The Copy Mage Chapter 141

Chapter 2: Transmigration

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"Where am I, what is going on" exclaimed Damian as he opened his eyes and he felt as though was sucked into an empty space.

"You are now in the void where your soul is being held by me" announced a figure that was shrouded in so much light that Damian couldn't see him clearly.

"God" he blurted out reflexively, seeing the figure who was glowing and talking to him after his death.

"Well not exactly, but that isn't important, I have taken your soul out of your body before your death, which I could get into trouble for, but do you consent," he quickly asked hoping not to get in trouble by his superiors.

Damian just ignored him and was used to staying calm under pressure when he used to be embarrassed or bullied in front of groups and would never once have a slight change in his sulking expression.

[So he is a superior being, but isn't a God and has superiors, and seems to want me for something], thought Damian to himself.

With his calm state of mind and limitless imagination due to drowning his sorrows through entertainment, Damian was able to cope with the situation quite easily.

Damian felt that he was in a better position than the figure who was talking to him and felt comfortable talking to him, unlike people, so wanted to get as much information from him as he could.

"Who are you and who are the gods above you and what do you want from me," he asked directly.

Hearing this, the figure that was covered in light instantly dimmed down to form an average-looking middle-aged man.

He had short black hair and was average both in height and size. However, he had an eye patch covering his left eye and was wearing long black robes with a red cape.

"I thought the light would make me look more powerful, but I can't seem to fool you," he said with a wry smile while scratching his head.

"Well I cannot give you any information about the higher beings, but I can tell you that you will be placed in a magical world of cultivation, and you will gain a new body, but your special soul will be the same," he informed to Damian.

Hearing this Damian couldn't help but smile and begin to laugh to himself and he finally felt wanted and important, and not by anyone, but a god.

"I'm special, I'm special" he screamed in joy as he floated around in the void happily.

"Stop it you idiot now is not the time to celebrate, there is one body suitable for you to take over and I need to send you there now," shouted the man frantically.

"I am taking over another body, in a magic world, amazing!" he screamed again in joy.

"Do you wish to keep the memories of your past life or not" interrupted the man as he began to look around him, worried that somebody might be watching.

"Hell no," Damian instantly replied, now pledging to live his life to the best of his ability and didn't want to remember his terrible life.

"You will gain all the previous memories of the previous host and will retain the knowledge that you have taken over his body, but won't remember this encounter, and due to transferring your soul you will retain your will," stated to him the mysterious man.

"You will be transported now" he declared as his eye patch began to glow.

With a wave of the man's arm, Damian felt the same feeling of being sucked into another space.

"Aaaaahhhhhh" screamed Damian as his body and mind was in extreme pain.

He felt that he was in a new body, then suddenly lost consciousness.

[I now have a second chance at life, but I can't remember how I got here and don't remember my old life, but I seem to have all the memories of this body], he thought to himself quite confused.

He felt an undeniable drive to do well and never be looked down upon.

[This body only has one relative, my new loving mother, and I am part of the Maxwell Fire family that are known for their fire soul spirits].

The more he spoke to himself, the more he realised that he knew stuff that he didn't think he knew as he kept rambling on within his mind.

[Soul Spirits are an amalgamation of the soul, talent and will to form an ability or item to be used as a Mage or Fighter mainly].

Continuing to bounce memories and ideas with himself, within his mind, he was gathering and collecting his memories to gain a clearer understanding of his current situation and the new world he had entered.

[I am currently 9 in this body and nearly 10 years old when you awaken your Soul Spirit in the awakening stone in the centre of the family, but even though I am from a powerful family in Aria City, I am bullied and segregated because I am called a bastard and don't have a father].

[I was just beaten up by my cousins in the family who are bullies, and my mother is the daughter of the family head, who is ill and can't control the family, so is abused by her siblings due to her not marrying a royal with her beautiful looks and bringing home a child without].

As he thought this, he felt an extreme hatred from deep in his soul towards the Maxwell Family because of the way him and his mother were being abused.

After collecting his memories properly, he didn't know how long time had been and he felt as though he was in a body but couldn't open his eyes and or move.

Time was passing and Damian didn't know how long it has been, but he now felt that his eyes had loosened and he was now able to open his eyes slightly.

Opening his eyes, he woke up to a beautiful woman watching over him with tears stream down his face in a worry.

"Mother" managed to utter Damian.

"Damian" she screamed in joy seeing Damian awake.

"They said you were dead, but you miraculously came back" she exclaimed in glee as hugged his painful body tightly.

[Time to live a new life and protect my new loving mother], he said to himself as he squirmed in pain due to his mother's tight grip.

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