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  • The Crown's Obsession

  • Author(s): ash_knight17
  • Genres : Romance -  Comedy -  Mystery -  Strongmalelead -  Dark -  Possessive -  love -  loveatfirstsight -  fantasyromance -  intense
  • Status : Ongoing
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  • Views : 10.6 K
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    The Crown's Obsession20 votes : 4.25 / 5 1

The Crown's Obsession summary:

[Mature content] *No rape* Despite her protests, Madeline Harris is dragged to the Hawthorne’s annual masquerade ball along with her older sister in order to find rich husbands. Madeline gives her best effort to spend the evening unnoticed by anyone, but a silver-masked stranger returns her missing handkerchief before requesting to dance with her. After spending the rest of the evening evading his eager, and arguably aggressive, approach, she returns home only to have a betrothal letter from the King arrive at her house the next day. Enter his Royal Highness Calhoun Hawthrone, the narcissistic and self-obsessed despot of the entire Devon land, the silver-masked stranger, a man who never takes no for an answer because he never had to. Coerced into agreeing to a union with the most selfish and evil man she has ever met, will Madeline find a way to escape his clutches and marry the tailor of her dreams before living the simple life she always desired? Or must she accept becoming the wife and queen of a man who treats people as things? --- "Your bed is cold," spoke a voice in the room that had her eyes go wide in fear. Nervously, she turned around, gulping softly to see a shadow on her bed as if someone laid down there. The man who had been lying down sat up emerging out from the shadows where he had been waiting for her. "What are you doing here?" she asked when his feet touched the ground and he pushed himself up to start walking towards her. His handsome features looked darker than usual because of the lack of light in the room. "I came to meet you," he tilted his head, "Where did you go?" "I went out for a walk," came the quick reply that had him smile, a smile that scared her the most. She took a step back when he came close to her. It didn't stop him from cornering her, and her back hit the wall behind her. He raised his hand towards her face, and she closed her eyes, scared. She shuddered when his fingers trail down from her temple and her jaw and neck. Her blonde hair was left open. "In the middle of the night?" she didn't answer him knowing he could decipher her lies through her words. He stepped closer that had her turn her face away from him and his words vibrated on the skin of her neck, "Did you go to meet him, my sweet girl?" -- Disclaimer: The cover image does not belong to the author

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The Crown's Obsession Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 5562 months ago
Chapter 5552 months ago
Chapter 5542 months ago
Chapter 5532 months ago
Chapter 5522 months ago
Chapter 5512 months ago
Chapter 5502 months ago
Chapter 5492 months ago
Chapter 5482 months ago
Chapter 5472 months ago
Chapter 5462 months ago
Chapter 5452 months ago
Chapter 5442 months ago
Chapter 5432 months ago
Chapter 5422 months ago
Chapter 5412 months ago
Chapter 5402 months ago
Chapter 5392 months ago
Chapter 5382 months ago
Chapter 5372 months ago
Chapter 5362 months ago
Chapter 5352 months ago
Chapter 5342 months ago
Chapter 5332 months ago
Chapter 5322 months ago
Chapter 5312 months ago
Chapter 5302 months ago
Chapter 5292 months ago
Chapter 5282 months ago
Chapter 5272 months ago
Chapter 5262 months ago
Chapter 5252 months ago
Chapter 5242 months ago
Chapter 5232 months ago
Chapter 5222 months ago
Chapter 5212 months ago
Chapter 5202 months ago
Chapter 5192 months ago
Chapter 5182 months ago
Chapter 5172 months ago
Chapter 5162 months ago
Chapter 5152 months ago
Chapter 5142 months ago
Chapter 5132 months ago
Chapter 5122 months ago
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