The Emperor Crawling Out Of The Grave Chapter 1345

Chapter 1345: Tragic

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The endless starlight fell down, and the shining barrier was like a fairyland in the legend.

But now this is not a fairyland, here will soon become the most tragic battlefield.

The foreign land and the starry sky, the two sides confronted fiercely.

Just like two tigers staring at each other, no one can leave the battlefield first. This is a war without retreat.

War will never make people who are physically and mentally normal and rich in justice feel physically and mentally happy.

The war will only cause them to endure endless suffering while thrilling.

But this suffering must be endured by someone.

For myself, for relatives, for friends, for this piece of land.

Thousands of giant beasts lined up and blocked the cracked barrier.

Belonging to the starry sky, countless heavy armored iron knights summoned their own fighting spirits at this moment.

The deadly battle of Creation Cross brought the greatest wealth to this starry sky, which was to reduce nearly half of the battle spirits of the foreign heavy armor.

The number of battle spirits between the two sides is now infinitely close.


The desolate and tragic voice of the horn finally sounded.

The solemn and murderous aura gathered into a cold wind, which was rolled up high.

Looking at the place where the emperor died, Feng Sanqi raised the spear in his hand.

In his past, there has never been a time when he feels at ease like now.

Feng Sanqi decided to die here and use his body to fill in the cracked barrier.

"Fight to death, fight to death..."

Feng Sanqi's hoarse roar, mixed with the desolate horn, was tragic and awe-inspiring.

The sound of the deadly battle spread out layer by layer, leading the incomparably powerful war soul, and pulling away his own weapons.

Morale reached its peak at this moment.

Hunting with banners, thundering drums, the division of tigers and wolves.

What the Bingfeng refers to is invincible.

Invincible and invincible.

Last fight, put to death and live.

At this time, when will you wait without fighting?




The exotic black torrent collided with the colorful torrent of the starry sky.

The battle soul, as huge as a star, also entered a fierce close combat at this moment.

This is the simplest and most simple offensive and defensive battle. There is no bells and whistles of war strategy, this kind of war, perhaps any strategy is useless.

It's as simple as that if the foreign land wants to come over, and the stars don't let them come over.

It is this simplicity that has created the most tragic battlefield.

The color of blood was blurred in front of my eyes, some people began to fall, and then more people fell.

This is so terrible. Looking around, there are already corpses everywhere, and the horizon of the barrier disappears behind the corpses. This tragically grabs people's hearts.

A soldier was leaning on a mountain of corpses. His eyes were blind and his leg was broken. Looking at the surging black armor, he finally raised the spear in his hand.

Feng Sanqi shook the corpse next to him and looked at the brother on the left. There was an arrow in his right arm, but he chopped it desperately with his unskilled left hand. His face was hideous; the brother on the right screamed with red eyes. , The corners of the mouth even split, bleeding.

He couldn't smell any other smell anymore, he opened his mouth and it was full of blood.

The battle spirit has fallen apart, and the giant beasts have also fallen one by one.

The black armored cavalry in the foreign land is too powerful, and their loss is almost twice that of the opposite.

If this continues, the entire army will soon be destroyed.

Feng Sanqi didn't want to die so uselessly.

To die is to have value.

Feng Sanqi closed his eyes, the power of his whole body swelled, and the armor on his body was burst open.

The soldiers around saw this scene and understood what the old man was going to do.

Everyone closed their eyes at this moment.

The frenzied fighting spirit condensed, and the war soul that had been dissipated at this moment condensed like a miracle.

Feng Sanqi suddenly opened his eyes at this moment.


Hoarse voice, with blood coughed up.

Feng Sanqi led the rest of the people, wrapped this newly-appearing battle soul, and rushed towards the black armored cavalry.



Everything exploded, exploded among the remaining black armored cavalry.

Feng Sanqi's body exploded, the soldiers' bodies exploded, and the newly born battle spirit exploded.

They used the most tragic self-destruction, with the consequences of being immortal, pulling the black armored cavalry to death with them.

The huge transpiring cloud, the entire galaxy screamed incessantly.

No one would have thought that the first charge of Foreign Land and Starry Sky would be so tragic.

It was so tragic that in the end only one person on both sides was still alive.

Looking at the boundless corpse, and the blood of Chenghe, Bai Lixuan, whose whole body was broken, bit his lip fiercely.

Bai Lixuan did not expect that the final result would be like this.

This black armored cavalry devoted all his efforts, and this army is going to win the conquest.

But now, this army is gone, not one of them.

I was dragged by the mobs and miscellaneous troops in my own eyes.

He can't understand, he doesn't understand.

There is such a disparity in strength, why is it the last ending.

Bai Lixuan couldn't help but remembered the look in the old man's eyes before he blew up.

There was no fear, not even anger, and it didnt rain, only happiness, yes, happiness.

"Is this the miracle in your mouth?"

Bai Lixuan pulled his hair nervously, and laughed wildly while standing in the sea of blood on the corpse mountain.


The long spear full of blood in the hands of Profound General Baili plunged into the river of blood flowing in front of him.

"There is no miracle, even if there is me, I will smash it."

Bai Lixuan's indifferent voice sounded.

Even if the black armored cavalry did not make achievements, but the foreign land is not only black armored cavalry.

At this moment, the barriers behind him sounded the sound of shaking footsteps, the neighing of war horses, and the unique and shocking feeling of oppression of the army.

The dark starry sky, under the oppressive feeling of suffocation, seemed silent and weird. This silence seemed to swallow everything.

The vanguard was destroyed too quickly, and it was almost too late for the second wave of troops to arrive at the end of the world.

Even if Tianya Fudocheng has already run its horsepower, it takes time to jump in space.

This is great news for Alien.

The black armored cavalry was destroyed too quickly, letting the beacon of war burn forward.

As long as the foreign army enters the starry sky, it will not be blocked in front of this barrier.

Then all difficulties will be turned into nothingness, and the iron hoof of the foreign land will have no obstacles, and will ride unscrupulously on this rich land.

This time no one had the strength to stand alone to block the foreign army.

Bai Lixuan held his spear fiercely, and he faced it madly, only the void of the corpse roared.

"The miracle, the miracle you believe in!"

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