The Emperor Crawling Out Of The Grave Chapter 1346

Chapter 1346: Sacrifice Is A Miracle

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Still in the End of the World immovable city, rushing to the barrier with all their strength, the light cavalry army led by Ma Baizang silently watched the influence from the Eye of Supervision.

Everyone held the weapons in their hands tightly, and only hated that they could not immediately reach the barrier and step over the enemy's corpse.

But only hate and anger can't change the fact that the foreign army is about to flood into the starry sky.

Seeing countless eyes lit up behind Bai Lixuan, the army could only grit their teeth, but was powerless.

Bai Lixuan's yelling echoed in the starry sky, perhaps no one would stop them this time.

Hidden in the surroundings, Yang Xinyi, who crawled out of the abyss of the void, bit her lip fiercely when she saw this scene.

She just wanted to move, but was severely held by a big hand.

"Don't go over, our battlefield is not here." A low male voice sounded.

Yang Xinyi turned her head and saw Wenrentianxia's angular face.

For some reason, Yang Xinyi wanted to cry at this moment, but the man finally walked out.

Yang Xinyi adjusted her mood and looked at the boundless army that was about to step over the barrier: "If you don't block it now, if you really let them come, this battle will have been lost."

Wen Ren Tianxia shook his head: "Unless there is another demon Xiao Chen, a monster-like character, otherwise no one has the ability, neither you nor me."

Yang Xinyi lowered her head, and Wenren Tianxia said that it was correct. The pioneers of them, because of the shackles, had the same strength as the top emperor.

Compared with a monster like Xiao Chen with a demon nature, there is still a gap.

Under the iron torrent of Alien, even if they have the strength of a top emperor, they can't actually change the situation.

"Just look at it like that?" Yang Xinyi was full of unwillingness.

Wenrentianxia is also full of embarrassment, and now they are going out to deliver food to the other side.

But if you don't go out and don't do anything, this hurdle in your heart won't pass, it's not as good as the cat of the abyss.

"There must be arrangements, there must be arrangements."

Wen Ren Tianxia gritted his teeth, if there is really no miracle, then he will definitely take action.

"The miracle you want...coming!"

When Bai Lixuan screamed frantically, a heroic voice resounded across the starry sky.

End of the World did not move the army in the city, looking at the screen of the Eye of Monitoring, their mouths opened wide.

In the army, there are children from the earth.

Seeing that person, these children from the earth, moved to tears.

He is a well-deserved hero in the hearts of all children, he is the vanguard of resistance, and he is the embodiment of strength.

"The Great Sage..."

Yang Xinyi and Wenren Tianxia looked at each other and laughed. It really was a miracle.

On the top of the day, a monkey with a golden armour, colorful auspicious clouds on his feet, and a hairy face, thunder's mouth, laughed loudly.

Smile so happy, so presumptuous.

This is actually the Monkey King, Monkey King, and King Sun who have been missing for a long time, looking for the Sky Stone.

"That enchanting evildoer, Hugh is presumptuous."

Sun Dasheng roared, the golden hoop in his hand turned into a Tianzhu, and he slammed straight down at Bai Lixuan.

Maybe Bai Lixuan didn't react, maybe he was too surprised, no matter what the reason.

Bai Lixuan, a well-deserved second master in a foreign land, was directly smashed and flew out.

The Great Sage fell before the barrier, looking at the countless bright eyes.

The Great Sage sneered, waved his big hand, and four shining things flew out.

Bai Lixuan, who was smashed into the air, seemed to realize something, and was shocked and angry in an instant.

"Naughty animal, dare you."

The spear in Bai Lixuan's hand screamed, pulling up the broken void, rolling up a huge black hole, and heading straight towards the Great Sage.


Facing this blow full of anger, the Great Sage did not retreat but instead moved forward.

Behind the great sage rises the world of Faxiang and the huge Faxiang holding the golden cudgel sticks straight into the black hole rolled up by Bailixuan.

The power of horror burst instantly, and directly dissipated the world of law behind the Great Sage.

However, Bai Lixuan just shook his body, and kept the spear in his hand, piercing directly at the thing thrown by the Great Sage.

Seeing that one of them was about to be destroyed, the not-so-tall body of Great Sage suddenly stood in front of Bailixuan's spear.

The spear pierced the Great Sage's chest directly, but the Great Sage also grabbed Bai Lixuan's spear fiercely.

At this moment, all the four shining things shattered.

Countless fluorescent lights appeared in the starry sky, illuminating the entire starry sky as bright as daylight.

"Make up... the sky... the stone..."

Bai Lixuan gritted his teeth.

The last battle of the barrier was because of this thing, and it fell short in the end.

These fluorescent lights gathered together and started to repair the broken barriers.

Seeing this scene, Bai Lixuan suddenly laughed.

"It's a pity, the degree of the barrier's cracking this time can't be compensated by the sky-filling stone!"

The Great Sage also laughed.

"Very funny?" Bai Lixuan was furious when he saw this wild smile.

"Of course." The big sage grinned, his mouth full of blood.

"Your grandpa, I'm not here to make up a barrier. Grandpa, I'm not that capable."

The Great Sage's mouth was full of ridicule, and Bai Lixuan's eyelids jumped in anger.

The Great Sage turned his head and looked at the barrier where the fluorescent light gathered, and said mockingly: "Even if the sky-filling stone can't repair the barrier, you won't be able to rush for the time being, can you?"

"You use your own life to delay time, is it worth it?" Baili Xuanqi took a deep breath.

"What do you think?" The Great Sage sneered.

The word "you" made Bai Lixuan feel so insulted, how could such a stupid question be asked.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

At this moment, the barrier behind them sounded the sound of the stomping of the army advancing, and there was no fluorescent light around this barrier.

Bai Lixuan suddenly stopped being angry. He laughed, just like the Great Sage, smiling extremely happily.

"It's a pity, why one is missing from the five sky-repairing stones? The sky-repairing formation is not complete, tusk!"

"Haha!" Dasheng smiled happily.

"Keep your dog's eyes wide open, who said there are only four sky-filling stones!" The Great Sage suddenly glared.

Bai Lixuan was so smart that he immediately reacted.

"You are the fifth sky-filling stone!"

"Haha, grandson is not too dumb."

The great sage said, the chest nailed by the spear glowed with golden light.

"Send you the last big gift."


As soon as the words of the Great Sage fell, the golden light on his chest shook out wildly.

The violent power directly impacted Bai Lixuan and flew him out.

Bai Lixuan stabilized his figure in the air and forcibly swallowed the blood from his throat.

At this time, those golden divine lights that exploded were connected with the previous fluorescent lights, blocking the last hole in the barrier.

Behind the barrier, the marching noise finally stopped.

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