The Days Of Being In A Fake Marriage With The Ceo Chapter 715

Chapter 715 Unknown Territory 5


Last night, that child from the Gong family called to say that they had not even eaten.

She had yet to eat and had only come out today. It looked like their relationship was almost over.

Since ancient times, husband and wife had always fought at the head of the bed and at the end of the bed.

“It shouldn’t be a big deal, but Junyan is still a little angry. I need to placate him,” Mu Huan said awkwardly.

“That’s right. You have to coax him well. This child has always been a tsundere since he was young. When he was unhappy when he was young, he would never say anything and would never say what he wanted. He would always want people to guess. Once there’s something that was not as good as what he wanted, he would have all sorts of dark expressions. You don’t know how tired I was when I was coaxing him!” Whenever Meng Yueman thought about it, she’d break down in tears.

Mu Huan: “Yes, he’s too proud and coquettish!”

Mu Huan felt that her husband was indeed a tsundere. Usually, when you talked to him, he would only reply with a “mm” and you’d have to guess what he was thinking. What more when he was angry? He was like a thousand-year-old iceberg. Not only was he unhappy, but he also had a cold expression on his face.

“This is all your father’s fault. Your father’s personality is also like this. It’s completely inherited! You can blame your father, but don’t blame Junyan. He didn’t want to be born with such a personality.” As Meng Yueman spoke, she looked at Bo Dingjing with a face full of blame!

Bo Dingjing: “”

Was this what it meant to be shot in the foot?

He’d been so harmless that even a lukewarm breakfast could burn him.

Mu Huan: “”

“Cousin usually dotes on you so much, yet he’s this angry with you. You must have done something wrong, yet you still have the cheek to blame Cousin for being arrogant!” Huo Li snorted.

Last night, he did not attend Gong Zeye’s birthday banquet and did not know what had happened. He only blamed Mu Huan instinctively.

Before Mu Huan could say anything else, Meng Yueman said, “Huo Li, eat your food. Once you’re full, go upstairs!”

Huo Yuqi looked at Huo Li. Who asked him to look for trouble for no reason?! Would he not be able to get over it if he didn’t cause trouble for her?

Huo Li’s lips twitched. His sister had completely betrayed him.

“Am I wrong? It’s not like you don’t know Cousin’s temper, Aunt. With his personality, how could he be so easily angered? Especially given how he usually dotes on his wife!” Huo Li’s tone was very serious when he said the word “dotes.”

Let them think about how Bo Junyan usually doted on his wife. Mu Huan must have done something wrong to make him so angry!

Meng Yueman was already very curious about what had happened between Mu Huan and Bo Junyan. Now that she’d heard her nephew’s words, she was even more curious about what Mu Huan had done to make her son so angry. Hence, she asked curiously, “Xiao Huan, what happened between you and Junyan?”

After asking, she felt that something was amiss and quickly added, “I don’t mean anything else. I just want to show some concern for you guys. It’s fine even if you don’t want to tell me!”

Although she was curious, it was just as her husband had said. It was better for them not to get involved in the matters between the youngsters.

Mu Huan felt that there was nothing she couldn’t say. Besides, she had already made Bo Junyan so angry by not telling him. She didn’t want her in-laws to accidentally see her manly side one day and be so shocked that they wouldn’t be able to accept her as their daughter-in-law anymore. Hence, she said, “Yesterday, my friend was abducted by a client she offended when she was working part-time. When I went to save her and fought with someone to do so, Junyan saw me. He didn’t know that I knew how to fight, so he was very angry.”

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