The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 773

Chapter 776 Krait

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Chapter 776 Krait

The dozens of villagers were obviously used to this kind of path. Although they carried hundreds of kilograms of equipment on their shoulders, they were still walking fast and soon disappeared in front of them.

At the beginning, these experts were still very excited. They walked and stopped, enjoying the scenery around them, and kept taking pictures with cameras and mobile phones in their hands.

But after walking for about a kilometer, these people were completely dumbfounded. All of them were panting and sweating. They looked exhausted and no longer were in the mood to take photos. They all put away their mobile phones.

Qin Haodong was the only one in the group of experts who had a leisurely look on his face. This was nothing for a Saint-level master.

As a reporter, Kathaway had been running around all year round. In addition, she usually paid attention to health care, so she had a good physical quality. She had been following Qin Haodong all the time, asking questions.

Of course, it was not convenient for Qin Haodong to tell her more about Oxhorn Village, so he told her about traditional Chinese medicine. She was also very interested in this kind of medical skill, which she had never heard of, so she was very interested in it.

In contrast, Su Hui’s physical strength was not as good as that of Kathaway’s. After walking for a while, she was already sweating profusely.

Qin Haodong said with pity, “You must be tired. How about letting me carry you on my back?”

Su Hui said, “How can you do that? You’re also very tired.”

“Do you think I’m tired?”

Qin Haodong squatted down with a smile and carried Su Hui on his back without saying anything. Even if there was one more person, it wouldn’t affect his speed at all. He and Su Hui became the first group of the team with the guide from Wangshan Village and Kathaway.

Kathaway followed behind him and exclaimed, “Qin, you’re amazing. You’re so good to your girlfriend.”

Qin Haodong said with a smile, “It’s one of the characteristics of the men in Huaxia.”

“Really? Then I’ll find a boyfriend from Huaxia in the future.”

They walked forward while talking and laughing. Unexpectedly, it was Sun Fengqing who followed them. Although this old man was over 70 years old, his physical quality was no worse than that of young people because he usually liked to practice.

Although Sun Bowei followed closely behind his grandfather, he was sweating profusely and was not as relaxed as Sun Fengqing.

As for Zhuo Bufan and Zhao Meng, the two doctors of Western medicine, they were even worse. Being experts and professors, they were used to being pampered. After taking a few steps, they began to feel sore in the waist and legs and kept following the team at the back.

Dong Anna was also exhausted. She looked at Su Hui, who was lying on Qin Haodong’s back, with envy. It would be great if someone could carry her on his back.

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but look back at Zhao Meng. But at this time, Zhao Meng was panting like a cow and sweating profusely. He almost had his tongue stuck out. He couldn’t help anyone at all.

“Useless thing.”

Dong Anna cursed and could only try her best to walk forward.

“Qin, your physical strength is really good.”

Kathaway spoke with admiration.

She was full of curiosity about this Eastern man. He looked weak and gentle, but he was stronger than a fitness champion.

The guide also said, “Yes, you are in good health and are no worse than us mountain people.”

When a middle-aged man with a face full of the vicissitudes of life saw that Qin Haodong could still follow him with ease with a woman on his back, he was full of admiration.

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “It’s nothing. In fact, my girlfriend is too light.”

The middle-aged guide man nodded in agreement and said, “The girls in the city are too slim. With such a body, they couldn’t find a husband in our village.”

Every place had its opinion about values and spouses. In their village, everyone had to do heavy work. Therefore, the stronger a woman was, the more popular she would be, and the easier it would be for her to find a husband.

Qin Haodong turned to Su Hui on his back and said with a smile, “Did you hear that? In the future, you should eat more and become stronger.”

“I don’t want that.”

Su Hui paid attention to her figure. Whenever she got a little fat, she would lose weight immediately. She could not accept such aesthetic views from this village.

They chatted and laughed as they walked. After more than an hour, they had almost walked half of the way.

At this moment, Zhuo Bufan, who was standing behind them, cried out weakly, “Sir, let’s take a break. We really can’t move anymore.”

After that, he and Zhao Meng sat down on a rock next to them, gasping for breath.

The tour guide turned around and said helplessly, “Everyone can take a break, but don’t waste too much time. There are many wild beasts in our mountain. There are wild wolves, leopards, and black bears. It’s fine now, but once it gets dark, it’ll be dangerous here.”

Guo Tao rubbed his ankle in pain and complained, “What a terrible place this is. I won’t come back again even if I’m beaten to death.”

Zhao Meng took out a bottle of mineral water from his backpack, opened the lid, and handed it to Zhuo Bufan. “Director, drink some water.”

Zhuo Bufan drank half of the water in one breath and returned the remaining half to Zhao Meng. Zhao Meng took it and drank up the rest of the water in one breath.

Qin Haodong put Su Hui down. They didn’t look tired at all. They were laughing and taking photos.

Zhuo Bufan was furious. He didn’t know how this guy did it. He didn’t feel tired at all even though he carried a woman on his back for such a long time.

Knowing what he was thinking, Zhao Meng said, “Director, he’s just a man with a good physical quality. He’s actually a rough man. What can he do here?

“When we arrive at the place, they need us to treat the patients.”

Zhuo Bufan agreed and nodded hard. In their eyes, a man like Qin Haodong, who had not finished his studies in a university, was a rough man.

From the bottom of his heart, he also felt that the reason why Qin Haodong could join the expert team was completely because of Shao Weimin’s relationship. In order to deal with this crisis, they still needed to rely on doctors like them.

They were secretly indulging in their illusion. Suddenly they heard a scream from the side.

Everyone looked in the direction of the sound and saw that it was Dong Anna who was screaming. Next to her, a yellow and black snake instantly crept into the grass beside her.

When the tour guide saw the snake, he immediately shouted nervously, “Be careful, everyone! This is a Krait. It’s very venomous.”

After hearing the tour guide’s cry, Dong Anna cried out miserably, “Help me! Help me! I was bitten by the snake just now.”

At this time, there were two small holes on her left ankle where the Krait had bitten her.

The Krait was indeed extremely poisonous as the tour guide had said. At this moment, the skin around the two small holes swiftly turned black. After a while, the entire ankle became black.

And the black color did not stop, slowly spreading up at a speed visible to the naked eye.

At this time, Dong Anna was so scared that she didn’t know what to do. She knew that the more vicious a snake was, the less pain it would cause. At this time, she didn’t feel any pain on her ankle.

At first, she felt a little numb, but later she didn’t even feel it, as if the foot was not hers at all.

She hurriedly shouted at Zhuo Yifan, “Doctor Zhuo, aren’t you a world-famous medical expert? Aren’t you a doctor who has studied abroad? Hurry up and save me! Hurry up and save me! I’m going to die!”

Seeing this situation, Zhuo Yifan was completely dumbfounded. Indeed, his medical skills were very good, but the best way to deal with this kind of snake poison was to inject a serum to resist the poison.

But this place was so remote that they didn’t even have the most basic medical equipment, let alone the anti-venom serum.

Seeing that Dong Anna was asking for help, although he was also anxious, he could do nothing but say, “There is nothing here, and I have no idea.”

“Ah? Doctor Zhuo, you can’t watch me die like this. I’m less than 30 years old this year!” Dong Anna shouted. She suddenly remembered the plot in a TV series. Once somebody was bitten by a venomous snake, there would be hope for them to survive if the venomous blood was sucked out.

She said to Zhao Meng, “Zhao Meng, help me suck out the poisonous blood as soon as possible. Then I will be saved.”

The reason why she chose Zhao Meng to help her was that they had a special friendship in the bathroom of the plane, and they were much closer to each other than others.

Seeing that Dong Anna had asked him to help her, Zhao Meng took two steps back and said awkwardly, “I’m sorry, Anna. The venom of this kind of snake is too strong. If I help you suck it, not only will it not save you, but it will kill me.”

Although a man like him was lustful, his life was still the most important thing in his mind. He would never sacrifice his life to save another.

Seeing that he didn’t help her, Dong Anna scolded him angrily, “Bastard, when you were happy with me yesterday, why didn’t you worry about getting yourself involved?”

No matter how she shouted, Zhao Meng would not help her. He quickly hid behind Zhuo Bufan.

Zhuo Bufan was also very anxious. This time, he led the team out. Before they even arrived at the rescue place, he had lost one of his team members before the battle began. When he returned to the Ministry of Health, there would be no way to explain it.

Even if they solved the virus in Oxhorn Village in the end, it would be useless for them to go back. Moreover, Dong Anna came here to gain experience, and her family had a strong background. It would be very troublesome if she were to die here.

He suddenly had an idea and said to the tour guide next to him, “Brother, you should have a way to deal with snake venom, right? Do you have any medicine?”

The tour guide said, “We usually pay special attention to poisonous snakes and rarely get bitten. Even if we do get bitten, we will go to find the Chinese medicine doctor, Doctor Zhang, in the village. He can help detoxify us.

“But this place is too far away from the village, and the venom of the Krait is strong. I’m afraid that it won’t work before we get back to the village. You’d better think of another way.”


Zhuo Bufan’s face was full of disappointment when he saw that the tour guide couldn’t do anything about it.

At this time, Ye Liying said, “Group leader, Doctor Zhang can cure the snake venom. There are four Chinese medicine doctors in our team, and two of them are masters of Chinese medicine. They will definitely save Little Dong.”

“Yes!” After Ye Liying’s reminder, Zhuo Bufan remembered that he also brought traditional Chinese medicine with him. However, he didn’t want to ask Qin Haodong for help. He walked up to Sun Fengqing and said, “Old man, it’s a matter of life and death. Please think of a way!”

Sun Bowei said, “What’s wrong with you, doctor? Isn’t Western medicine so awesome? Can’t you even cure the snake venom?

“Didn’t you just say on the plane that our doctors of Chinese medicine are useless? Why are you begging us now?”


Zhuo Bufan was speechless. If it wasn’t about Dong Anna’s life or death, he really would have left. But now he didn’t dare to do so, so he could only look at Sun Fengqing with a pleading face.

Sun Fengqing ignored him and turned to look at Qin Haodong.

“Little Brother Qin, what do you think?”

Qin Haodong knew that the old man was not asking him whether he could save Dong Anna, but he wanted to give himself a try.

He said, “According to the records of our ancient Chinese medicine books, all things complement each other and restrain each other. Wherever poison appears, there must be an antidote within seven steps.

“Although these words are a little exaggerated, there must be some medicine nearby that can cure the venom of the Krait.”

A look of approval flashed across Sun Fengqing’s face. He nodded and said, “Little Brother Qin, thank you for your hard work then.”

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