The Divine Martial Stars Chapter 632

Chapter 633 Taking Action

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Chapter 633 Taking Action

“Ghost Seer?”

Li Mu’s heart gave a jolt.

Previously, Holy Sage Flying Light had also mentioned this figure once.

“Ghost Seer is the Grand Chancellor of the Three Divine Sects. He is also a ghost cultivator who has the ability to divine the secrets of heaven. He is extremely mysterious. However, words on the street are that he is a person who serves the three Holy Sages. How come…” Elder Zhen Ye in the Ghost General Realm looked up at the huge face in the sky, which was like a demonic god. He was extremely appalled.

“He serves the three Holy Sages?”

Li Mu shook his head dismissively.

“I’m afraid the three Holy Sages are serving Ghost Seer instead.”

The pressure and threat that the huge face in the sky had imposed on Li Mu were far beyond those the three Holy Sages had inflicted on him.

There was no doubt that the strength of this ghost cultivator was even stronger than that of the three Holy Sages.

The strength of the three Holy Sages was probably at the peak of the General Realm or the King Realm in the world of the living, but the psychological pressure that this huge ghost face had brought to Li Mu was definitely more formidable than that of the three Holy Sages. In other words, Ghost Seer’s cultivation was, at the worst, at the middle or high level of the King Realm.

Li Mu had never met an opponent at this level.

Therefore, Li Mu couldn’t tell what level his combat capability had reached.

Nevertheless, it was obvious that the three Holy Sages were even more horrified by Ghost Seer’s arrival than Li Mu and the others.

“You’ve actually concealed your strength?” Holy Sage White Bone Shadow pulled back, looked up at the sky, and said, “You’re not Ghost Seer. Who the hell are you?”

A look of shock appeared on the face of Holy Sage Black Sun as well.

To them, the old Ghost Seer was just a spokesperson they had chosen. Because of his talent for divination, he could see through some great secrets. That was why the three Holy Sages had put him in an important position. In the Three Divine Sects, Ghost Seer had kind of played the role of a flamen. Although he was important to them, at the end of the day, he was just a pawn.

This time, it was also because Ghost Seer had divined that some people of the Bone Sacred Mountain were a great threat and could overturn the Three Divine Sects’ rule over the Ghost Rally Star that the Three Divine Sects secretly supported the three major ghost sects, namely the Lost Land, the Heavenly Ghost Sect, and the Holy Ghost Sect, to attack the Bone Sacred Mountain. The Three Divine Sects first hid behind the scene to observe before they officially launched the siege.

And the strength of the Two Sages and the appearance of the mysterious ponytailed girl carrying a sword and a broadsword seemed to have confirmed the prophecy Ghost Seer had made.

If they put off the siege against the Bone Sacred Mountain until more than ten years or decades later, it was hard to imagine how powerful the Two Sages and the mysterious ponytailed girl carrying a sword and a broadsword would have become by then.

But now, when this huge face, which looked exactly the same as Ghost Seer, suddenly appeared in the sky and looked down on the earth like a Celestial Demon, the three Holy Sages, regardless of how dumb they might be, realized that things might be different from what they had imagined.

“I am Ghost Seer, and Ghost Seer is me,” the huge face remarked coolly.

This huge face covering an area with a radius of thousands of miles seemed to have never had any emotion.

“The biggest crisis the Ghost Rally Star has ever had in history is coming. You have enjoyed the benefits and status that I have arranged for you for tens of thousands of years, but you still can’t put out this evil flame in the bud. I’m really disappointed,” the huge face said condescendingly.

“Arranged for us?”

“We got all that by your arrangement?”

“Are you… are you that man?”

The three Holy Sages almost exclaimed in unison.

With their status and the adventures and experience they had gained in this world, they thought that nothing would astonish them and make them lose composure ever again. However, after hearing the huge face speak in such a calm and indifferent tone, the three Holy Sages all turned pale with panic.

That man!

Which man?

The other ghost cultivators were clueless.

Li Mu didn’t know who they were talking about either.

But he didn’t have to guess to know that the person who had made the three Holy Sages lose their composure had probably been buried in the dust of history for a long time. Yet, he must be a great figure who had created or changed history. He even might have dominated the world in the past.

However, Li Mu was not very interested in this pursuing answer.

Because no matter who this face was, he must be in the same league as the three Holy Sages.

Anyway, for the Bone Sacred Mountain, he was an even more terrifying enemy.

“What a huge face!”

The proud ponytailed girl carrying a sword and a broadsword held her weapons crossed. Numerous Taoist figures swirled from the sword and the broadsword, forming a huge, glowing Three Forms Taoist Figures Plate. The movements of the sword and the broadswords changed, which both dashed out. Giant shadows of the sword and the broadsword rose from the round plate, as if they were weapons from another world. They parted the air and shot at the huge face in the sky.

It was a very powerful move.

But the huge face in the sky just opened his mouth and swallowed the thousands-of-meters-long shadows of the sword and the broadsword directly, as though chewing something delicious.

“Well… I don’t want to fight with the little bug.” The huge face was still expressionless.

He opened his mouth and breathed.

A puff of Yin Qi, which was as dense as ink, spread out and turned into huge, square ghost Taoist talismans in the sky. There were ghost talismans flickering on all sides, which occupied the sky in all directions. In an instant, an eccentric tactical deployment had been placed to suppress all the forces in this world.

The moment the tactic deployment was established, all the ghost cultivators felt that a whole world seemed to have fallen on them. Their bodies were so heavy that they could hardly move even a step.

“It’s suppressive tactical deployment.”

Li Mu immediately realized what was going on.

The huge face opened his mouth again and spat out three streaks of inky light, which flew into the bodies of the three Holy Sages.

The three Holy Sages were still in a state of shock, but they found that the suppression that had pinned them to where they were instantly disappeared.

“Get them,” the huge face spoke in a final sort of way.

The three Holy Sages came to their senses and looked at one another. Not daring to defy the will of the huge face, they immediately went to attack the Two Sages and the ponytailed girl carrying a sword and a broadsword.

The tide was turned again.

“Suppress the ghosts! Slay the evil!”

The ponytailed girl looked solemn. The sword and the broadsword in her hands flashed as the ghost-suppressing talisman started working.

Large Taoist figures also burst out from the sword and the broadsword, floating above her head while emitting rays of strange divine light to resist the ghost talismans placed on all sides of the void by the huge face.

“Exterminate demons!”

“Fight against heaven!”

The Two Sages also bawled out at the same time. Taoist figures of the ghost-subduing talismans on their swords also darted out and hovered above their heads to resist the suppression power of the tactical deployment the huge face had cast.

The battle was on again.

Li Mu was also quite startled when he saw this.

These three people’s use and understanding of the ghost-subduing talismans was way beyond his imagination.

Ghost-subduing talismans had the innate ability to restrain ghost cultivators.

However, the cultivation of the huge face was too horrible.

Therefore, even with the endorsement of the ghost-subduing talismans, the ponytailed girl and the Two Sages were still in great danger.

“Looks like this is your last trump card.” As if a giant spirit watching the fight of ants, the huge face eyed them appraisingly for moments. Then, he said, “Unfortunately, you’ve been cultivating for just a short while. If I give you a little more time, you may really be able to overturn my reign.”

At this time, ordinary ghost cultivators could also tell that the situation the Bone Sacred Mountain was facing was not very optimistic.

“How could it turn out like this?”

Elder Zhen Ye in the Ghost General Realm clenched his hands into hard fists, unwilling to give up. His nails were pierced into the flesh.

Even the three Holy Sages had failed to undermine the Bone Sacred Mountain. An epic victory was at hand. But why did such a mysterious and horrible Ghost Seer suddenly appear at the last moment?

All their efforts were made in vain.

Every ghost disciple of the Bone Sacred Mountain refused to resign themselves to the prominent defeat.

By contrast, at this moment, the ghost cultivators of the three major ghost sects, such as Niu Ben, Xue Yan, and the head of the Lost Land, finally heaved a long sigh of relief. Beaming with joy, they were completely relieved.

“Haha, the Bone Sacred Mountain is destined to be reduced into dust today.”

“None of the evil spirits of the Bone Sacred Mountain can escape. Let’s kill them all.”

“From now on, there will be no Bone Sacred Mountain in this world.”

Burning with ferocious killing intent, the three Ghost Lords glared menacingly at the many ghost cultivators of the Bone Sacred Mountain.

“There are so many delicious tonics. If I absorb them, I’ll be able to advance to a higher level.” The head of the Lost Land schemed viciously in his head.

The three Ghost Lords had all mastered a kind of evil art. With such evil art, they could enhance their own source vigor through devouring ghost cultivators at the same level and refine the energy of others for their own use, so as to improve themselves.

An incomparably tragic atmosphere pervaded the Bone Sacred Mountain.

“I’d rather die in battle than surrender,” Elder Zhen Ye in the Ghost General Realm raised the only arm he had left and roared furiously.

He was trying to boost morale.

At the same time, he was trying to lift his own spirits.

Even if his body and soul were to be destroyed, the seeds of resistance would definitely be passed on in the world of the Ghost Rally Star.

Each and every one of the ghost cultivators of the Bone Sacred Mountain also raised their left arms high. Their expressions were solemn and stern. They had a will that even Celestial Demons could not bend.

Li Mu, who was among them, couldn’t help but be amazed.

In just five years, they had built such a ghost army. Both the Two Sages and the ponytailed girl had certainly shone with unimaginable talent and aptitude in this world. This was something that they could never achieve on the Divine Land.

What was it that allowed them to reach such heights?

Li Mu slowly flew toward the battlefield in the void.

He knew that after seeing the Three Divine Sects revealed their hidden agenda, it was time for him to come to the stage.

“Buddy, you…”

Zhen Ye was the first to cotton on. He gawked at Li Mu in astonishment.

But he suddenly broke off before he let the words all out.

Because when everyone had been suppressed by the all-directional ghost tactical deployment, Li Mu still acted with ease and was not affected by the tactical deployment at all. This showed that…

Zhen Ye came to realize that the background of this deemed peerless ghost cultivator could not be as simple as he had imagined.

“I haven’t seen my big brother yet. How can I fall here?”

The ponytailed girl already had some injuries.

There were traces of cuts on her close-fitting black swordsman’s uniform.

Her face was pale. Her sword and broadsword were brandishing at the fastest speed. But her proud head had never lowered for even a split of a second.

The brilliance of the ghost-suppressing talisman and the evil-slaying talisman, which were hovering above her head, gradually dimmed.

The disparity between their cultivation realms was just too big.

“I won’t fall. I can’t fall.”

Flames that could burn down the world were blazing in the eyes of the ponytailed girl.

At this precise moment, a distant yet familiar and warm voice suddenly sounded in the girl’s ear.

“Cast the 35th style with the sword, aiming at right downward. Use the fourth style with the broadsword. Hack horizontally!”

The voice had pointed out the striking order and angle of the Heaven Sword Thirty-six Styles and the Wind-Cloud Six Moves.

While voice rang in her ear, it also seemed to echo in the depths of her soul.

In an instant, the ponytailed girl seemed to have returned to the past. The same voice had rung in her ears and taught her the sword-using and broadsword-using methods. Compelled by the instinct of her body and soul, she followed the guidance of the voice almost unthinkingly and struck with the sword and the broadsword in her hands.

Then, in the void, shocked cries of Holy Sage Flying Light burst out.

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