The Ceo's Loser Wife Book 3 Chapter 210

Volume 3: My Sun And My Moon Chapter 210 The Wife Vs The Mom Part3

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Watching the mother, father, and son trio hug each other and cry, Su Lin smiled.

"What a cheesy scene" She muttered. But her eyes were starting to tear up as well.

Luther had never once talked about finding his birth parents or anything of that sort.

It could only bring one sadness hoping for such unrealistic things

So she was pretty sure this came as a complete surprise to him just as it was a surprise for her.

Su Lin watched the handsome man being coddled like a child by his loving parents and silently slipped out of the room, giving the family of three some privacy.

She patted Little white and went into the kitchen to brew some tea for the elders.

She carefully picked out a few rejuvenating herbs and even made sure that the resulting mixture tasted well after boiling them and draining the leaves out.

She wanted to make a good impression on them.

It has been a long time since she belonged to an actual family.

In this world, she had Runyan and her disciples, but a parent's love is something that was entirely different and incomparable.

So she wanted to give it her all and make a good impression on Luther's parents.

Would they treat her as their daughter as well? She couldn't help but selfishly want the same.

When she walked out, she saw that the trio were still engrossed in their reunion, so Su Lin took her cup of tea and sat down on the patio bench.

The cold night breeze caressed her body making her slightly shiver.

The lack of her circulating spiritual qi that typically cloaked her body and vital organs made her feel very vulnerable to these natural elements.

Su Lin silently sipped her steaming hot cup of tea and gazed at the night sky.

The warmth from the sip spread across her body and made it slightly comfortable.

But her mind was still restless.

The events tonight She wondered about her own lineage in this world.

Who are Su Lin's parents? Where are they now? Would she ever get to meet them? Would they accept her? Do they ever think about her? She doubted.

Fate made her an orphan in one life. Was it still the same here as well? Was she always doomed to stay alone for the rest of her life?

As if answering her questions, a pair of naughty hands hugged her from behind, instantly spreading warmth across her cold shivering body.

"Hello, young master Augustin." Su Lin teased the owner of the hands.

And the next instant, she felt herself being lifted up in the air and then into his arms.

"And hello, Mrs. Augustin." Luther chuckled and planted a kiss on his wifey's cold lips.

Mmmm Su Lin smiled, looking at the man's content face.

"Why are you here, my dear?" Luther leaned forward and caressed her nose with his own.

But not waiting for her answer, the man had already started walking back in.

"Come, I have to introduce the monster in my life to my parents." He chuckled.

"Listen. I am a nice person okay! Don't ruin my reputation in front of your parents." Su Lin worriedly threw some fists at the man's chiseled chest.

But it looked like her protests were falling on deaf ears, as her mischievous husband simply chuckled and ignored her.

The man excitedly carried her all the way to the living room with a wide grin on his face.

"Put me down. Put me down." Su Lin hit him harder, but the man still ignored her.

"Huh? Why should I? Shouldn't we show my parents our true love?" He murmured.

"True love, your ass. Put me down, you jerk." Su Lin scoffed. She was sure that he was doing this purposefully just to mess with her.

How will she face the elders with a straight face with such a public display of affection??!!! Su Lin fumed.

However, Luther smiled in bliss and adamantly carried her all the way over to the living room.

One day All of a sudden Just like that

He had a pair of loving parents, an adorable wife, blood brothers, and a sweet little bun on the way. The man was absolutely delirious with happiness.

So obviously his antics were at their all time high. Right in front of his parent's surprised eyes, Luther smiled and carried his wife like a princess and gently placed her on the couch.

The mother and father pair watched their son's brilliant smile with their eyes glistening.

Without their love their son had already grown up into a fine young man and now even had a woman whom he clearly cherished.

Just from the way he looked at her, it was very apparent how much he loved her and adored her.

Ella teared up some more, while John chuckled. "Ha Ha. Young love." He nudged his wife.

"Mom, Dad, Meet your daughter-in-law, Su Lin." Luther beamed and introduced Su Lin proudly.

Su Lin, being the only person in the room who was awkwardly fidgeting, blushed furiously, and bowed her head in respect.

"Greetings, Madam, and Sir." She respectfully addressed the elders.

"Ah. One second." She quickly ducked into the kitchen and brought out the tea set for everyone.

"Please have this. You must be tired." She even personally served the elders her self-brew special tea.

Luther watched her fumble about here and there and grinned in amus.e.m.e.nt.

His almighty wife was surprisingly humble in front of his parents?

He knew that Su Lin was a very prideful and noble being akin to an immortal, but right now, she was behaving like just another domesticated wife trying to please her in-laws.

Luther was very touched. He gazed at her affectionately and chuckled.

The more he looked at her the more he couldn't control his laughter.

"Pfftt... Ha Ha. Mom, Dad. Don't get fooled. She is a demoness, trying to act cute and lovable as a kitten." He blurted out.

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