The Copy Mage Chapter 140

Chapter 140

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"Get out of the way fatty you're so slow" shouts a young male as he pushes my chubby body that was in front of him in the hallway.

"Hahahaha, look at the fatty wobble", "So ugly I would never date him", "URGH, he looks like a slug" ridicule the rest of the students in the corridor who were laughing at the poor me in the front of them.

I shrug my shoulders and lower my head in shame as I continue walking in the corridor.

Yes, that is me, the chubby boy that everybody bullies for a single reason, I am ugly.

Since a young age, I was called many names for my big and deformed nose and extremely thin lips and narrow eyes.

Some would call me a monster, ugly, revolting, you name it, they called me it.

It reached a point that I was called names so much nobody even knew my name. Well, I didn't care anyway and my name, Damian, was given by parents who had turned their back on me, so I also didn't use the name.

My life is hell, my parents don't even wish to see me and just send me money and allow me to do as I please. After years of abuse and segregation, I decided that if people were turning their back on me, I would turn my back on myself and the world.

I gave up on everything. My body became sloppy and fat after not caring and not doing any exercise in the slightest. My grades were the lowest in every class as I would sleep in all lessons and didn't care about my education in the slightest.

I became an outcast, nobody cared about me in the slightest: my family thought of me as a disgrace, students used me as a source of entertainment like a clown, and teachers just ignored me and stopped caring about me and allowed me to do as I please.

Both my parents focused on their high earning careers and haven't seen me in two years. Since the age of 16, my parents had rented a place for me near my school and had sent me a good amount of money to spend on food and clothing.

As I have mostly given up on life, the money I was given would all be spent on comics, novels and games for my gaming consoles. For food, I lived mostly on snacks, take away and soda that bought me the most pleasure in my sad life.

My life was a hell on earth, but after so many years of keeping to myself and not communicating with anybody, I became incredibly awkward and terrible socially, which eventually made it impossible for me to ever return to society or talk to the rare people who do not judge based on appearance.

Continuing out of school, I ignore the slurs and abuse that everyone was hurling at me and walk straight out. After so long of the abuse occurring it just became normal to me and I would just ignore it, it eventually reduced due to them not getting a reaction and it eventually became boring for them.

My home was about a 10-minute walk away from the school, which was the most movement I would go through the whole day. Along the way, I would always go to the pawning store that was near my house.

I didn't have much money left after paying for food, so I would go to the second-hand pawn store that was full of old games, novels and comics that I would always buy.

Walking into the store I receive a smile from the store manager who knew me as a regular customer, but I just look down and walk straight to the games section.

"hmmm, any new games" I mumble as I search through all the games.

Looking through the long rows of games I find one that I didn't recognise.

Lifting up the disk case I found that it had no name and was all black, but it drew me towards it.

"What game is this" I enquire curiously.

It didn't seem like a game and was just an all-black Disk Case that I didn't seem to be able to open, but I took it anyway.

Being bored anyway I see that the price tag was only 5 dollars and I take it to the cashier.

I place the disk in front of the cashier who smiles at me and scans it.

"5 dollars please," she says.

I awkwardly scramble for money and place a 10-dollar bill in front of her and take the disk and run away due to being scared of human interaction.

"Sir you forgot your change" she exclaims, but I just ignored it and I wobble out of the store and run home.

Running for around 30 seconds I reach the place I was staying in and was out of breath and felt like my heart was going to pounce out of my chest and felt as though my lungs were being crushed.

Taking my keys out of my pocket with my clumsy chubby hands, I unlock the door to the building and walk inside.

I lived on the third floor and could take the stairs, but I hated physical activity and waited for the lift.

Ding. The lift doors screech open as a woman with her child walks out and seeing my face gives me a disgusted look and quickly walks off with her child.

Although it hurt my heart to be looked at like a monster, I was used to it and walk into the lift with the black disk case in hand.

As I get into the lift, I press the number 3 button which glows after being pressed and the lift begins to shake and move up slower than usual.

After a few seconds, the lift begins to shake furiously as I grab onto the side handle in fear and scream for help.

The black game disk in my hand dissolved and disappeared and then seemed to be absorbed in by my body and I could feel it swim around the inside of me.

"What the fuck" I scream as I see a game like HUD in front of me.

'You are being transported to another world that focuses on magic and cultivation'.

As this message appears before me the lift shakes even more aggressively as the lights begin to flash.

"Noooooo" I scream as I feel my body being sucked out of the lift and the lift explodes.

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