The Ceo's Loser Wife Book 3 Chapter 209

Volume 3: My Sun And My Moon Chapter 209 The Wife Vs The Mom Part2

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An explosive power erupted sending Ella Augustin tumbling back, with her fall visibly kicking up dust from the ground.

Considering Ella Augustine's age and power, and that she was the matriarch of one of the most powerful organisations in the world, John stumbled back in surprise.

There were not many things that could catch his wife off guard like this!

He quickly hurried over to Ella's side and helped her up. "Are you okay?"

Ella patted her behind and slowly stood up. "Yes, yes." An embarrassed blush crept up her face, and she instantly composed herself.

She had been way too excited about meeting her son. Otherwise a cheap parlour trick like this couldn't have injured her.

While the two elders were dusting their clothes on the outside, inside the house, a pair of sharp eyes akin to a unsheathed sword flashed open.

The next instant Little white appeared in front of the elders and snarled loudly, with its enlarged canines baring at the sight of intruders.

"What the hell?" Ella subconsciously took a couple step backwards.

She could clearly tell that the little white tiger was definitely not your run of the mill cute wildlife!

Wait a second, why the heck did her son have such a house pet?

This ordinary looking mansion not only had a powerful barrier around it, but also a spirit beast was guarding it???

Around the same time, Luther as well was already aware of the intruders. His entire body shone with a demonic aura.

Were these intruders friends or foe?

Next to him, Su Lin was sleeping peacefully. She had told him just a few hours ago, that she was currently unable to use her cultivation base, for the sake of the child.

She was right now at her most vulnerable state and weakest point.

And now, suddenly intruders show up at their doorstep?? How could there be such a coincidence??

But weirdly, he didn't sense any animosity or murderous aura from the intruders and that was the reason for his hesitation.

Luther reluctantly bit his lips and hurriedly woke up his resting wifey.

Even though she was unable to use her cultivation base, she would still be in a better position to assess the abilities of these supposedly friendly intruders.

By the time Su Lin stirred awake, she was already in Luther's arms and the man was placing her gently on the couch.

She blinked and stared at him in confusion when he signaled her with his fingers and slowly opened the door.

However, just as he opened the door, the man froze in confusion.

Standing right in front of him, and staring at him point-blank, was a face that he was surprisingly very familiar with His own!

Well, at least extremely similar to his own!

"Huh?" Luther stupidly stared at the middle-aged man and woman standing at his doorstep with his mouth wide open.

In front of him, Ella Augustin and John Augustin were also frozen solid. Seeing their long lost son up close, the husband and wife pair were completely dazed.

Hmm Su Lin slowly stood up and walked next to Luther.

One look at the devilishly handsome man's face and the woman in front of him told her everything she needed to know.

Her heart warmed at this completely unexpected surprise.

Very much like her, the man had been orphaned since birth, shouldering a lot of difficulties and responsibilities from a tender age that he shouldn't have had to.

But at least his parents were still alive!

She was glad that the heavens decided to show him this small mercy. Her hubby deserved all the joy in this world.

She gently smiled and walked past the frozen statues removing the rock next to their doorstep which loosened the array formation around their home.

She then picked up Little white who was jumping up and down trying to bite the elder's leg.

"Please come inside." Her melodious voice rang bringing the trio back to reality.

Ella's eyes were streaming with hot tears as she lost all sense of pride and elegance and greedily barged in to take her son in her arms.

Oh, how she had missed him!

"Luther" She sniffled and hugged the grown man to her heart's content.

Luther as well broke down and bawled his eyes out like a small child. "I have missed you too, mom." He stammered, finishing Ella's thoughts.

He barely had any memories of his childhood left. He had been kidnapped somewhere around the age of four.

All he remembered about his mother was a faint distant scent and her hazel green eyes.

The warmth of her embrace brought out all the atrocities and heinous experiences that he had to go through. Luther silently shuddered.

The elder standing next to the mother and son pair also joined in on the group hug and patted his son.

He trying to hold back his tears and kept rubbing his eyes.

It was unbelievable, but the proof was there right in front of their eyes. Luther was almost a spitting image of his wife.

How many months and years had he worried over his son?

He had hoped and prayed endlessly for him to at least have a peaceful death, and that he was not suffering in some corner of the world.

But now, miraculously, his son was somehow standing alive and healthy in front of him.

"Dad?" Luther lifted his head up and looked at the man.

The man nodded as if answering his question. Luther smiled like a toddler, with his face and cheeks covered with snot.

John Augustin was the doting type, who liked to spoil his children. It was torturous for a man like him to have lost his own son.

He grunted loudly as he pulled his beautiful son closer to him and hugged him tightly.

"Be careful, you old thing. Don't crush my son's bones."

Ella wiped her tears and murmured, clearly unhappy with the fact that her husband was hogging Luther all to himself.

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