The City Of Terror Chapter 1374

The City Of Terror Volume 6 Chapter 491 491 Extreme Danger

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It wasn't hard to imagine how painful it was for the woman to have salt cast on her wounds. She started screaming in agony.

Zhang Tian Kun was pretty good-looking. He was slightly tan and had the appearance of an athletic person. However, the air of ruthlessness on his face was simply too heavy, so much so that it was hard to believe that he used to be a simple basketball player in college.

Zhang Tian Kun started laughing out loud upon seeing the woman suffer. He was undoubtedly twisted in the head.

One had to admit that he was extremely sensitive as well. When the door opened, the soft creaking of the hinges caused him to immediately react, turning to look in the direction of the door.

However, Wei Xiao Bei's speed was completely beyond Zhang Tian Kun's imagination. In just the blink of an eye, Wei Xiao Bei's left hand had already wrapped around Zhang Tian Kun's neck.

It was too easy. Wei Xiao Bei felt a creeping unease.

What happened next substantiated the uncertainty he was feeling.

"May the Brush Spirit possess me!"

Zhang Tian Kun didn't give up struggling even after Wei Xiao Bei had grabbed his neck. His face turned red but he still managed to spit out these six words.

The atmosphere in the room instantly changed.

An extremely cold aura spread throughout the room and Wei Xiao Bei was horrified to find that the man he had been grabbing with his left hand had turned into a black ink brush.

More crucially, he instantly sensed that his entire body had lost all sensation, almost as if he had been paralyzed.

Zhang Tian Kun appeared behind Wei Xiao Bei, viciously stabbing at his back with a dagger.

[Release Electricity]!

Wei Xiao Bei instinctively felt like something troublesome would happen if Zhang Tian Kun's dagger was allowed to hit him. Thus, he unleashed electricity around him.

This [Release Electricity] wasn't conducted at its full force. After all, there was still the girl in the living room. He would hurt the innocent bystander if he released electricity at its maximum capacity.

Moreover, Wei Xiao Bei was confident he could dispel the strange condition of his body with that amount of electricity.

As electricity flowed out of Wei Xiao Bei's skin, the feeling of having lost all sensation was driven away from the majority of his body. Only his left hand remained numb and unfeeling.

However, this was enough.

He kicked backward with his right leg and hit Zhang Tian Kun square in the stomach.

With Wei Xiao Bei's current power, a simple kick would be more than Zhang Tian Kun could endure. The college kid was blown away like a bowling ball. He crashed into a wall and cracks immediately appeared at the point of impact. He then slid down the wall, almost as if he had fallen unconscious.

Wei Xiao Bei had no energy to deal with Zhang Tian Kun. He realized that the black ink brush he had grabbed with his left hand was stuck to his hand. It couldn't be cast away no matter how hard he swung it.

Wei Xiao Bei couldn't care about the issues of his eyes any longer. He opened his eyes and activated [Enlightenment]!

Name: Brush Spirit's Clone (??)

Introduction: This is a clone created by the Brush Spirit.

Status: ??

Skills: ??

Special Skills: ??

Evolution Points: X (Unable to acc.u.mulate evolution points)

Items on Hand: ???


Apart from the name and introduction, all the other statuses were filled with question marks. This meant that [Enlightenment] could not see through the true nature of the ink brush.

However, when Wei Xiao Bei activated [Enlightenment] the Brush Spirit's clone appeared to loosen. The next instant, it forcefully thrust its way through Wei Xiao Bei's palm!

He almost let out a cry in pain.

Someone once said thatthe nerves of the fingers were linked to the heart, for the fingertips were the most sensitive part of the body to pain. Some say that being kicked in the nuts hurt the most and some say that childbirth hurt the most. Of course, men couldn't know how much it hurt to give birth.

Still, while Wei Xiao Bei used to believe the body melting and reorganizing was the most painful sensation ever, he now changed his mind. The pain from this Brush Spirit's clone stabbing into his palm was undoubtedly the most intense.

The Brush Spirit's clone hadn't just stabbed into his palm. Wei Xiao Bei could feel the clone invading his consciousness!

Wei Xiao Bei was surprised and did not hesitate at all. Lightning flashed all over his body and a blue-and-white field of plasma spread outward.

Shockingly, just as he was about to let out the plasma, the unconscious Zhang Tian Kun came to his senses and charged at him.

However, Zhang Tian Kun wasn't trying to attack him. He simply sliced the ropes binding the girl and then rushed toward the window with the girl over his shoulder.

Wei Xiao Bei's electricity was very fast, but Zhang Tian Kun seemed to have unleashed all his potential. He reached the window at the same instance the plasma spread outward and charged straight at the glass.

Of course, he couldn't completely escape the damage from the plasma.

At the moment he crashed through the window and started falling, the edge of the plasma field had spread to his back.

Zhang Tian Kun let out a pained grunt before falling downward, his fate unknown.

Unfortunately, Wei Xiao Bei had no time to deal with the escaped college student.

To his complete surprise, the plasma only managed to burn the ends of the black ink brush to ashes. The parts that had entered his palm remained untouched and were moving up his arm. It seemed like its destination was Wei Xiao Bei's brain!

Wei Xiao Bei wouldn't fear the black ink brush if it wanted a proper fight with him. Yet, this bloody brush didn't want to tussle with him at all. It entered his arm quickly and went straight for the arm. It seemed like it was trying to take over Wei Xiao Bei's body!

It was much like how Sun Wukong had dove into the stomach of the Iron Fan Princess- this was one of Wei Xiao Bei's fatal flaw!

Most other 4-Star creatures were not afraid of such a move.

The Thousand Eyed Devil, for instance, had blood with tremendous corrosiveness. If Wei Xiao Bei didn't have sufficient Lesser Spring Water last time, even his bones would have been melted into goo, despite his powerful regenerative ability. The same went for Bi Fang. Who would dare to dive into its body? You would instantly be turned into cinders.

However, Wei Xiao Bei was different. He was an ordinary human, to begin with. However, he had slowly become stronger after entering the Dust World and had just stepped into the realm of a 4-Star Creature. Moreover, he was probably much more powerful than the average 4-Star Creature.

However, here was the problem. Wei Xiao Bei had neither corrosive blood in his body nor blazing fire. [Release Electricity] was also a purely external move that could not affect the inside of his body!

Thus, Wei Xiao Bei had no means of stopping this black ink brush from tunneling into his body.

Was he fated to die here today?

Wei Xiao Bei couldn't help but sigh in his mind at this moment.

However, he quickly reacted. His instincts were not matching the severity of the situation at all. Could the Brush Spirit have managed to deceive even his instincts?

The next moment, an unexpected event occurred!

Wei Xiao Bei received an intention filled with fury in his mind.

It came from the sleeping Life Altar!

The half-burnt ink brush quickly tunneled out of his left palm, as if being chased by a mad dog at the rare. It turned into a black light and attempted to flee from the window.

Of course, Wei Xiao Bei would probably be facing a lot of trouble if he let this black ink brush escape.


A series of shooting sounds rang out. A crack had opened in Wei Xiao Bei's palm and countless tendrils shot forward and filled the entire room.

Naturally, the black brush did not manage to escape the pursuit of so many tendrils. It was instantly bound tightly by the tendrils and dragged back to Wei Xiao Bei's palm.

Wei Xiao Bei finally let out a breath of relief when all the tendrils had retracted back into his palm.

He would be lying if he said he wasn't nervous. Anyone would be feeling something if they were on the brink of death.

At least he managed to escape with his life.

The exhaustion from unleashing electricity at full capacity and the relief from such a tense mental state caused Wei Xiao Bei to fall onto the ground on his ass.

An insuppressible feeling of hunger came from deep within himself. Wei Xiao Bei quickly took out some roast meat from the storage bracelet and started eating.

After suppressing the hunger with some difficulty, he finally turned his attention to the Life Altar.

He had to admit that the Life Altar had saved him this time.

However, the Life Altar's state of deep sleep was meant as a process of evolution. Even though it had managed to catch the Brush Spirit's clone and was devouring it, Wei Xiao Bei was concerned that the fact that it had been awakened might affect its evolution.

Name: Life Altar (Immortal Quality, Damaged)

Description: This object is created as a by-product of the Mutated Farmer's Market condensing divine power. It is currently in a damaged state after multiple reparations.

Effect 1: Devour Flesh. This object can devour flesh that contains energy into its reserves. Storage limit of 30,000.

Effect 2: Gene Absorption and Optimization. This object can absorb genetic information from any creature's flesh, bones, etc. and optimize it to breed creatures.

Effect 3: Breed. After consuming a certain amount of flesh, this object can create twelve different foundational creatures. The foundational creature template can be deleted.

Effect 4: Modulation. After consuming a certain amount of flesh, the foundational creatures could be upgraded.

Effect 5: Enhanced Modulation. After consuming a certain amount of evolution points and a certain amount of flesh, the foundational creatures can receive enhanced modulation and become a new foundational creature.

Effect 6: Bestow. The owner can use up a certain amount of evolution points to bestow a skill to the foundational creature, but only one skill.

Effect 7: Owner Recognition. This item will initially drain a third of the owner's blood. After the recognition is completed, this item will drill into the owner's flesh.

Effect 6: Evolution. This object can evolve by devouring rare quality goods.


Compared to before, the status of the Life Altar had changed. It used to be in a Badly Damaged state and now it was only Damaged. The flesh storage limit had also increased to 30000. This was a massive improvement.

Effect 2 had also gained the word 'Optimize'. Simply put, the gene obtained from flesh or bones would be flawed and missing due to the creature being dead. However, Optimization allowed the Life Altar to make up for this problem to some extent.

The last change was the foundational creature template increasing to twelve total templates. The number of creatures being cultivated at once had also increased to twenty.

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