The Emperor Crawling Out Of The Grave Chapter 1344

Chapter 1344: End Start

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At the moment they jumped down, a flesh and blood festering, boned hand, severely grabbed them.

"Live... Next... Go..."

The trembling voice sounded, so familiar.

"The Great..."

The three women couldn't believe their ears, and they didn't even dare to look back. They were afraid that this was just an illusion before they died.

But soon, the reality of being pulled tells them that this is real, this is not a dream.

The three of them looked back almost at the same time.

When looking at the person with only one skeleton left and the flesh and blood hanging on the skeleton, he burst into tears.

Demon Xiao Chen actually didn't die on the spot in this great fall.

This is all thanks to the small green print.

The small characters that represent life burst out all the life force at the last moment, keeping the demon Xiao Chen's body from being wiped out.

But that's all.

In fact, the soul of the demon Xiao Chen had already been torn to pieces in the Great Fall.

But Yan Hongye, Acacia, and Xiao Meili's long-term call and miss, unexpectedly condensed the devilish Xiao Chen's dying soul a little bit again.

This is a miracle.

"Ma...annoying...you, send it...I'll go up again."

Skeleton spoke with difficulty to the small green print on his shoulder.

The small print was dim, and his body was full of cracks, as if it was about to split in the next moment.

Hearing Skull's request, the small print ignited a little green fluorescence despite his injuries, exhausted his last strength.

Fluorescence held up a few people and dragged them away from the abyss.


In the void, the skeleton lay in Yan Hongye's arms, and the bones, white as jade, began to shatter inch by inch.

Demon Xiao Chen's injury is irreversible, and it is inevitable to dissipate.

"Live...Next...Go, we...will see you again..."

Yan Hongye and the three people were already crying, they thought that God had mercy on them and let the devilish Xiao Chen survive.

However, everything just now was nothing more than spectacle.

"Live well."

Demon Xiao Chen repeated these words, and his whole body collapsed away.

The snow-white ashes waved away in the void, and countless snow-white lotus flowers bloomed at this moment.

The great emperor who attacked Wushuang from generation to generation, a man who hid his tenderness in his heart, finished his life on this day.

The entire starry sky made his magnificent life.

At the last moment of death, the magical Xiao Chen gave everything back to Xingkong.

Countless snow-white lotus flowers turned into turbulent power and injected into the starry sky.

Yan Hongye, Acacia, and Xiao Meili stared at the lost lotus sea blankly. They knew that this difference would last forever.

But Yan Hongye decided to live.

Live to the day of old age, keeping the vow that we will meet again.

Yan Hongye carried the overwhelmingly sad and tranced Xiao Meili, picked up the frail and sickly Acacia, and walked toward the depths of the starry sky toward the sea of flowers.


Death is the end of all life and the end of all stories.

But there is a place to write the story after death.

This place is not the underworld, nor the underworld, nor the legendary Jiuyou.

This place is below, below the entire universe.

In this dead world, a white jade skeleton sits on the throne.

This is a lonely king, because there is no subject under the throne.

Bai Jade Skull slowly raised his hand, seeming to indicate the non-existent subjects.

"Today, the dead world will usher in a new emperor, and the horn of the counterattack of the worry-free world will be sounded by the new emperor."

Bai Jade Skull stood up, waved his big hand, full of pride.

A black, immortal door slowly opened above the throne.

A slender figure came out.

Under the empty throne, there was an earth-shattering cheer at this moment.

Bai Jade Skull looked at the slender figure and smiled happily.

"I said, I will give you a bigger stage, and only you are worthy of this stage."

The story is not over, maybe the story has just begun.


In the world created by the creation cross.

The charge here has reached a fever pitch.

Nine small characters that swelled into giants, in this world, are engaged in a life-and-death battle with that countless black armored cavalry.

Hundreds of battle souls have been smashed by nearly half at this moment.

But the nine small characters have been broken into four.

They already know why they are fighting, and they also know that it is right to do so.

Doing the right thing is the only thing they remember in the great principles taught by the magical Xiao Chen.

They know that it is the right thing to protect their own land, and there is nothing more right than this.

The small characters representing death crushed the last few small sealed **** left by the demon Xiao Chen.

The small seal ball was the last gift left by the magical Xiao Chen, and that was the reason why they could hold on for so long.

At this moment, they can no longer feel the magical Xiao Chen.

They know that the man who educates them like a father is gone.

In this case, there is nothing to miss.

The remaining five small characters were restored to their peak state in the magical Xiao Chen left behind.

They launched the final charge.

Seeing this scene, Bai Lixuan raised the spear in his hand and performed the highest courtesy of the soldiers in front of the small characters.

A true soldier should be respected and should die on the battlefield without regret.

Bai Lixuan personally sounded the horn of the charge.

He wants to see off these warriors personally.


Bravery, passion, these beautiful things, but they can't change the outcome of things.

For the two sides with too much difference in strength, the result is destined from the beginning.

The world created by the creation cross finally collapsed, and the small characters also shattered into fragments and disappeared.

The one who didn't participate in the war, the only one that survived, the small print representing life, babbled.

It is still incomprehensible text, but the sadness in it makes people unable to help crying.

The last small characters leaped in the void, collecting the fragments left by these little guys after they collapsed.

Perhaps one day, they will reappear in the thoughts of someone who remembers them.


At this time, Tianya Fudo City finally reached the barrier.

The vanguard army witnessed the great emperor's feat of defending the barrier alone in Fudo City.

They no longer fear, and they even desire to go to the battlefield quickly and follow the lonely figure.

The emperor should not be so lonely.


The exotic black armored cavalry broke through the world of Creation Cross, and they returned to the void.

Only half of the hundreds of battle spirits remained, which was a heavy blow.

But what's wrong with this? The army of hundreds of battles relies not only on quantity, but also on faith.



Feng Sanqi pulled his throat and roared hoarsely, like a mad bull.

In this roar, the vanguard army of Fudo City, all out of the city, faced the boundless coercive black armored cavalry, and began to line up.

The real war is only beginning at this moment.

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