suppressed the laughter and the love that was about to erupt from his chest, and stopped abruptly. Then he pulled himself out and said loudly, "What do you mean? Chen? Commander, Im a bandit, um, ah, I dont understand."

The momentary emptiness made Yun Jinshu almost crying. He panted violently, and turned around and glanced at Han Jiang with effort. The ink-colored eyes seemed to be able to speak and poke into someone's heart.

He just bit his lip in shame, hoarse his throat and said, "You come in."

Han Jiang only feels that the rumbling of fireworks in his ears is the kind that lasts particularly long and has a lot of tricks. People like Yunjinshu have always been a person who says half of his speech, and his personality is both stubborn and gentle. It is difficult for him to say a word of lucidity on the bed, let alone begging for joy in such a straightforward manner.

In an instant, a certain part seemed to be swollen and unbearable anymore. He gritted his teeth and cursed inwardly, buried himself in it again, and then launched an even more fierce attack and possession.

At the moment when the climax was about to come, he released the Yunjinshu in one fell swoop...


The climax that had been imprisoned for too long hit his face like a tsunami, and instantly swallowed the Yunjinshu. He raised his head and trembling body came out. Han Jiang behind him reached the most sensitive part of the intestine, and he erupted with a low growl. come out

When the hot liquid poured in, Yunjinshu was hot and shivered. Han Jiang pulled his head from behind and kissed his lips. The **** intertwined and their foreheads touched each other. It seemed as if a lifetime was divided. Won't open.

After "feeding and drinking" Han Jiang helped his wife clean up, smiled like a wolf with a big tail successfully stealing fish, and slept extremely sweetly with a big mouth.

In his sleep, he seemed to be kicked suddenly, and then opened his eyes, only to find that he was lying on the side of the road holding a big package. Of course, this is not important. The important thing is that the old housekeeper stands with a cow face. On one side, he bit his handkerchief and said loudly, "Master, you, you... have been swept out, this is a note left by the young lady."

"Huh?" Someone Han sat up with a carp, "Hurry up and show me!"

[Han Jiang, what do you do%*&**# If you let me find that you have stepped into the house, I will cut JJ immediately!

PS: Starting today, all pocket money will be confiscated, and the penalty will be three months.

PPS: The crews military uniform is worth 10,000, so you can compensate yourself. Dont want me to pay you a piece! ! !

PPPS: I'm going to look for kidney beans at Brother Gu's house, if your **** dare to follow along, hum...]

Someone was shocked, somebody's egg was broken, somebody's glass heart turned into powder and eloped with morals...

Jin Shu, wait for me! I knelt on the washboard, don't go find that savage man, bastard! A certain big-tailed wolf with a full face, once again set foot on the long road chasing his wife at the speed of light.

What a day of life!

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