The Ceo's Loser Wife Book 3 Chapter 208

Volume 3: My Sun And My Moon Chapter 208 The Wife Vs The Mom Part1

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Just as half of Luther's brothers left Hangzhou city in the middle of the night, several other strangers descended into the city the next morning, along with a middle aged couple.

Weirdly, a similar ethereal aura lingered around the dozen men and women and the middle aged couple.

A strange innate power surged within them, completely different from the strong and sturdy cultivation cores that Su Lin and her disciples relied on.

3 am, Hangzhou city airport:

A middle aged woman walked hand in hand with her husband. The woman had an unnaturally strong aura, but her current countenance seemed extremely nervous and anxious.

The tiredness however did not mar the beauty of her elegant figure. The middle aged woman surprisingly looked mesmerizing beyond belief.

The other travellers in the airport couldn't help but cast glances at her and even gawk at her openly, wondering if she was some sort of European celebrity.

But they were clearly wrong since none of the current actresses or models could ever hold a candle to her elegance and beauty.

The woman looked as if she stepped out of an old god's oil painting, with a sole purpose to curse and enslave all the living beings.

Ella Augustin, the iron-fisted current matriarch of the Augustin family, held her husband's hand so tightly that her finger nails were almost digging in to his palm.

"Dear, please calm down."

John Augustin sighed and tried to comfort her again. But just like all of his previous attempts, his words this time as well felt light and meaningless, since he as well was equally nervous.

They had suffered a lot to come to this point to get to this day

There was nothing in their entire life more important than this day, because today, they had finally arrived to a place which they had longed for and dreamt about year after year.

This was the city their son lived in!! And they were going to meet him after twenty plus years!!

Who wouldn't be nervous under these circ.u.mstances

"Shall we directly go to their house?" Ella anxiously turned around and asked.

The usual authority and power in her voice was not present at the moment.

"Be a bit more patient, my dear. We have waited for so many years, what's a few more hours?" John smiled and rubbed his wife's head.

The woman had hazel green eyes and dark black curls resembling Luther's unruly mane. The man's eyesthough were pitch black obsidian.

Apparently, Luther had inherited his looks from his mother and his eyes from his father.

"Ah. Ok." Ella reluctantly agreed. "I guess we can meet our child in the morning."

The husband and wife pair walked out of the airport in unison, with their thoughts and mind somewhere else.

John Augustin still held his wife's hand as they checked into a hotel near the airport.

"Penthouse suit." The man murmured in his European accent to the receptionist and passed his dark black credit card.

Recognising the royal symbol on the card, the receptionist immediately straightened her back and looked more alert.

"Would you be requiring some light supper, Sir?" She respectfully asked.

Hmm John turned around to see if his wife wanted something to eat.

But the woman standing next to him had already disappeared

"Aha Ha Ha Ha I should have known this would happen" The middle aged man's wrinkles shifted revealing a bright beaming smile.

"How selfish! Meeting our son without me!"

The son appears and the husband is thrown out mercilessly!

Shaking his head helplessly, he tapped his fingers on the marble desk in front of him and waited for the receptionist to finish the check in process.

"Deliver the bags to the room." He then murmured and walked out of the hotel without ever stepping inside.

His long eager strides drastically increased in speed when he emerged out of the hotel and within seconds his figure had already disappeared from the vicinity of the hotel.

He then surprisingly re-emerged a couple of miles away, as if mysteriously materialising out of thin air and his figure again flickered.

Tonight, John Augustin was clearly using the full power his body housed to get to a villa located in the middle of the city.

How could he afford to catch a cab, if he wanted to overtake and reach the target before his powerful wife, who even had a head start before him??

He could only rely on his own two legs to achieve such a feat!

The beautiful and mesmerising wifey might have him beat when it comes to power but he excelled when it came to speed and agility.

And thus in the middle of the night

Two figures crossed from one end of the city to the other end in no time and materialized in front of the Shi family mansion, which was now renamed as Empress's abode.

Ella Augustin stared at the name and scoffed slightly. She then opened the unlocked gates and strode inside without any reservation.

Her earlier anxiety and nervousness had long since disappeared. She had to see her son and only that thought was left on her mommy brain.

"Not without me, my dear."

John Augustin chuckled and joined his wife, who clearly was not startled by his presence. From the looks of it, she had expected him to join her.

"Sorry honey. I couldn't wait."

"He He Let's go." The man patted his wife and walked with her, as they reached the huge mansion's door.

"Won't he be sleeping now?" Ella asked, hesitating to knock on the door and disturb her precious son's sleep.

"You are only realizing that now?" John chuckled.

"Hmph." Ella sulked at his teasing comments and knocked on the door anyways.

She had not seen her son for the past twenty years and then some more. She had the right to be selfish, even if it was the middle of the night.

But just as she touched the door


An explosive power erupted sending Ella Augustine tumbling back.

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