The Divine Martial Stars Chapter 631

Chapter 632 Ghost Seer

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Chapter 632 Ghost Seer

“Turns out that you are the backer of the Two sages of the Bone Sacred Mountain, haha.” Holy Sage Flying Light gazed at the young and mysterious ponytailed girl carrying a sword and a broadsword and said, “You are quite young. Are you also a wandering soul from another planet?”

“Cut the crap.” The girl carrying a sword and a broadsword swung her ponytail proudly.

She held the sword and broadsword cross each other before her chest, and the broadsword light and the sword shadow burst out.

“Junior, you are being too arrogant.” For a moment, Holy Sage Flying Light could not figure out the origin of this mysterious ponytailed girl. He had just had a taste of the power of the girl’s sword and broadsword, so he knew he could not think little of her. Thus, he continued to probe by keeping the conversation going.

Although the battle strength displayed by the Two Sages of the Bone Sacred Mountain was beyond the expectations of the Holy Sages, nevertheless, everything was still under their control. Yet, the appearance of this mysterious ponytailed girl carrying a sword and a broadsword now made him, one of the three Holy Sages, vaguely feel a little uneasy.

This kind of uneasiness derived from a sense of uncertainty that things might have begun to become unpredictable and uncontrollable.

The blurry figure of Holy Sage Flying Light turned into nothingness, evading the attack of the broadsword light and sword shadow. Then, it split into two, two into four, four into eight… until there were thousands of the same shadow in the void, which immediately went at the mysterious ponytailed girl, drowning her in the wild shadows.

“Sword, defend!”

The ponytailed girl looked cold and solemn.

The sword in her right hand turned into a sword light and zoomed around, clearing all the attacks within a radius of 10 meters. It was as if she had built herself a sword light domain.

The shadows all over the sky were surging, and it was impossible for them to get close to the ponytailed girl.

“Broadsword, attack!” the girl called out.

The broadsword in her left hand released a ray of Broadsword as mighty as the solar gale.

“Swish, swish!”

The rampant torrent of shadows all over the sky was directly divided into two parts.

Before the torrent of shadows dispersed, the broadsword light that had lit up the sky quickly gushed out as though the sea water encroachment was happening in heaven.

“Nice broadsword-using method.”

The blurry figure of Holy Sage Flying Light reappeared as the countless shadows once again combined into one.

He raised his left and right palms. The black, sinister light swirling in his palms like two vortexes instantly expanded and turned into two colossal whirlpools like black holes in the universe. As he clenched his palms, the dazzling broadsword got completely sucked into the black whirlpools and sent to some unknown space.

“Pity that you can’t hurt me.” He looked at the ponytailed girl. The expression on his blurry face was indiscernible. He continued, “You fight with a broadsword in the left hand and a sword in the right. But I haven’t heard of any masters or sects on the Ghost Rally Star that cultivate both the art of broadsword and the art of sword. So, who are you on earth?”

“I’m the one who had stepped over your head.”

The ponytailed girl was as proud as a snow-white lotus on the mountaintop overlooking the mortal world.

As soon as she finished speaking, she wielded her sword and broadsword again.

She used the sword to defend and the broadsword to attack. The wonderful coordination of the sword and the broadsword could be said to be flawless.

Both of the sword and the broadsword were quite large and heavy, which were almost the same size as the ponytailed girl.

The slender girl simultaneously wielded the sword and the broadsword, which made people worried that her delicate body would collapse under the weight of the giant pair of weapons at any time. In particular, her white and fine arms looked so thin that it was only logical that she could not bear the weight of the sword and the broadsword.

Regardless, the girl continued to dance in glint and flash of the sword and broadsword. Her movements were elegant, carrying a kind of intoxicating beauty.

She didn’t seem to be fighting.

Instead, she appeared to be dancing.

For the moment, numerous ghost cultivators were fascinated by this girl’s fighting dance.

It felt quite absurd.

Even the ghost cultivators who were on the same team with the Three Divine Sects, such as Niu Ben and the head of the Lost Land, couldn’t help but grow a kind of affection toward the girl at this time. They also involuntarily began to pray for this fairy-like girl in black, wishing that she would not be harmed.

The smile on Li Mu’s face grew broader and broader.

“Now we meet again, I can’t believe you’ve grown so much.”

The broadsword-using method the girl had employed was the one passed onto her by Li Mu, and the sword-using method she had adopted was taught by Yu Hualong.

When the sword and the broadsword met, their power doubled.

Were this sword and the broadsword the embodiment of her longing for the two of them?

Because she missed them so much, she could dance with the sword and the broadsword, eclipsing heaven and earth and holding so many ghost cultivators mesmerized in her dance.

The young girl’s achievement had far exceeded Li Mu’s imagination.

She had found her own path.

Li Mu was sincerely gratified.

At the same time, Li Mu also noted that just like the swords of the Two Sages, the sword and the broadsword in the hands of the ponytailed girl were also made of jade-colored stone.

The stone seemed to be a very peculiar material. Li Mu had never seen it before. It was not metal, but it had metal-like features.

The blades of the sword and the broadsword were both engraved with Taoist magic inscriptions, which were the same as the inscriptions on the swords of the Two Sages. It was the old faker’s Taoist magic art.

Seeing this, Li Mu finally figured it out.

Back then, he had taught the girl the modified version of the Xiantian Skill as well as some Taoist magic arts.

The Taoist magic inscriptions on the sword and the broadsword must have been carved by that girl.

The Two Sages, together with the ponytailed girl, fought against the three Holy Sages. The two parties gradually reached an impasse.

To the ghost cultivators on the Ghost Rally Star, this was undoubtedly an epic battle that could be recorded in history.

It had been more than 10,000 years since the three Holy Sages last appeared and battled like this. However, this time, they were unable to crush their opponents as the ghost cultivators had surmised.

The foundation and trump cards of the Bone Sacred Mountain were indeed astounding and incredible.

“Is a new era really around the corner?”

Many ghost cultivators in league with the Three Divine Sects had similar questions in their minds.

Holy Sage Flying Light could transform into thousands of different forms and go back and forth between substantial and virtual at his will. Therefore, he was immune to ordinary attacks. It could be said that he was basically impossible to kill. However, he felt threatened in the face of this pair of jade-colored stone sword and broadsword, which carried the ghost-suppressing power. He did not dare to be careless. Even if he turned into nothingness, he might still be hurt and weakened if he bore a sword strike.

Li Mu watched the battle quietly.

But in the meantime, strange changes were occurring in his body.

The natural qi of the Xiantian Skill was running of its own accord. Although others could not sense it at all, Li Mu could clearly feel that the Xiantian Skill had broken free from the previous shackles. The Breathing Skill had evolved from the fourth to the fifth level. The primitive natural qi was also flowing in the meridians. Some subtle meridians that could not be detected by him before, as well as some parts of his body that could not be nurtured by the old natural qi, began to be filled up.

Even with Li Mu’s current physical strength, he still felt his body was swelling.

He tried his best to restrain his aura so as to avoid being discovered by the surrounding ghost cultivators.

He sensed that the “True Self” walking on the bridge of the Divine Bridge in his Sea of Consciousness in his brain had undergone strange changes. It seemed to have gained a touch of vigor, and its outline and facial expression were a bit more distinct. Although there were still no perceptible facial features and expressions, anyway, it had grown more and more like a living creature.

In particular, on the forehead of the “True Self”, a strange vertical eye gradually opened.

At the same time, the vertical eye between Li Mu’s eyebrows also went through bizarre changes.

When his vertical eye had been cultivated to the level of the Eye of Thunderbolts, it could emit destructive thunderbolts to simulate a Heavenly Tribulation. But in battles, Li Mu seldom used it in that the Eye of Thunderbolts had the power to kill opponents at the same level as he was. However, during the past few weeks, Li Mu’s opponents were all strong enemies in higher realms, whom Li Mu had blown up relying on his physical strength. Thus, the Eye of Thunderbolts was of little use in those battles.

At this time, there was a vortex of thunderbolts swirling in Li Mu’s vertical eye. It looked like small twinkling stars were gathering before finally being condensed into a nebula vortex, as if it were the eye of the universe. The bizarre pupil now seemed to have contained a universe itself.

A piece of mysterious and profound information was revolving in Li Mu’s mind.

“It’s the Eye of Flaws!” Li Mu said under his breath.

Beside him, Elder Zhen Ye in the Ghost General Realm, asked, “What did you say?”

Li Mu shook his head and did not answer.

Yet, excitement was welling up in his heart.

The intendment of the fifth level of Xiantian Skill turned out to be the Eye of Flaws.

During the previous times Li Mu opened his Third Eye, he had noticed that in addition to attacking power, the Third Eye also had the power to see through illusions, spot changes, and foresee the enemy’s advance. But that power was kind of fuzzy. Li Mu couldn’t exercise absolute control over it. It was sort of like an animal instinct.

But this time, as if passing genes onto the next generation, the Eye of Flaws directly brought the intendment of martial arts into Li Mu’s mind.

After taking a brief time to get used to it, Li Mu opened his Third Eye again and looked at the ongoing battle in the sky.

What he saw was completely different.

The three Holy Sages’ Cultivation Methods and fighting styles suddenly became clear in Li Mu’s eyes. And the key change was that he could now capture the flaws in these moves and Cultivation Methods in an instant, and ways of dealing with the moves would quickly pop up in his mind.

The so-called “Eye of Flaws” had the power to see through flaws.

And this kind of power could obviously work on opponents in much higher realms, unlike the Eye of Thunderbolts, which could only kill enemies in the equal realm.

To be able to spot flaws was a true divine ability.

It was also a terrifying divine ability.

Li Mu looked up and observed for a while. Soon, he was fully aware of the flaws in the Cultivation Methods and fighting styles of the three Holy Sages.

“It’s about time to end this battle.”

Li Mu was about to say something to break the deadlock for the Two Sages and the ponytailed girl.

Right at this moment

Abruptly, dense Ghost Qi began to swirl in the sky.

An unexpected change occurred.

The Ghost Qi seemed to have been crushed and tossed out by something high up in the sky, which was rolling like boiling water.

Then, a huge black face materialized out of thin air.

This face was inconceivably big, nearly covering the sky within thousands of miles. The black Ghost Qi formed every expression on this face. The undulating muscles on the face were like mountains hanging upside down. The eyes were as dark and deep as the abyss. The bridge of the nose was like the highest mountain range. And the mouth was as large as a vast ocean.

How gigantic!

It was incredibly huge.

The face was wearing a hair-raising, strange expression, which made it seem ghastly and cold. It was looking down at the earth like an emotionless doom-bringer.

Against the swirling Ghost Qi vortex, the huge face looked even more terrifying.

When all of the ghost cultivators saw this, their hearts couldn’t help but tremble. It was as if this face could directly swallow the entire planet if it wanted.

The hundreds of thousands of ghost cultivators on the scene, including the three Holy Sages, looked as small as grains of sand in the wind in front of this face.

“This still isn’t over yet?” the absurd huge face opened its mouth and asked.

“Ghost Seer, why are you here?” Holy Sage Flying Light demanded in a booming voice as soon as he saw the face.

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