The Dystopian World Of Blue Wall Chapter 29

Chapter 29: The Joy of Battle.

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"<ZIINNNNGGGG!!!!>YYEEAARRHHHH!!!<THUD!!>Hah!..hah!..huff!!..That's right!I know you're scared right nowyou green midgets!..hahahahah!!..Come on!!.. I haven't tasted enough bloodshed today!!".

As soon as I got down from the trees that I was at, I planned my path, directly heading to the entrance of the goblin village. My plan was hit and run tactics, first I launched my [Lightning Bolt] directly into the heart of the villages from the village entrance since there was no gate whatsoever. The attack is not the main attack, it was just a bait to agitated them to run out of their base, and they literally devoured the bait, in a single wave, hundreds of goblins of various professions ran out of the village.

Seeing a fresh tasty human in front of their eyes, 900 or so of the goblins ran out of the village, and chased after me, I baited them luring them further away from their village, every time I was going too fast and slipping away from them, I would stop and killed many of them with loud exclaimed and shouts, keep their intentions and rage at maximum. Fighting in a forest worked for me too, but what I wanted was to take them as far away from their base as possible, to prevent the influence and central commanding from that fat hobgoblin. It was easy to deal with hundreds of selfish savages than a hundred savages with a single mind.

"KKIIEEKK!!<ZAAASSSS!!!>KAH!!..". (Goblin Spear-man)

"COME ON YOU BASTARDDDDD!!store, and you too stored!..".

It has become my body reflex, as soon as I made a kill I will instantly store anything around my victims inside my [Inventory]. I kept on running while counting the time, which also the way I count my distance. I intended to lure them all the way to old logging sites, I didn't want to take them to the logging site that I just did because it was filled with the stuff that I left to dried.

"<BBOOMMM!!!>URRGHHH!!..fucking mage!!just a few bit more!!".

As I was running, one of the goblin mages sends a hurling basketball-sized ball of fire onto my back, which sends me hurling, tumbling a few times on the ground. I can feel the heat on my back, it was probably a 1st-degree burn, but thankfully my leather jackets were still intact. It stings but at this time adrenaline was already setting my whole body into its fullest capability.

"It's here..HUP!!!.<SSKKRRTTTT!!!..>.".

Finally, I saw the clearing, with my full strength, I break into a full sprint and made the longest and the highest jumps I ever did in my life, with a full front flip, I landed on both of my feet, skid and drag on the dirt, then I was facing the crowds of hundreds of goblins, Angry, rowdy and furious to tear every single part of my body. Yet, despite the number of goblins that running towards me, what I feel was not fear nor nervousness, instead excitement and rush of pumping vigor, like a dam of berserk and insanity bursting open.


The sheer numbers of raged goblins of all kinds shook the very ground of the goblin cavern. It was a horde of hungry savage cannibalistic monsters that their sole intention was to bear their teeth on a single entity and it was me. In an instant, my vision was filled with goblins jumping and running towards me with all their weapons up, from the back lines, all the goblins archer has released their arrows raining down on me, goblin mage, throwing every single spell at me. I was their focus and target, at that moment and time I have never been so serious in my whole life, yet I am.


I kicked the ground and in an instant, I felt the world to seemingly slowed down a little bit, I dashed all my strength to the point where I caused an air boomed upon my forward dash, I took just 2 steps to reach right in front a group of Goblin archer mixed with goblin mage on the far back of the horde. Decisively I swung my swords horizontally, cleaving all 10 of the goblins in a single attack, separating their upper body, up flying from their lower body that was still stuck on the ground.

"<TTUKK!!..>URGH!!..ARGHH!!..EAT THIS!!..<ZZIIUUU!!!>..<BBOOMMM!!!>..".

One of the goblins archers managed to stick an arrow on my back, which made me instantly snap back and throw my executioner sword at him, instantly skewing him and several other goblins behind him. I pulled out my crossbow, then started my barrage of exemplary marksmanship. The crossbow in my hand had turned into almost a handgun, shoot pulled, reload, shoot and repeat. It was a constant speed and always hit the mark, as I stood my ground. Anything that is so much even in a range of my kick will be kicked to death, all of it whilst I was shooting.

"KKIIIAAAAKKK!!<CRUNCH!!>..". (Goblin)

"Tsk!..<BBBUUKKK!!>empty!HUP!!<ZZZIINNNNNGGG!!!>Round 2 you bastard!!hahahahah!!..".

One of the goblin spear-man was able to jump on me and took a bite on my thigh, but I neutralized him with a swift hit, with the buttstock of my crossbow. Realizing that my bolts already ran out, I tossed it inside my [Inventory] and then rushed to my sword, which stuck on the tree trunk with a bunch of skewered goblins on its blade. Once my sword was on my hand, once again I continue the most enjoyable moment in my life.

"KKKKIIIUUAHHH!!!!KEKEKEKE!!!..". (Goblin Swordsman)

"hahaha!!!no buddyyou don't get me~I got you~!!!<ZZZZIUUUSSSSSSS!!!>ARRGGHHHH!!!..MORE!!!!!".

Another goblins swordsman slipped through and stab his short sword on my ribs, he was grinning and laughing as he saw me bleed, but I proved him wrong, I grab his swords and cleave him into two from his head down to his crotch, then continues the slaughter once more. I don't know how long has I been doing this, nor what my condition is. It's just too much fun, the battle was nothing that I have ever tasted and felt before, every time I was slashed or hit I would fight back, I would hit back. It was euphoric, I felt as if I was releasing every pent-up frustration that I ever hold deep inside of me.

"Keekk<ZUKK!!>..kuuaaa~". (Goblin)

"Huff!!!..huff!!..huff!Ahah!!HMMPH!!!..<ZZZINNGG>!!..huff!!it's donehah!<Thud!>damn, I'm beat".

I've killed the last goblin that I saw, by stabbing it on its back, this time I was thoroughly exhausted. My hands were trembling and my feet are shaking, I was covered from head to toe with green blood and red from my own. After pulling my swords from the dead goblin, I sat down on a tree stump, panting and huffing air, the adrenaline has worn off and so are my excitements.

"Never doing that againhuff.I guess the scene in those novels and manga really are true..to some extend".

The views before me as an entire field of the dead corpse of those goblins. Every single one of them was dead, forming even piles of bodies like a small mountain, the entire area has reeked of blood and death, the blood of 900 goblins colored the land with green liquids. It was a gruesome scene and truthfully quite scary even to me, although I was the main perpetrator of all this. It took me a while to calm myself down and regain my strength to stand up and move, after 10 minutes or so, I stood up and started the cleaning up process.

"Time to collect the harvestouch!.. do guys even got my stomach!..damn!looks like I need to make a stop at Grace office before coming back home..".

This was the largest harvest I have ever got from the goblins, I just stored everything inside of my [Inventory], using the [inventory] great feature, I didn't need to strip any of the equipment the goblin had, the [inventory] just do it for me. I was piling on corpses, equipment, Skill Cards, a few new dropped items, goblin backpacks, and it was a whole lot of them. Finally, the goblin corpse in my inventory reaches its first stack of 999, a very astounding achievement to get.

"This is just too messyugh!..".

It took me 1 hour to collect everything from the goblin's corpse, all the way to the things that I left to dry on the empty field since my [Inventory] were quite packed with the Goblin corpse and the stuff that I dried under the sun, the bed, lamp and all that, I used [Goblin Backpack] to store all of the goblins weapons, skill cards and it's drop items, which took me 10 [Goblin Backpack] and 6 of them were only to hold weapons and the respective 3 for skill cards and 3 for the miscellaneous drop.

Goblin Backpack isn't actually a real back, it's actually just a simple small leather pouch with a hemp string, there are 9 slots in its 3X3 design, each of the item slots can stack the same item type for 100 quantity. Quite convenient contraptions to have, it's actually the same size as any normal warrior/wizard storage magic. And I have actually 300 of this nice little thing, just from today's harvest, I just hope that maybe I can find a way to recreate this kind of item, so I can sell it to on my store later. Dragging my tired body to the dungeon entrance, finally, I saw the same black portal, I touched my hand on the portal and get ready to leave.

Monster populations: 417/2001

Monster Type: Goblin, Hobgoblin

Activating Dungeon Exit: Kill 1 goblin (1583)

Completion condition: Kill all monsters (1583), Kill Boss

Monster (0), Destroyed Core(0).

Reward Upon Completion: 1 Treasure Chest, 100 Mid

Grade Crystal.

Daily Kill: 1400

"That..is..a lot!I supposed the 400 something will be enough to ensure Minako and Maria to leveled up when I brought them down tomorrow".

I intentionally left a few just to make sure that Maria and Minako can level up, since both of them were level 0, getting up to level 1 they will need 100 EXP points. Meaning they have to kill 100 times, I have already devised a safe plan for them to exterminate the goblin, which is a hundred percent easy and guaranteed to be working as intended. After both of them leveled up, then I will go and kill the fat hobgoblin, I somehow know from the setting of this dungeon, that fat hobgoblin won't and refused to leave the village.

Just like before, as soon as I go out of the dungeon portal, I did not go away to fish or anything, instead, I swam towards the surface lever and immediately went up. After I reek with goblin blood and my own blood. The fast ascension to the surfaced has naturally washed all the caked goblin blood all over me, but at the same time, it's also washed my blood and wound with it. And when the old blood was washed out, naturally I will start bleeding again, when your wound was getting dipped and washed using seawater, it was sting and painful as heck.

"<BUOUSH!!>Ughh!hello guys~Joni, here's the


As soon as I got to he surfaced as always Joni Lambert has already opened the lift door and waited for me. I

handed her the helmet and as always filled the form.

"Sir..are you okay?..". (Joni Lambert)

She sounded a little bit concerned as I was sweating

buckets trying to hold my pain, naturally as a woman, she

was very attentive, I only smiled at her and said, it was just

a normal battle injury and then left the desk and I

directly went to the Marriage Office to find Grace.

"Mother Grace?".

Grace who saw me again the second time today instantly got up and went rushed towards me. I still have the

Strength to normally walk and talk, but that doesn't change that I am injured and literally have a few open wounds all over my body. Grace being an attentive woman as she were, immediately knew from my gait and my voice that I'm hurt.

"Sister's I am off for todayyou guys can close the office as usual...". (Mother Grace)

She immediately supported me and instructed the sisters, as she helps me walk out of the marriage office tent, without speaking a word, we both make our way back to my boathouse.

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