The Copy Mage Chapter 142

Chapter 3: Overview

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Seeing her son was alive, she couldn't help the tears of joy stream down her face, but her siblings and their children nearby had looks of disgust and hatred.

"The bastard boy lives" mumbled the oldest elder, seeing another male child who will compete with his children over the young family head spot.

"He is probably a trash, father, do not worry" whispered his son that was the same age as Damian and was excited to awaken his Soul Spirit to embarrass Damian in front of everybody.

The current state of the family was very tense.

They were one of the large families in Aria city along with two other families, the Epstein and Ford families, who were also famous for their Soul Spirits within the area.

Aria city is situated in the country of Gobe and is one of the five largest cities along with: Gratis, Rona city, Oswal city and Gama city. The strongest family within the country is the Gobe Royal family who is known for their extremely powerful E:1 Soul Spirits.

Soul Spirits are ranked in both a letter and a number, and the strongest Soul Spirit within the country is the E:1 ranked Soul Spirit. F being the lowest rank while the number descends from 10 to 1, with 1 being the strongest.

All the large families in the large city are all descendants of an E:1 ranked Soul Spirit who formed the country with the royal family, however, over hundreds of years the Soul Spirits are getting more and more diluted over generations.

The Maxwell Fire Family originally had a powerful E:1 Soul Spirit, but as it got diluted so did its power and rank. The current family head who is really ill and can't get out of bed has the E:5 and was a very powerful fighter with a powerful fire Soul Spirit, but was now very ill and was looking for a successor in the youth, who would become the young family head.

Currently, the one to inherit the strongest Soul Spirit from the family head was Damian's mother, who had the E:6 Soul Spirit, with all her other male siblings lacking behind her.

This infuriated them massively and made them extremely jealous.

When a royal prince wanted to marry her, they found it as a perfect opportunity to get rid of her and gain more status and power, but when she ran away and returned with a child it ruined their reputation and gave their children a competitor for the young family head position.

Since then Sarah, Damian's mother, and Damian have been abused and suppressed within the family, and without the family head there most of the time to stop them, her cultivation was slowed because her resources were reduced and her son was abused and bullied by other youths his age and called a bastard.

Walking away, the elders were disappointed that the child wasn't dead, but just walk off.

Currently, based on age and power, there was one great elder and 6 elders.

Sarah was an elder by name, but had no say and was treated as an outer family member and her siblings' envy had led them to prosecute her.

"Tomorrow will be the awakening and we will see who will come out on top," stated the great elder's son proudly as he walked off with his father.

The awakening stone could be used once a year and was used at the beginning of the calendar year, which was also the exact day of Damian's birth.

"Mother it hurts" uttered Damian struggling to get out of his mother's tight hug.

"Sorry Damian," she said warmly as she released Damian and giggled.

Withdrawing a small brown pill from her pocket she placed it in Damian's mouth with a warm smile.

"Tomorrow is your big day to awaken your Soul Spirit, this pill will help you recover quickly" she whispered to him.

She pushed him along the bed slightly and got ready to sleep.

"My little boy has grown up so much," she mumbled as she stroked his head.

[Mother I know how valuable these pills are and I won't let you down], Damian vowed to himself.

Looking around he realised it was already night and his fatigued and injured body was pleading for sleep as the pill started to take effect and he felt a warmth surge throughout his body.

The warmth continued to spread to all around his body and rejuvenated and fuelled his cells.

Hours passed.

"Damian wake up, wake up, you are going to miss the awakening ceremony" exclaimed his mother as she shook him to wake him up.

Waking up from a good nights sleep, Damian felt as if his body was completely recovered and full of energy.

Opening his eyes he wiped them and saw his mother quickly preparing him clothes to wear.

"Damian you are finally awake, I wanted you to recover as much as you could, but there is only half an hour left of the awakening ceremony and if you don't go now, you will have to wait another year and your Soul Spirit might get weakened," she said to him as she placed his best set of clothes on his bed.

"Hurry up and get changed, I am waiting outside to go to the awakening ceremony with you," she called out, as she left his room and closed the door behind her.

[The pill mother gave me is amazing, I feel like I have a whole new body], he thought to himself as he got up and jumped up and down.

Stretching his energetic body, Damian felt great in his new body, despite not knowing what his past body was like.

Although him and his mother were not treated well, they still lived in an average environment and had a small home.

But compared to the manors and mansions that the other elders lived in, it was extremely unfair.

His room was a decent size and had quite a large bed with a wardrobe with clothes and a mirror on the wall.

The clothes his mother prepared for him was a black robe with red stitching that was perfectly tailored to his body.

Putting on the robe and the matching trousers, Damian looked in the mirror for the first time.

Although he had an idea what he looked like through his memories, he hadn't seen it for himself first hand.

He had scruffy and quite long white hair and bright yellow eyes.

He was quite skinny and had very soft features, but was happy with the way he looked.

Walking out of the room with his robes on, he scruffed up his white hair and met up with his mother outside their small home.

"Look at my handsome little boy, now let's go to the awakening ceremony quickly" she stated with a smile as she grabbed his hand and dragged him towards the family centre.

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