The End Of The World’s Poisonous Mom And Monster Baby Chapter 175

Chapter 174 Volume 2 Chapter 68 Xiao Baozi Gone Missing

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Perhaps it had once questioned whether his heart was black, and had also thought about swallowing him alive, but in the end, the zombie king just crumpled the heart that was still beating.

Then it threw away the corpse that had lost its heart into the zombie group to allow the corpses to share the food. The zombie king covered its heart and watched silently until the corpse only had bones and meat residues. Then it let out a howl.

Receiving the orders, the zombies retreated like the tide and scattered until they could no longer be seen, leaving only the vacant zombie king.

At the moment when it had gotten its revenge, there was no joy, no sorrow, only confusion. It suddenly remembered some scenes in its mind. Not knowing whether she was lucky or not, she had fallen from the building into the flower bed. There she broke her leg and some other parts she couldnt tell, and was bitten by the zombie.

It became a zombie and followed other zombies wandering around, eating people, eating the same kind, and finally it became the top amongst its kind.

It seemed to remember something then and returned to the downstairs where it had originally fallen. Among the piles of bones, it picked up a bone that had been eaten clean.

When it was windy and raining, it would hide the bones in some abandoned houses. When it was fighting, it would carefully protect the bones. Even if it was injured, the bones could not be damaged.

For this reason, it was wounded several times, and as a result, it learned to ambush in secret. Waiting for both sides to be injured, then it would go out and finish them off.

It remembered that it had an enemy, someone they hated to their bones. But now its enemy was dead, with no corpse remaining. It did not know what to do next.

"Nowhere to go?" Shao Qing lifted the zombie kings chin and carefully observed its neck, where it was rotted very badly. This should be the wound that was originally bitten by the zombie.

Towards the same kind, the zombie king maintained a high degree of vigilance, but for Shao Qing, it was a little grateful. It looked at Shao Qing confused.

Shao Qing told it very seriously: "Go all the way to the south, Jiangcheng, my friends are there. It is very suitable for settlement. If you have no place to go, you can go to Jiangcheng."

The zombie king gratefully thanked her. Then she took the monkey-like brother and evacuated with the zombies.

Zhao Hansheng was still hanging there, a little stunned. The zombies that troubled them were solved just like that?

A second ago he was still thinking that even if he died, he would die before the base was broken. Then in the next second, the zombies all disbanded.

It was like a dream. He couldnt even tell whether the zombie siege was a dream or when the zombies starting dissipating was a dream.

Shao Qing collected her vines back and said to Zhao Hansheng and the others: "The crisis is resolved, you can go back to the city. The only problem is that you need to choose another base chief."

The remaining group of people all expressed that even if the base chief was still alive, they would not let a beast with human skin become the base chief.

It was time for a new candidate for base chief. The people all simultaneously turned to look at Zhao Hansheng.

However, Zhao Hansheng was still ignorant. He stared closely at the back of Shao Qings departure. He was indescribably disappointed in his heart and there was a feeling he didnt understand.

She was a very mysterious girl. He had never seen such a woman. Powerful, mysterious, independent and autonomous. Even her beauty was majestic and charming.

They probably wont meet again.

Zhao Hansheng rubbed his chest, that strange feeling had been lingering in his heart and refused to disperse.

Shao Qing on the other hand had reunited with her friends. Qin Zixi stared at her with big dark circles, apparently he hadnt slept well. When Shao Qing came back, he was finally relieved and looked at Shao with a very grieving look.

Shao Qing hurriedly told everyone about the general situation, and attracted several peoples anger. In the end of the world, when law no longer plays its role, some people who have suppressed their inner devil for a long time all let it go.

When the moral shackles are undone, the shackles of the law have no effect at all. Some people became wanton, blind to the law and became mad.

Now that the matter has been resolved, they would have to rush back. In fact, they would have to speed up to go back. Otherwise halfway through their journey, the Gu siblings would arrive with reinforcements.

So when they went back, Qin Zixi asked his younger brother to find a group of mutant wolves. Each rode a head and hurried back. When they arrived at the door of Jing Du, Qin Zixi just released the mutant wolves and saw Father Qin who happened to take the reinforcements out.

If they came a little late, they might have missed each other.

When Father Qin saw them, he froze and asked, "What, is the battle over? The base was broken? How did you come back?"

Qin Zixi had to repeat what Shao Qing said yesterday, and then said: "We were worried that the reinforcements were going too fast. If we came back too slowly, we would bump into the reinforcements while we were on the road, then the reinforcements would have moved out in vain. So I sped up the speed of returning."

Father Qin knew that the zombie siege had ended. At this time, he looked at Shao Qing very differently. Daring to investigate the news by herself, regardless of whether she succeeded or not, one could tell that Shao Qing was brave and scheming.

"Now that things have been completed, then come back." Father Qin spoke calmly. This was the first task he assigned to Qin Zixi and he had completed it so well, beyond his expectations.

Father Qin actually wanted to praise Qin Zixi, but he was thin-skinned and he was embarrassed to say it out loud. Second, he was inexperienced at giving praise. Third, he was afraid that Qin Zixi would get arrogant. After a long while, Father Qing cleared his throat: "Go back and rest, the rush back must have been tiring."

Qin Zixi also responded with a blank expression and led the friends inside. Shao Qing could actually see that Father Qin cared a lot about Qin Zixi, otherwise he would not receive the news of the return of the Gu siblings and hurriedly take people out.

When a general from a military family came out with his soldiers, his button on his collar was still crooked. How worried must he have been?

This father and son duo were obviously very concerned about each other, and they care about each other, but they simply hold back and say nothing. They preferred the cold war rather than expressing their inner thoughts.

Shao Qing felt tired for them.
After entering Jing Du, the group relaxed. Although there was only one person who took some risks, the few people who waited outside did not have a good time. Everyone was worried and could not sleep well.

As soon as they returned to Jing Du, they felt a sense of security. Yet when they returned to the entrance of the Qins, everyone saw Grandpa Qin panicking with several people in tow.

As soon as he saw Shao Qing, the old man couldnt hold back, and immediately said: "Baby is gone!"

These past few days, the old man watched over Xiao Baozi. He would play with Xiao Baozi on the daily and occasionally when Xiao Baozi would play at the entrance, he would make sure someone was secretly protecting him.

This way the old man was more at ease.

But today, Xiao Baozi said he was going to play ball at the door and the old man was busy dealing with the strange mist that Shao Qing gave them before, so he arranged several superhumans to secretly protect Xiao Baozi.

But when it was lunch time, the old man found out that Xiao Baozi did not come back. He went to the door and called, and found that Xiao Baozi was gone.

He was taken aback at that time. He contacted the bodyguards assigned to Xiao Baozi, but could not reach them. So he quickly mobilized the bodyguards and housemaids to look around.

As a result, several bodyguard bodies were found in the corner. The wounds on the body were clean and neat. Obviously, they were killed with one move. It could not be seen what kind of superhuman the killer was.

The old man had cold hands and feet and almost fainted. He really took Xiao Baozi as his grandson. Now that Xiao Baozi suddenly disappeared and the person who was protecting Xiao Baozi also died, even if he was accustomed to countless storms and waves and the political arena could not affect him, at this moment, he had become an ordinary panicking old man.

Just as the old man was organizing manpower and was about to look for Xiao Baozi, Shao Qing returned.

When Shao Qing heard that Xiao Baozi was gone, she turned black. She thought Jing Du was safe before leaving Xiao Baozi behind. As a result, within a few days, Xiao Baozi had gone missing.

Her heart that hadnt beaten since she was resurrected but now it was trembling. She clutched the arms of the people around her and lowered her voice. She tried hard to make her voice sound more stable: "Go search. Turn over Jing Du once, turn it over ten times. I have to get my son back."

Yan Qiyue felt pain from being grabbed, but still comforted Shao Qing softly: "Hell be fine. Jing Du isnt very big, itll be easy to find. The people who kidnapped Xiao Baozi must be targeting you, so they wont hurt baby easily and its not like baby doesnt have any self-protection ability. Dont worry."
Shao Qing couldnt hear a word of comfort at the moment. Her brain was full of the words "search search search". Grandpa Qin and Father Qin hurried down the order and mobilized everyone.

Looking around, a person suddenly flashed in Shao Qings mind. Lin Qifan! In the past few days, Lin Qifan must have come over frequently to find Xiao Baozi. Before disappearing, Xiao Baozi said that he would go to the door to play with someone. Then it is very likely that this person was Lin Qifan and possibly the person who took Xiao Baozi away.

Shao Qing spoke about her speculation with her friends and then they divided into several groups. Each group brought a person familiar with Jing Du, and then dispersed to find the women related to Lin Qifan.

When I find Lin Qifan, I might find Xiao Baozi.

Shao Qing, Yan Qiyue and Er Dai with a person familiar with Jing Du went searching for Liu Xin. When they came to Jing Du this time, they saw Liu Xin and Lin Qifan together. Due to being jealous about Lin Qifan, she almost killed a pair of siblings. She should know where Lin Qifan was right?

Liu Xin was currently having fun with her group of scoundrel friends at the moment. When Shao Qing kicked the door open, it gave her a fright.

As soon as she saw Shao Qing, she was taken aback. But this time there was no Qin Zixi, so she was relieved after being scared.

Without seeing Qin Zixi there, Liu Xin became a lot more courageous and she was supported by her lot of scumbag friends. She immediately patted the table and said: "What do you want to do? This is my home, a private mansion! Even if I beat you to death, it would be a legitimate defense."

Shao Qing had no time to hear her chatter. She pulled out a knife and nailed it to the table: "Im going to ask you two questions, answer truthfully or Ill dig your eyes out."

Shao Qing had no ups and downs for her emotions. It was as if it was no threat, but Liu Xin shuddered abruptly. But feeling that being threatened by Shao Qing in front of her group of friends was losing her a lot of face, she stuck her neck out and said: "You think Ill say what you want me to say? Who do you think you are?"

Actually, her words were weak when she spoke. Shao Qing who was not in a mood to say anything to her gripped her knife and inserted it directly into the back of Liu Xins hand, nailing her palm to the table.
Liu Xin screamed in pain, and her scumbag friends wanted to step forward to help, but were thrown to the ground by Shao Qings vines.

"I am not in the mood mood and have no time to spend here with you. Im giving you two choices, immediately tell me where Lin Qifan is or second, let me kill you."

Liu Xin breathed in pain. However, she also knew that Shao Qing wasnt joking. If she really refused again, Shao Qing would dig her eyes out and destroy her.

So Liu Xin quickly said: "Lin Qifan lives in the west of the city. There is a small villa, the address is "

When she said the address, Shao Qing calmly pulled out the knife. She didnt even wipe off the blood. Then, she followed the guide to the destination stated.

Liu Xin still liked Lin Qifan. As soon as Shao Qing left, she tried to call Lin Qifan, but it failed to get through.

On this side, Shao Qing had already reached the place where Lin Qifan lived and violently destroyed the door. The three people searched the entire villa, but did not see Lin Qifan.

Her face became sullen, and her mood became more and more irritable. Yan Qiyue quickly comforted her: "Lets go back to the Qins first, what if there is some news? What if they already found him?"

Although she knew that hope was slim, Shao Qing nodded and walked back. Er Dai could not speak, so he pulled Yan Qiyues sleeves and asked Yan Qiyue to comfort Shao Qing.

Yan Qiyue said: "Ah Qing, you have to think about the good side of things. No matter what kind of thoughts the person had when they took baby, they will not hurt baby. They definitely want to exchange baby for something from us, and baby has powers. He is small and they wont have their guards up against him. In addition with Yayas protection, everything will be fine."

Yaya! "Shao Qings eyes lit up and she quickly picked up her pace: "Go!"

The two scratched their heads, but hurried behind Shao Qing. Shao Qing was so happy at the moment. How could she forget her Yaya!

Yayas IQ was not inferior to the average person and she did not find Yaya at the site where Xiao Baozi got kidnapped. That is to say, Yaya is likely with Xiao Baozi right now.

When they went back, there was no news about Xiao Baozi. Then Shao Qing turned to where Xiao Baozi disappeared.

Hard work wont turn its back on resolute people. She finally found something, a pinch of rabbit fur. This rabbit fur was found where Xiao Baozi often played ball with Yaya. If someone didnt know they would have thought it fell off when Yaya was picking up the ball.

The rabbit fur pointed towards the west. Shao Qing immediately shouted: "This is likely to be left behind by Yaya, lets go!"

They went all the way west, and after walking very far, they really saw a handful of rabbit fur in a corner.

The rabbit fur was placed towards the west. This time they were certain that it was deliberately left behind.

While Shao Qing searched along the marks left by Yaya, Xiao Baozi was currently in a daze. He was kept in a small black room with only Yaya in his arms to accompany him.

When the man who caught him was gone, Xiao Baozi secretly got up from the ground and tried to look out from the window on his tiptoes, but the window was too high for him to reach at all.

Xiao Baozi was a bit discouraged. He fiddled with Yaya in his arms, and whispered: "When will Mama come back. When she knows that Im gone, Mama will be very anxious!"

"Yaya, what do you think? When will Mama come to save us?" After talking for a while, Xiao Baozi sighed and began to squeeze Yaya.

The squished rabbits face swelled, and it couldnt help rolling its eyes. It had left behind clues for Shao Qing. With no other solutions, it had to endure the pain and pluck its own fur. If Shao Qing didnt find the evidence left behind, it would be bad. If she did find it, she would definitely find them.

Yaya grimaced at the thought. This time it had contributed a lot of its fur, and it was very distressing to pluck the fur out. When Shao Qing found them, it must ask Shao Qing for a lot of carrots to make up for the amount of fur it had plucked off.

After Xiao Baozi was taken into captivity, they were kept in a small black room. The people who caught them seemed to be there too. Xiao Baozi was very smart and didnt want to sit and wait for death. He started to look around everywhere.

The little black house was empty, there was nothing, not even a light. There was only a door and a window. He jumped, looking out through the window and found that there was a lot of steel and other things stacked outside.

Some of them have rusted, and Xiao Baozi jumped and jumped, trying to take everything on the outside into account.

It seemed like a very dilapidated factory, and there were many things like rusty steel bars piled on the ground.

The windows were so small that he couldnt see any more.

Outside, several people sat around in a circle while Lin Qifan poured water for each one like a younger brother.

He had thought that he could sway Shao Qing through Xiao Baozi as he strongly believed Shao Qing would have some feelings left towards him. After all, one day of marriage is a hundred days of favour. A Hundred days of marriage was as deep as the ocean.

As long as Shao Qing forgave him, everything would get better. He will have a better life in the future.

Then a group of people came looking for Shao Qing. This group of people were very strong. Any one of them was a lot stronger than the strongest superhuman Lin Qifan has seen.

They came straight to Lin Qifan and asked Lin Qifan to cooperate with them and grabbed Xiao Baozi to threaten Shao Qing.

After the matter was completed, he would be given enough crystals and food for the rest of his life then he could go anywhere he wanted.

Lin Qifans heart moved. Wasnt the reason he wanted Shao Qings forgiveness was to have a better life in the future?

In fact these people promised him all these things, it was too tempting. With the grains and crystals, he can find a small base, and live out the rest of his life splendidly.

So after confirming that they really have the financial resources, Lin Qifan agreed decisively.

After agreeing, those people told him their plans. They would use Xiao Baozi to lead Shao Qing over and kill her.

Lin Qifan hesitated for a moment, and then cooperated with them to catch Xiao Baozi. It wasnt his first time betraying people anyway, hes already quite experienced.

So Lin Qifan immediately took the group of people to the door of the Qins house and caught Xiao Baozi. When they caught Xiao Baozi, the group made their move against the bodyguards of Xiao Baozi. The strength of the group made Lin Qifan feel at ease.

As long as Shao Qing dies, no one would look for him for revenge and he can live a good life with a peace of mind.

"When will you spread the news?" Asked a strong burly man.

Another skinny monkey-like person immediately replied: "Originally I thought once Shao Qing got the news of her sons disappearance, she would hurry back and it would take a long time. I didnt expect her to come back earlier than expected, but it doesnt matter. Wait a little longer. Once it gets dark, it would be good to start."

"Shou Zi said that when we put the letter in the crack of Qins door, Shao Qing, who will get the news, would definitely come over. Since she loves her son so much, take that opportunity to surround her and kill her. Then the mission will be complete and we can quickly withdraw!" said the somber man in the middle.

Lin Qifan couldnt help but swallow his saliva. He wasnt ashamed or feeling guilty, but he was imagining how happy he would be after he got those things.

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