The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 739

Chapter 742 It's Unscientific

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Chapter 742 It’s Unscientific

From the beginning of the debate, he was already at a disadvantage. Now he could only act shamelessly and insist that traditional Chinese medicine was unscientific, or he would have already suffered a crushing defeat.

Qin Haodong sneered and flicked the index finger of his left hand. A rush of invisible air whooshed through Lou Zhiping. There was a clicking sound and his left leg suddenly snapped in two places.


Lou Zhiping uttered a heartrending cry and found that his leg was already bent in a V-shape. He pointed at Qin Haodong and shouted, “How dare you hit me? You can’t outargue me, so you broke my leg. Shame on you! Shame on your traditional Chinese doctors!”

Lou Zhiping was in great pain, but for the 20 million bonus, he did not give up and played his trump card.

Qin Haodong spread his hands and said, “Mr. Lou, I guess you’ve wronged me. I’m sitting opposite you and everyone present can see it. When did I break your leg? It’s unscientific according to your theory.”

At the same time, Lou Zhiping’s other leg also snapped.

The reporters and students present were totally confused. What on earth was going on?

Everyone saw clearly that Lou Zhiping was sitting alone on the debate platform and there was no one around him. Qin Haodong did not do anything special. How did his leg snap?

“I get it. It must be divine punishment. He must have been punished by God for all the evil things he had done…”

“You’re right. Lou is always talking nonsense and I really don’t like him. Thank God his leg snapped. I’m quite happy now…”

Lou Zhiping, who was on the stage, could not stand the pain anymore. He shouted crazily, “Where’s the doctor? Hurry up and save me.”

Seeing the debate suddenly turning into a farce, Wan Taisong who was seated among the audience told the two doctors next to him, “Take him away and send him to the Central Hospital!”

Hearing that he was to be sent to the Central Hospital dozens of kilometers away, Lou Zhiping immediately protested, “We’re at the college of traditional Chinese medicine and there must be Chinese medicine practitioners here! Hurry and fix my legs. I’m going to die of pain.”

Wan Taisong sneered, “Mr. Lou, you’ve just stated that traditional Chinese medicine is witchcraft and it’s unscientific. How can we treat you? What if we kill you by accident? We Chinese medicine practitioners can’t afford to take the blame.”

Then he waved his hand and two medical staff from the college carried a stretcher to the debate platform and took Lou Zhiping away.

One party in the debate got injured and the debate was about to come to an end. The reporters put away their cameras and the students present were also about to leave.

“Wait a minute.”

At this moment, Qin Haodong stopped them. Under their surprised gazes, he took out a remote control and turned on the big screen in the venue.

The big screen lit up and everyone saw a video clip.

The video clip was not too long lasting about a minute or so and it showed the video call between Lou Zhiping and Mora.

After watching the video clip, everyone present immediately understood what had happened. They all felt strong anger at Lou’s behavior.

It turned out that Lou Zhiping, who had always regarded himself as a scientific guard, was actually the westerner’s stooge. He engaged in today’s debate for the 20 million bonus.

Then, Qin Haodong showed the information he selected last night on the big screen, revealing all the bad things Lou Zhiping had done for the past years.

The reporters had been quite disappointed that the debate was unfinished, but at the sight of these materials, they immediately became excited. They kept taking pictures and videos with their cameras.

After exposing all the truth about Lou Zhiping, Qin Haodong turned off the big screen and said to the audience, “Did you see that? To be honest, I also felt oppressed when I saw these materials because we Chinese medicine practitioners are struggling in a tough situation.

“This is my third debate about traditional Chinese medicine. The first was in the exchange forum between Huaxia and Japan. At that time, the Japanese claimed that they learned the medical skills from our Huaxia people, but now they are stronger than us and the practice of traditional Chinese medicine in Huaxia has already declined.

“The second one was held at Shanghai Medical College. The other side was the Koryo doctors. They said that traditional Chinese medicine had its origins in Koryo because traditional Chinese medicine had declined and was not as prosperous as Koryo medicine.

“This is my third debate and the other side is a Huaxia native who desperately tried to slander traditional Chinese medicine. He was a traitor who worked for other countries.

“From these three debates, we can see that traditional Chinese medicine is facing internal and external problems and it’s very difficult for us to move forward.

“Why did those people give Lou Zhiping money and ask him to discredit traditional Chinese medicine? Of course, they wouldn’t do it for nothing. Their ultimate purpose is to occupy the huge medical market of Huaxia.

“If we take less traditional Chinese medicine, we will have to buy more western medicine and these people will of course gain endless profits.

“They’re eager to remove traditional Chinese medicine from Huaxia one day. At that time, Huaxia will become the world of western medicine. They can raise the price of medicine unscrupulously and take our money legally through the pharmaceutical industry. We’ll be their slaves and they can enslave us without restraint.

“In fact, there is no winner in today’s debate. It’s actually a warning for us.

“As a Chinese medicine practitioner, I hope that from today on, all of us will support our medical skills. Don’t believe in the rumors because those behind it have ulterior motives. Only by developing traditional Chinese medicine can we save more compatriots and live better lives!”

“Mr. Qin, you’re right! We’re on your side!”

“Traditional Chinese medicine is the core of our culture! Long live traditional Chinese medicine! We’re all for Chinese medicine practitioners!”

"Come on, Mr. Qin! We all support traditional Chinese medicine because we’re Huaxia people…”

The enthusiasm of the masses ran high and everyone was cheering for Qin Haodong and traditional Chinese medicine.

At the same time, after watching the live broadcast, all the netizens started to condemn Lou Zhiping. All his 10 million fans had turned against him and began to curse this traitor.

The police also took action. According to the information provided by Qin Haodong, they brought Lou Zhiping to justice.

So far, this debate on traditional Chinese medicine ended successfully with the victory of TCM and Qin Haodong also became the hero of the entire Imperial Medical College and the hero of thousands of Huaxia people.

After the debate, Qin Haodong gave another lesson and then left the Imperial Medical College.

He came to Su Hui’s clinic and the two of them had a simple lunch and then worked together to treat patients in the afternoon.

Every time he showed up in public, he would use an illusion to slightly alter his face, so no one recognized that this young doctor was the hero of traditional Chinese medicine on the Internet. Everyone lined up for treatment in an orderly manner.

About two o’clock, all the patients had already left and a middle-aged man in his 40s came in.

This man was dressed in plain clothes and looked quite suburban and honest. He seemed to be a typical farmer.

He walked inside with a canvas bag in his hand and said, “Who’s the owner of the clinic, please?”

Su Hui had just graduated from college and was not familiar with any of the dirty tricks played by tricksters in the society. At the sight of the man’s plain clothes, she immediately had a good impression of him. She asked, “Do you want to see a doctor?”

The middle-aged man said, “Ah, you’re the boss here. I am not here to see a doctor.”

Su Hui said in surprise, “Then what can I do for you?”

“Miss, I come from the northeast and I collect herbs for a living. A few days ago, I found hundred-year-old ginseng. I thought that the doctors in my hometown might mistake it for an ordinary herb, so I came here to try my luck.

“Could you please take a look and tell me how much it is worth? It doesn’t matter if you don’t want it. I just want you to estimate its price. You can see that I’m not well-educated and I’m afraid of being cheated.”

The middle-aged man took out a red cloth bag as he spoke.

Qin Haodong had been observing this guy silently. He had already noticed that there was something shifty about this man. Although he looked quite honest, there was a certain slyness in his eyes.

Su Hui could not spot it, but Qin Haodong was not deceived by his appearance. This man would not cause much trouble with Qin staying here with Su Hui.

“Really? Hundred-year-old ginseng? I need it now. If it’s really hundred-year-old ginseng, I can offer a reasonable price.”

As she spoke, she took the red cloth and opened it carefully.

There was something similar to ginseng inside and it looked nearly the same as ginseng. Su Hui was brought up by Su Hongbo and had seen some hundred-year-old ginsengs. So she was good at identifying medicinal materials.

She held the ‘100-year-old ginseng’ and first checked its color carefully and sniffed it. Then she put it on the table and said, “I’m sorry, but I can’t buy it.”

Before leaving home, she had learned some rules of buying medicinal materials from Su Hongbo. Even if she could see that there was something wrong with the medicinal materials, she should not point it out on the spot. She just needed to turn down the deal.

Qin Haodong nodded secretly. It was not ginseng, but something carved with roots. It just looked like ginseng, so it must be made by some experts.

The middle-aged man said, “It doesn’t look very good, but it’s truly an ancient ginseng and I collected it from the remote mountains all by myself. You’re a good person, so how about I sell it to you for 200,000 yuan?”

Su Hui shook her head and said, “I’m sorry, but I don’t need it.”

“Please don’t do that. It’s quite troublesome for me to come here. Well, I can reduce the price. How about 150,000 yuan?”

Su Hui still shook her head and the middle-aged man gritted his teeth as if he was very unwilling to reduce the price once again. “How about this?100,000 yuan! As long as you give me 100,000 yuan, this 100-year-old ginseng will be yours.”

“Miss, please trust me. You can definitely make a fortune. You can sell it at a higher price.”

“I’m sorry, but you’d better sell it to someone else.”

Then Su Hui wrapped up the ginseng which was carved out of roots and handed it back to the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man realized that Su Hui had already seen that this was a fake. His face immediately clouded.

“Forget it. I’ll sell it to someone else. I can definitely get a higher price.”

Then he opened the cloth bag again and pretended to check his ginseng. Suddenly he shouted with an exaggerated look, “Where’s my ginseng? It’s not my ginseng.”

He put down the cloth bag, pointed at Su Hui and cried, “Little girl, I thought you were a good person. But why did you take away my 100-year-old ginseng? Give it to me! Or I won’t let you off today.”

Su Hui was shocked at first and then said anxiously, “I… I didn’t touch your ginseng at all. How could I have taken it secretly? Besides, it’s not ginseng at all. It’s a fake…”

“Nonsense! You’re bullying me because I’m a farmer from the remote mountains. I collected the ginseng myself. How could it be fake?”

Hearing the row, all the patients who had just left the clinic and the passers-by came over. The middle-aged man immediately burst into tears at the sight of these people.

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