The Dystopian World Of Blue Wall Chapter 30

Chapter 30: It Took Finesse, To Plead a Woman. *

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Today, I was home pretty late and quite battered. Luckily, I was still able to walk and still conscious, the battle that I had was exhilarating, probably the most blood-pumping actions that I loved second only to sex, But now the adrenaline has gone, the injuries that I accumulated stings everywhere all over my body. With the help of my secret lover, Mother Grace, she helped me back to my Boathouse.

"Minako!..Maria!..quickly, prepared the bed for Azmel..quick!!..". (Mother Grace)

As soon as I entered the front deck, Mother Grace didn't stop, she quickly shouted for Minako and Maria, who's in the living room, cooking dinners.

"Mother Grace?..HUH?!..Honey!..what happened?!..oh my goddess..you're bleeding all over!!Maria!..the bed, fast!..". (Minako)

Minako comes to my left side, slides her body under my arms, and helps, Mother Grace move me further to our bed.

"Lay him down here, quick!..". (Maria)

She's already laid out the coarse bed sheet on the flat wood bed, then along with the 2 other women, all of them carefully laid me down, on the bed, and took off all my clothing one by one, gently. I know that I suffered quite a bit of injury but, not to the extent that I can't undress myself. Still, I don't want to say anything, it better to keep silent and let them do whatever they wanted.

"<Gasp!>..oh goddesshoney how, did this happened?.". (Minako)

Not only Minako, but Maria and Mother Grace too were gasping and shocked as they finally saw my naked body, even I was shocked too, but seeing that, I got a few opened cut wound, bruises covering my torso and my legs, it kinda makes sense that I feel so much pain.

"Well, I fought goblins today.a whole 900 of themhahahagood news~..I won..".

I tried to make the tense atmosphere light, with a few jokes, but it seems that the jokes don't really amuse them 3. Minako and Maria's eyes were already welled up in tears, and so is Mother Grace.

"Honey!..this is not a joke!..y..you...I can't believe this!!..seeMaria?!I told you. This would happen, no..you have to support him and let him go to the dungeon!!.. Oh, Goddess, this is my fault!I'm not a good wife!..letting my husband getting in the harms way like these!!Oh!!..<SOB!!>". (Minako)

Minako dropped down on the next bed, blaming herself and crying loudly and profusely, bawling her eyes. Maria went to her side and calmed her down whilst still had a worried look in her eyes that glue on me.

"Mother Grace, please help Azmelplease". (Maria)

Patting the crying Minako on her back, as she asked Mother Grace to quickly healed me.

"I know..Azmelyou shouldn't push yourself..see, this is what going to happenedyou got back,k injured..like thisnot a single one of us happy seeing you like this". (Mother Grace)

She said gently, voicing out her worries and upsets, who wouldn't, first you got a man that was acting as a warrior woman as a husband, that does not follow the norms of a normal man and husband. Whenever you see someone you love getting hurt, especially for you, certainly it will ache your hearts.

".I knowbut I chose this, nothing change if I don't do thisI have made my promisenaturally I'm gonna keep it".

I am that kind of a man, if say something I mean it, naturally if I promised something I will keep it. Besides, although it was life-threatening, it was something I realize that I'm enjoying doing it.

"Honey~..Pleaseyou don't have to!..not for us!..Maria and I don't like to see you like this!!..if you need money and anything..I will find itI can..really!!..". (Minako)

"Yeah, Hubbyalthough I supported you the first time..seeing you like this was unbearablepleasedon't go to the dungeon again..". (Maria)

Both of them were kneeling on my bedside and hold my hand, begging and asking me earnestly.

"..<Sigh~>MinakoMaria, look...I know you to were worriedbut, this is something that I wanted to dothis world, is harshif I don't get strongI can't protect any of you or even provided for any of you!venturing into a dungeon, is naturally dangerous, getting hurt in the process is well givenbut should I stop?no!why, because this thing had to be done!..for us~!Minako, Mariadidn't you want to make me happy?..".

They were overly protective of me was certainly a concerning problem. But they deserved to because they were my wives, but giving up on venturing dungeon which is the only way for me to get stronger and richer?. that is definitely not an option for me.

"Yes, Husband..". (Minako & Maria)

"Then..rather than squabbling with each other like this, I want you both to fully support me as your husbandon what I have chosen to doIf I got home to treat me, take care of me..don't fightI dislike that..so, as my wife, it was your duty to fully support me okayCome here..There..".

Both of them listened earnestly, and so is Mother Grace who healing me silently on the side with her magic. I had my left hand over both of their shoulders and land a peck on their forehead. There's nothing going to stop me from work, after all that was a man supposed to do. It took Mother Grace 2 hours, to heal her whole body, which leads her to rest a couple of times and depleted all her mana, Tired, I suggested that she stayed for the night, which she doesn't refuse and stayed. As always, after dinner, I went to shower, the shower on our small boathouse was not in any way fancy, it was just a barrel filled with water, a dried branch that produces a soapy liquid that functions as soap and that was about it.

"Honeyuse thislet me, help".(Minako)

She comes into the shower deck, bringing a basin of hot water, and dumps it, into the cold water barrel then stir it with her hand. She took the Soapy Branch rubs it with water, and lather my whole body, with it and started to wash my whole body. I stood still to make it even easier for her to work, She rarely does this, but I guess she was still didn't hang up on the idea of wanting me to stop venturing into dungeons.

"<Sob~>..I just..don't want you to get hurt..<Sob~>". (Minako)

Minako cried as she hugged me from behind.

"I knowbut, I already decided on ityou always worried about me, that is what I loved about youbut, I promised, no matter whatI will always come back hometo you<Chup~>..".

I turned around and face her, softly convincing her, and spoke to her in a softer manner. I gave her a bright smile and wipe her wet cheeks, then land a soft deep kiss on her lips. I embraced her in my arms, and kiss her lovingly, slowly the air around us was getting sensuous, her wet shirts firmly stick to her body, revealing her plump and bouncy twin mountains, with a hardened tip. As for me, I already hard from her breast pressing against my body, and seeing her getting heated, also made me even harder.

"Honey~..there's Mother Grace in the bedroomalthough I wanted to as much as youI will make a lot of noise.Ahn~..Ehm~..Honey..Let me suck you off..for now, okay~..". (Minako)

Minako is also feeling extremely horny, right now, she pulls my hand and shoves it down her crotch, I can feel her hot wet pussy squirming and contract as my finger were inside. No woman in this world wears any underwear, so is she. Minako, pulled up her shirt and revealed her large lactating breast and let me fondled with it freely, enjoying my finger and mouth sucking and playing with it. Holding my hard dick in both of her hands as she stroking it, Minako kneels on her knees and worshipped my cock that resting on her face.

"Suck it Love~Ehmm!you loved that don't you~Ahh..fuck!..I love the way you suck it!..".

"<Sssslllrrrpppp!!><Shhlooopp!!>..ehm!..Hmm!!..Hah!!you love using my mouth pussy Honey~..<SSlllrrpppp!!>oh I love you big cock!..every inch of itso manly~..<Ssshlloopp!!>". (Minako)

Seeing me enjoying her intense sucking and licking, Minako was even more fired up. She was intense and loving it when my dick was in her, the trails of her hot saliva drop on the floor, and also slobber all over my hard rod. I grab her head, and then moved my hip furiously, making a slapping sound even louder, Minako doesn't move an inch, despite she was having difficulties to take my whole hard 14-inch dick. No matter what I did, she was enjoying it as much as I.

"<GAG!>..Hukkkk!!..Ahh!..<PLOP!>fuck, my pussy mouth.. Honey!..Fuck em!..it's fucking yours!!..Plunged everything inside my throat!<SSLLRRpppp!!>..". (Minako)

Minako ere already enthralled by it, she loved to serve me and loved to be fucked by me on every single of her holes. Minako doesn't let my dick left her hot mouth, even when she was speaking, her lips still working and pleasing me. Under her constant vacuum and intense deep throat blowjob, I was edging to the climax.

"Fuck!..Minako!<PAK!>I'm cumming!..fuck!take it in your throat!..drink it all!!..".

I grab her head, and slam my hips forward, plunging everything inside her mouth, Minako accepted everything, she swallowed everything down to the base, sticking her face and plastered it on my crotch, whilst her throat gripping tightly on my every inch, her tongues worked even amazing, it doesn't stop moving under my rod large veins, massaging it, encouraging it to dump every bit of my load inside of her stomach.

"<SSSLLRRRPPP!!>..<GLUG~ GLUG~><PLOP!>..Ahn~..<Glup~!>Hah~..look, honeyI swallowed everything~I loved it when you do me rough like that". (Minako)

She looks up, she still sucking my tip despite her bulging cheeks, using her hand she stroke my dick, wringing everything out. After a few gulping sounds, she opened her mouth, letting out a steamy breath, and proudly show me her empty mouth, she scooped the leftover cums on her cheek and chin and drinks everything clean.

"I know..and I too loved it very much thatyou can please meprobably a most woman, will have a hard time handling my junkI'm glad that, you were my woman..Minako..<Chup~>".

I loved that she loved it, I tend to be a beast when in sex, while she loves it when she was treated roughly. Actually Maria to loves it very much. Another thing about, sex, both of them perhaps every woman in this world love them, and can't get enough of it.

"...It was hard at firstafter all, even the biggest and longest toys..aren't at your size, Honey". (Minako)

After taking care of her clothes and disheveled hair, Minako continues to wash me. But her revelations about sex toys do shock me a little bit.

"This world has sex toys too?".

"Obviously, Honeywith less man around..we woman need release even moremost of the toy, were remodeled using the existing man DickMe and Maria have bought a few..but all of them doesn't even reach your length and girth..". (Minako)

When I heard that, I supposed this is normal. But hearing that both of them get off using a dildo that was made out of another man's dick, made me a little bit jealous.

"Minakothrow away all that toys".

"Huh?..but..". (Minako)

She was reluctant and shocked as I said this.

"I don't want my woman use..another person dickeven if it's just imitationsno butunderstand..".

"<Sigh~>I know, I will dispose of all of itboth mine and Maria'sbut..Honey..we still need yourI mean you worked all daywe want you in us more". (Minako)

She agreed, but she was pleading for more, I supposed it was true that I now have less time with them. Maria and Minako are also sexually hyperactive and horny all the time, even more after tasting my dick. Hearing her saying that, she wanted me inside of hers all the time, was certainly a compliment. But naturally, how is it possible?.

"Me toobut you know, I got to work right?..also, I don't know how to make toysbut we can always do it more".

"Honey, you know it's not enough for us right?oh right!..then how about thisI know a placelet's go there tomorrow eveningPlease~..". (Minako)

"..what place?okay~..I go with you tomorrow<chup~>..let's go inside..it's a bit chilly here..".

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