The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife Chapter 1939

Chapter 2040 The Wolf King 35

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The young man gently caressed Nan Chiyous snowy skin and smiled stunningly.

Nan Chiyou was dumbfounded. This young man is so beautiful

"Xia Xia"

His voice was hoarse but gentle enough to make Nan Chiyous heart skip a beat.


Her eyes widened in surprise, looking incredulously at the young man in front of her. She froze.


Absolutely impossible!

Nan Chiyous face changed dramatically. She raised her hand, wanting to punch the young mans face.

Her tiny fist was as fast as the wind, but the young man still managed to grab it quickly.

"Xia Xia"

His voice was as gentle as usual

Her breathing grew heavy.

"Where is Ah Ming? Where did you hide my Ah Ming? Give me back my Ah Ming!"

She looked up with her eyes filled with tears.

She knew about the spirit beasts that could transform into humans.

Her grandmothers white phoenix had turned into a human and followed her grandmother every day.


She could not believe a wolf that she kept as a pet Would one day transform into a beautiful young man and appear in front of her.

She felt disappointed because he had kept this matter from her for such a long time, and she had dumbly thought that this was a dream.

"Xia Xia"

The teenager raised his hand and pulled the little girl into his arms.

Xia Xias eyes reddened, and tears almost fell.

Until now, she was still a bit in disbelief. How did her pet turn into a human?

She could accept Ah Bao turning into a human because Ah Bao was a girl.

But why Ah Ming?

"Xia Xia, dont you like me like this?"

The young man lowered his gaze and looked at the little girl in his arms sadly.

His sadness was so obvious that somehow, like a sword, it deeply stabbed Nan Chiyous heart.

She pursed her lips, pushed the young man away with one hand, and took a few steps back.

"Youve been lying to me?"

Her body was trembling with anger.

She had raised Ah Ming as a pet, and she even bathed and undressed in front of it.

However, now she suddenly realized that she had, unknowingly, been seen naked by Ah Ming!

This was hard for her to accept!

The young man froze, looking down at the empty embrace. He slowly raised his eyes, staring at the little girl in front of him.

His blue eyes were filled with disappointment.

It seems that she still does not remember me

All these years, he was the only one who did not forget that warm memory.

She did not remember anything.

"Xia Xia, I didnt mean to hide it from you. I just"

I was afraid you would leave me again

Ten years.

He had been waiting for a time when he could appear in front of her.

Yet, she had forgotten everything.

"Liar!" Nan Chiyous tears poured like rain as she pointed at the young man angrily. "You lie to me! Dont think I can forgive you just because you are beautiful. I will tell my mother and make her chop you into pieces or make you half-paralyzed forever."

The young man was shocked when he heard her say that. However, his heart ached when he looked at Nan Chiyous tears pouring down her face. He pulled Nan Chiyou into his arms, ignoring her resistance. He then gently kissed away the tears from the corners of her eyes.

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