The Dystopian World Of Blue Wall Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Goblin Cavern Boss.

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Killing goblins isn't that hard for me anymore, being a powerhouse of level 7 warriors, I can breeze through all their attacks and their numbers, easily. Unlike the days before, my sole aim here today was to hunt and kill every single goblin that I encounter. I entered the dungeon, at 8 am sharp in the morning and unlike before, this time I ventured forth directly to the empty field of stumps that I recently expanded.

"It was amazing that despite this is only a dungeon..it has its own sunand it has also given out heatbetter, dry out everything that I collected yesterday..".

Despite Goblin Cavern being a singular shuttled space that is different from the outside world. The entire dungeon has its own ecosystems and even its own sun, perhaps maybe even its own moon. Everything was as normal as the outside world here, it was amazing and certainly was magical. I collected a lot of things from the 2 apartments, certainly, everything was soaked thoroughly, and my [Inventory] only retained everything that it stores with the same conditions that when it was first stored in the space. If it stored wet then it will come out wet, the great thing about my [inventory] was the feature that, nothing will expire inside of it, it stacks a lot, and it's uniformity, any items that stack and shares the same name and categories, will morph into a uniform state. For example, if I stored a mineral bottle that shape like a curved soft drinks bottle that holds 1 liter, then I stored another bottle of mineral water that shape like normal mineral water also holds 1 liter of water, it will automatically stack, because both items were mineral water and have the same quantity of 1 litter, then should I pulled them out, the normal shape mineral water will automatically morph to the soft drink curved bottle because the original templates were the soft drink bottle as it was stored first.

I pulled out everything and laid them out underneath the sun, beds, the metal kitchens ware, crystal light bulb, electronic devices, all the technological furniture, and contraptions. And all the items laid perfectly filling 100-meter squares of space, everything here fascinates me. Everything was new to me, also I have never seen all of the items I have here on the 4th bridge. That probably because, the current populations of BlueWall, only find this thing just nothing but trash and wasteful, all because they don't know what to make of it or even repair any of it. But to me, with my [Crafting] all I have to do is, stuff any of these items in there, then it can be repaired by simply providing the items it needed.

"It's a miracle this bed still in one piecedespite being underwater for so long..[Basic Appraisal]..".

One thing among many that to mind boggling for me was these queen-sized beds. It looks brand new, when I took it the sheets were already reduced to Grimes, but the bed was still in one piece, so I decided to cast [Basic Appraisal] on it, and when I am on it before I started the slaughter, I better check all of them.

Name Queen Sized Self Preserving Bed Type-6969

Type: Luxury Enchanted Everyday Item


A self-preserved magically enchanted bed with self-preservation, self-cleaning, heavy-duty, Extra soft, extra comfortable. The type-6969 bed was made to ensure long-lasting comfort and a good night's sleep. Made by using the high-grade King Slime elastic Thread and advance comfort technology from Venus Tech Company.

"I guess when they claimed it..long-lasting..they certainly do not mess aroundoh there's a slot herea dried Crystalsno wonder it dried this bed already inside the water for a long time, I guess...if I put new crystal here<Click!>..<WOOOSSHHH!!!>.oh the self-cleaning features still works!!this is amazing!!..".


"OH!..bugger off, you prick!!<PSHHIUU!!..>..<PSHHIUU!!..>..<PSHHIUU!!..>..".

As I was enjoying seeing the queen-sized bed was washing, as always the goblins finds me, but now, my performance is already increased by several folds, as soon as I saw them creeping in, about 100 meters over, I immediately shoot 3 crossbow bolts at each and single one of them. Right now, I don't have to reload my crossbow by stepping on the foot handle to pull the string instead I can just pull the string with ease with 2 fingers, reload and shoot. Simple, fast, and certainly deadly. Ignoring the 3 dead goblins, I resumed, to satisfy my curiosity.

"This lamp looks interesting~[Basic Appraisal]..".

Name: DOE Everlasting Lamp

Type: Luxury Enchanted Everyday Item


A self Preserved heavy-duty floor lamp, with economical power usage, providing great lighting for the whole room. Magically Enchanted with, self-preservation, economic crystal energy use, Heavy-duty, and anti-explosion. Made by using the latest heavy-duty and almost indestructible, lightweight, and safe metals of stainless steel and Magic metals Mithril. From DOE Home Furniture Inc.

The floor lamp just looks like any normal Victorian-era floor lamp back on earth, but unlike on earth this thing has been under the sea and not a single speck of rust or even damage was on it. Everything thing that I laid on the ground to dry, has a mix of Victorian-era design and a very futuristic design on them. Which made them look absolutely fantastic. Now I know, why all the metallic objects that I collected were all still in one piece they were all contained magic metals on them, either mithril, orichalcum, moonstone, star metal, or stuff like that. No, Even the frying pan was made out of Mithril, it goes without saying that the current Bluewall will find these metals too precious, perhaps if they knew the ancient people use mithril to make a frying pan, they will vomit blood on all their orifice.


"I swear these guys will never leave me alonefine, I am going to hunt you guys anywaylet's start this!COME HERE YOU GREEN MIDGET!!TASTE MY IROON!!..<SLASH!!>ROUNDHOUSE KICKKK!!!..<BBUUKKK!!!>".

As always after 10 minutes, the goblins come rushing to me again. This time I already had enough of feeling glee about my fruitful loots that span on the ground and officially starting my hunt. As soon as I heard the grass rustling and saw their oversized forehead sticking out. I break into a full sprint, covering the distance of 100 meters in just 5 seconds. The first wooden club goblin can't even react as I sword cleaved him into 2, the second wooden club goblin got the taste of my worked boots sole directly on his face, breaking his skull and his head popped when his body collided with the trunk of the large pine tree behind him. The 3rd one was a new variant of goblins, he was using a wooden short bow, And unlike the first 2 goblins this one was quick to sense the impending doom, instead of staying the same, his survival instinct kicked in and made him rolled back.

"Quickbut not quick enough..HIIAARRGHHH!!<BBOOMMM!!!!>I need to make myself a full set armor".

True, the Goblin Archer was not fast enough, as he was rolling on the dirt ground. I was already pinned his body on the ground with my feet on his back, and then I dealt the killing blow, with a straight downward sucker punch. But my fist not only blasted his head like a pooped balloon but, also made the ground cave in a little bit. I was quite satisfied with my strength, but my only regrets were that now my right hand was smeared with green blood.

"Huff!..huff!YEARGHH!!!Come on!!You can do it!!YEARGHHH!!!..COME AT ME YOU GOBLINS!!!".

Yes, I am quite strong in these dungeons, but I was about to commit a bloody hunt, which was something that a normal handyman should never do or ever does. Naturally, I have to hype myself, stupid as it sounds but it was something that I need. With a new resolute and steel resolved, I went straight to the center of the dungeon.

"KKKIIIIEEEKKKK!!!!<THUD!!>..". (Goblin Swordsman)

"<PSSSHHIIUUUU!!!!..>HIARRGHHH!!<ZAAAASSS!!..>..<GRAB!>Sneak attack?!..how brave!..here take your arrow back!!<BBOOMMM!!>..".

"KKUUAAKKK!!!..". (Goblin Archer)

As I was getting closer to the center of the dungeon, the numbers and the frequency of goblins that I encounter getting even bigger and much more often. Also, Goblin clubs were getting lesser and lesser, instead, many different types of goblins started to pop up, swordsman, spear-man, archer, magic, shield-bearer, there's even goblin musketeer the uses musket pistol. Right now I was fighting against a group of 10 goblins, I didn't care to look at each of every single one of them with care. But still, I was in a very alert state, and constantly keep moving around, after slicing the goblins swordsman in front of me, I can sense that an arrow was heading to my back, with my left hand I caught the flimsy arrow and throw it back, which produce a booming sound when I throw, the arrow that I thrown pierced the goblin archer who was sitting on a tree branch behind me and instantly killing it.

"This is getting too much.but still fun!..[Lightning Bolt]!!.<BBZZZZTTTTTT!!!>".

"KKIIAAAA!!!<THUD!>..<THUD!>..<THUD!>..<THUD!>.". (Goblins)

My kinda finishing moves were the powerful [Lightning Bolt], it was simply deadly to all Level 1 creatures, I just launch it and I killed 5 goblins with a single bolt, being a lighting element it was simply an area of effect attack within the 3 to 5 meter everything will be burned into charred. Right now the clock was already pointed at 1 pm in the afternoon and for 5 hours straight, I have been battling non-stop. And killed over hundreds of goblins, my body didn't feel too tired or even exhausted, I do suffer a few injuries, scratches, and cuts, but so far the largest injuries I've got was from a Goblin Mage, the guys just ambushed me from my blindsight and managed to give a second-degree burn from his small fireball the landed directly on my left forehand. Other than that, I was still fit as a fiddled.

"Should continue or notheck, I'm already closed to the Centerlet's just check what's going on there..then go from there..".

After collecting everything, all the goblin's body, their equipment, and all the dropped items. I continue to push forward, but this time I tried not to be so frontal because I wanted to see what is actually happening in the middle of the dungeon.


From where I was before wasn't that too far from the center of the dungeon, just over 200 meters or so. I did arrive at the center of Goblin Cavern, the very heart of it. As I was on top of the pine tree, wanting to have a clear vantage point to observed everything clearly. True enough I was able to watch everything from up here.

Right at the center, about 100 meters or so from where I was, were a small-sized tribal village, complete with a small crude wooden wall, many wooden with dry grass huts. Goblins running around doing chores, totem poles with humans skulls being fitted on the top and the bottom of the totem being worshipped. It was a small village of a goblin, but the words to describe the inside of what is going on in the village were simply savagery, hideous, and horror. A society that hierarchy was based on strength and barbaric, their only food was themselves, I can see that there will always be some fat goblin just casually pointed out at the wooden club goblin, then what ensues afterward was a bunch of goblins swordsman will ran and hack the picked goblin to pieces on the spot, then dragged it's mangled body to the fat goblin, he eats most of it then threw the rest on the ground, which made all other goblins went ballistic jumping on each other just to eat their own kind.

"Fucking hell these green abominations shouldn't even be existedSo is the Boss, is that fat guy?[Basic Appraisal]oh, it sure isis that?..[Basic Appraisal]..".

As I was hanging on the pine tree, I cast about a few of [Basic Appraisal]. I found out that, the dungeon core was actually just a simple round glass-looking crystal with the size of a basketball, situated on top of a stone pedestal, behind the fat hobgoblin thrones of the skull. Behind the Dungeon Core was something that was called as {Monster spawner}, It looks like a black hole, but the color wasn't black but green, and once I cast [basic appraisal] on it, I can see the timer of goblins being spawn, it actually set to spawn 10 goblins in a week. Which to be honest, not really threatening 10 goblins to me was easy to handle even with only my crossbow.

"Looks like..the fat of this dungeon is already sealed..Fat boss..I am coming for you..".

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