The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife Chapter 2017

Chapter 2118 The Past Life 43

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After Sima Yan left, the old emperor paced back and forth in the imperial study, looking a bit agitated.

The eunuch smiled and said, “Emperor, I heard that the Ninth Emperor has always been very good-tempered. As long as we do not provoke her, she will treat us nicely. So, Emperor, you need not be so anxious.”

“I am just curious as to why the Ninth Emperor would come to Feng Yun Kingdom.”

The old emperor stopped pacing and looked around the imperial study. “But this is indeed an opportunity for Feng Yun Kingdom. Normally, there is no way to see her at all, and I never thought we would be so lucky to see her now.”

Dongfang Yu had only been down the mountain once since she left with the Ninth Emperor.

Back then, she was also following the Ninth Emperor, but not to Feng Yun Kingdom.

Therefore, now that Dongfang Yu appeared here, it was inevitable that the Ninth Emperor was also here.

This made him cautious.

Moreover, the Ninth Emperor had always been generous. If she were happy, naturally, she would reward him with spirit herbs, thus improving Feng Yun Kingdom’s strength by a lot.

“Pass on my orders.” The old emperor’s face was cold. “During this time, you must strictly guard the kingdom and must not let anyone cause any chaos or bring trouble to the Ninth Emperor.”

“Yes, Emperor.”

The old eunuch bowed and left the imperial study smilingly.

Now, only the old emperor was left in the room.

He wanted to continue to read the official documents, but he could not calm his mind, and finally, he put the brush down on the table and stopped reading.


Compared to the excitement inside the palace, the Ninth Emperor did not yet know that because Dongfang Yu had left for a while, some people had already known that she was here.

She was now still enjoying her last moments of peace.

Nan Changfeng stood next to her. The young man wore a white robe, as handsome as an immortal.

His smile was so stunning, and his long silver hair brushed the Ninth Emperor’s cheeks in the breeze, causing her to be slightly stunned as she raised her gaze to look at Nan Changfeng.

“Changfeng, do you want to accompany me for a couple of drinks?” She took out a wine jug and placed it in front of Nan Changfeng, smiling.

Nan Changfeng sat in front of her, again, with a smile upon his handsome face.


Hearing these words from Nan Changfeng, the Ninth Emperor took out two cups and placed them in front of them.

The wine was a spirit wine, and its fragrance was strong.

The fragrance wafted throughout the courtyard and did not dissipate for a long time.

“These wines are all homemade. The only thing I am interested in is making wine.”

Mainly she was too picky about wine and would never take a sip if it is not a spirit wine.

Compared to meals, she could accept any dishes as long as they could fill her stomach.

Of course, this was before she met Nan Changfeng.

Now that she had tasted Nan Changfeng’s cooking, even the restaurant’s food was a little hard to swallow.

The Ninth Emperor placed her hand under her chin. She wanted to keep Nan Changfeng by her side for the rest of her life and let him do chores for her.

Nan Changfeng took the spirit wine that she had placed in front of him and poured it in the cups for both of them as he smiled.

“This wine smells so nice.”

One was able to get drunk just from smelling it.

The Ninth Emperor smiled, brought the wine in front of her, and drank it all in one go.

Nan Changfeng only put it to his mouth and took a sip

Suddenly, the Ninth Emperor sitting in front of him fell over with a thud and lay motionlessly on the ground; her cheeks reddened.

Nan Changfeng put the cup down and turned to the drunken Ninth Emperor, slightly stunned.

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