The End Of The World’s Poisonous Mom And Monster Baby Chapter 176

Chapter 175 Volume 2 Chapter 69 Wont Die

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Volume 2 Chapter 69 Wont Die


"Lets do it!" The man rubbed his palms and said: "Leave it to me to deliver the letter."

"Where are you going to deliver the letter?" A faint voice suddenly sounded in the room, and the man impatiently replied: "Didnt I just say it? To the Qins house, Qin"

He was halfway through his sentence before suddenly feeling something wrong. If he remembered correctly, there were no women in their group, so where was this womans voice coming from?

Suddenly the door rumbled and was broken into a pile of pieces and scattered over the ground. Shao Qing patted her hands, then entered calmly. She took a glance around and asked in a cold voice: "Where is my son?"

The entire scene was quiet. No one knew how Shao Qing came, and what flaws they had revealed allowing Shao Qing to actually find them.

"Kill her!" The leading man gritted his teeth, and those around him immediately rushed up. Two people came out from Shao Qings side, one left and one right:Er Dai and Yan Qiyue.

Yan Qiyue stepped forward, then raised his palm and held it out. Then a person, squeezed by the air around him, exploded causing flesh and blood to splatter everywhere. It looked terrifying.

On the other side, Er Dai had rushed into the crowd. His nails were like sharp blades. Whoever made contact with them would have a large piece of flesh torn off. Someone seemed to discover that he was different. Then they exclaimed: "Zombie!"

Shao Qing took a step forward, and vines came out of the ground following her movements. This group of people couldnt even withstand one blow.

Lin Qifan noticed something wrong at that time. He swallowed his saliva in horror, and then retreated silently. When Shao Qing and the others did not notice him, Lin Qifan had retreated into the backyard warehouse.

From the dozen superhumans, in the hands of Shao Qing, they did not hold up for even five minutes. Ignoring the blood everywhere, Shao Qing said anxiously: "Go to baby first."

At this moment, Xiao Baozi was trying to save himself. Before he can study whether the window can be drilled out, Xiao Baozi heard the sound of the door unlocking.

Immediately after that, Lin Qifan pushed open the door and walked in. Xiao Baozi was full of vigilance, but his face still looked confused. He whispered, "You came to play with me? But I am in a bad mood now, and I dont want to play ball. "

Lin Qifan, who was still carrying the smell of blood that did not disperse looked at Xiao Baozi in a gloomy manner and silently moved forward.

Xiao Baozi was very nervous, but his face didnt show it at all. He leaned back into the corner. Before he could speak, he heard Shao Qings voice ring: "Son! Where are you!"

Xiao Baozis eyes lit up immediately, his mother came to rescue him!

"Mama! Im here!" As soon as Xiao Baozis voice came out, Lin Qifan threw himself over. He seemingly tried to turn Xiao Baozi into a hostage. Yaya was squatted beside Xiao Baozi, and there was no movement. At the moment when Lin Qifan made a move, Yaya immediately sprang up. His rabbits paw swept out and a paw was shot at Lin Qifans face.

Lin Qifan was originally an ordinary person. How could he stand the foot of a high-level mutant animal? Thus, he was swatted to the wall by Yaya.

Shao Qing hurried over when she heard the sound and saw Xiao Baozi squatting in the house. She was shocked and happy. She quickly stepped forward and hugged Xiao Baozi. Her voice was a little choked: "Scared me you scared me "

"Mama, dont be afraid, dont be afraid." Xiao Baozi gently patted Shao Qings back, and then whispered: "Baby is not hurt at all, look"

Shao Qing hugged Xiao Baozi tightly. She felt that her eyes were a little wet, but she didnt even shed a tear. She only felt a heavy gasp and an unbearable choked throat, representing her almost collapsed heart.

She had never been so scared in her life, even when she almost died several times. Xiao Baozi was more important than her own life.

Taking her baby away was the equivalent of trying to kill her.

Shao Qing hugged Xiao Baozi tightly and was reluctant to loosen it even for a moment. Lin Qifan tried to leave when he saw this. He crawled out of the corner, and after two steps, he was kicked back by Yaya.

The sound awakened Shao Qing. When Shao Qing turned to see Lin Qifan, her eyes became scarlet because of her anger.

At this moment, she really wanted to smash him to pieces, otherwise she could not relieve her hatred.

Lin Qifan felt a thick murderous intent from Shao Qings body. He shrank in horror. His entire person felt like he was walking on the verge of death, his heart was about to burst.

Lin Qifan was very scared. He didnt want to die. He hadnt lived enough. He wanted to continue to live. Yet, Shao Qings hatred for him was at the pinnacle, step by step she approached him.

Lin Qifan tried to escape, but Shao Qing stepped on his leg.

Shao Qings foot stepped down hard and Lin Qifans leg was shattered at once. He screamed with pain, and began to have fine sweat appear on his forehead.

"Dont dont kill me!" Lin Qifan hugged his legs and rolled on the ground with pain. He finally calmed himself down and then crawled forward two steps, hugging Shao Qings thighs: "Ah Qing, Ah Qing, even if you dont look at anything else, just based on our past love, as long as you let me go, I will leave Jing Du immediately. I will leave the whole northern area and will never appear again in front of you."

Shao Qing glanced down at him and couldnt help saying : "Disgusting. "

She had never seen such a disgusting man. She must have been blind before to fall in love with such a man.

Lin Qifan didnt care what Shao Qing said at all, he just hugged Shao Qings thigh tightly and said with snot and tears running down his face: "You know, I love you so much. Just look at our past and let me go. I was coerced by them, they threatened me, they wanted to kill me. I was forced into it "

Shao Qing could not bear it and kicked him off. Yan Qiyue and Er Dai came over, and the two glanced at Lin Qifan. Yan Qiyue said coldly: "Ah Qing, kill him. Looking at him makes me sick."

Does he have a heart? How can he do these kinds of things over and over again? Then afterwards, with such a disgusting face, beg her for forgiveness.

They really have learned a lot.

"Dont kill me, dont kill me" Lin Qifan wanted to hold onto Shao Qings thighs and cry, but unfortunately Shao Qing was disgusted with him and was unwilling to let him come close.
Shao Qing looked at Lin Qifan who was crying, and the corners of her mouth suddenly hooked upwards: "Tell me, what did you do wrong? If youre clear and thorough, maybe I can let you live."

Lin Qifan was a bit surprised and quickly said: "I know that I was wrong. I shouldnt have done such a beastly thing because I was threatened by them. I almost hurt you, your son and you should hate me. Im willing to compensate you, apologize to you, take care of you. I can be a cow, a horse "

"You know that I dont want to hear those things." Shao Qing said lightly.

Lin Qifan gritted his teeth and gave himself a slap: "Im worse than a beast, Im possessive. It was my fault, it was me."

He spoke while slapping himself with quite some strength. Not long after, his face was completely swollen.

Shao Qing kicked and whispered: "Well, I forgive you. Rest assured, I wont kill you."

Before Lin Qifan relaxed, Shao Qing stepped on Lin Qifans other leg and it was crushed by Shao Qing.

Not just his legs, but his arms as well. She crushed them little by little, until she reached his neck.

In the end, almost all the bones in Lin Qifans body were broken by Shao Qing and the ones that could not be broken were shattered.

At the beginning, Lin Qifan still begged for mercy. The pain was deep and he would curse, but by the end he was so exhausted, he didnt speak anymore.

Like a dying dog, he laid on the ground gasping low moans. If he wasnt moaning, his body would occasionally twitch. Shao Qing really thought he was dead.

Because all the bones in his body were broken, Lin Qifan was lying on the ground like a pile of mud. Shao Qing pulled out her knife then on his face she carved out cuts one after another. Every time she drew a line, it was so deep that the bones could be seen as the flesh split apart.

The hatred, the sadness, and the anger all came out with each slice of this knife, then like smoke it dispersed.

When the last knife sliced Lin Qifans tongue, Shao Qing suddenly felt that the depression in her heart had completely disappeared.
It was only when Shao Qing finished that she remembered a very serious issue. The scene was too bloody, Xiao Baozi will be afraid.

She quickly went to hug Xiao Baozi and took Yan Qiyue and Er Dai out, leaving only a puddle of meat on the ground.

Lin Qifans bones were all broken, his face was unrecognizable, and his tongue was cut. He could only lie there and wait to die. Shao Qing smirked. Like she promised, she wont kill him.

However, in this world, there are many things more terrible than death.

For example, wishing you were dead.

Lin Qifan didnt die. He had a superhuman power, that is, the recovery ability of a superhuman. This was a power selfish to the extreme. Although it is weak, it supported him surviving.

But it was better to die than live. Since then, there has been no more Lin Qifan in the world. There was only one beggar left, with a rotting body, begging on the streets of Jing Du.

He had no tongue. Except for his hands, his body was almost the same as meat puree. When begging, he also used his hands to crawl forward.

Sometimes he remembered that long long ago, when he first met Shao Qing, her appearance was cold and chilly. When she suddenly opened her eyes, she carried a sense of danger, like a poisonous flower in bloom and captured his heart at once.

He was standing in the light, she was sitting in the shadows, between the light and the dark, for the first time he violated his usual mindset to come into contact with trouble.

As for betrayal

Lin Qifan thought he was too greedy.

At first, there was some unwillingness, why is she stronger than him? Even if he was a man, why was she the one taking care of him.

Later, he wanted to make it easier for her and not wanting to be weaker than her, he vowed to make more money.

In the end, greed took him step by step towards destruction.

This was probably his nature. Even if he fell in love with a person, his favorite was still himself. Besides himself, everyone else can be sacrificed

Shao Qing finally found her son back and her whole person was different. She began to hold Xiao Baozi every moment: sleeping, eating, walking, every moment.

After leaving Xiao Baozi for more than a minute, she panicked and became confused. On the way back, she hugged Xiao Baozi tightly all the way, almost causing Xiao Baozi to have difficulty in breathing.

Yan Qiyue contacted Father Qin to drag the bodies of those superhumans back. They would try to identify them to find out who was targeting Shao Qing.

In the end, who had an enmity against Shao Qing? Such deep hatred that they would set a trap to kill Shao Qing?

Shao Qing was confused, who did she provoke? After much consideration, only one person remained, Wu Buping.

Before she had gotten in between Wu Buping and Zhu Mochen, thus Wu Bupings plan against Zhu Mochen failed. Wu Buping must have hated her.

But would something like that make Wu Buping want to urgently kill her?

Shao Qing scratched her head and sat on the sofa with Xiao Baozi waiting for the result to come back. Finally, Father Qin walked in and frowned, "Cant find it."

"I asked my people to compare the recorded superhumans of Jing Du, but we couldnt find them. It seems that the people who started this are very cautious." Qin Dad said with a headache: "I still need some time to carefully investigate and check the superhumans that have recently entered and exited Jing Du. Maybe Ill be able to find a few of them. "

Shao Qing didnt think that Father Qin could immediately find out. After all they werent fools, they wouldnt be able to easily find a group of exposed killers.

Furthermore, she already has a person of suspicion. Except for Wu Buping, there should be no other person. He had the power to arrange such a killing game too.

Wu Buping was really ruthless. He wanted to kill her for such a trivial matter? He also dispatched so many superhumans with unclear backgrounds, arranging it in such a meticulous manner.

If it wasnt for her Yaya who left some marks, it is really possible that she would have gone to this great banquet alone after receiving the letter.

However, Wu Buping was destined not to kill her. This was because even if she went to the banquet alone, they wouldnt be able to kill her with such little manpower.

Wu Buping has underestimated her. Unless the entire Mad Demon squad came to lay out the trap, Shao Qing would not be afraid.

Can Wu Buping bring out more than two rank 5 superhumans to strangle her? Without more than two rank 5 superhumans, no one could restrain her.

"Ill be counting on you." Shao Qing sincerely said. Father Qing had a cold face: "The child was abducted at my house, I bear a great responsibility. No need to thank me."

Shao Qings mouth twitched. She was not prepared to thank him.

Father Qin continued: "Listening to the old man, the strange mist you gave him last time has already been studied. When the old man comes back, we can talk about it in detail."

The old man was probably just as anxious as Shao Qing, he had just taken a group of people to go hunting for Xiao Baozi. Even though Father Qin sent the news out already to let him know that Xiao Baozi had been found, he still couldnt get back home that quickly.

But the old man still came back faster than what Father Qin estimated. As soon as he arrived at the door, he couldnt help shouting: "Baby? Where is baby? Didnt you say you found him?!"

"Grandpa, Im here!" When Xiao Baozi heard his voice, he quickly poked his head out from within Shao Qings arms. Then like a gust of wind, Grandpa Qin ran in.

He wanted to hug Xiao Baozi, but remembering that Xiao Baozi was lost under his watch, he felt guilty to hug him.

Xiao Baozi quickly rushed up. Holding the old mans chin, he kissed the old man and then said: "Was grandfather worried about baby? You see baby is fine!"

"Hehe, baby is good." The old man felt his heart ache and gave Xiao Baozi a loving kiss. Then the people sat down and spoke.

After talking about the kidnapping, the old man said: "The result of the mist check came out. It is a kind of chemical weapon. I am going to send some people to watch Wu Buping and the Mad demon mercenary group at all times. I think they must be doing similar experiments in secret."

Father Qin also nodded: "Otherwise, it is impossible for them to develop these mists and directly make them into weapons. It would take many experiments to make them."

Shao Qings thoughts were almost all placed on Xiao Baozi. She just said: "Everything will be left up to you two. I think the Mad demons are very dangerous. It is better to send more people to watch, just in case."

Grandpa Qin nodded and said: "This matter can be resolved tomorrow. The top priority is to investigate first. For those who are targeting you and your baby, the entire Jing Du should know that you live in the Qin house, so to dare start something, there shouldnt be many."

Shao Qing thought for a while: "I want to take my child out of Jing Du first "

Before she finished, Grandfather Qins eyes were about to fall out of his eyes, but his expression was blank. His voice sounded a bit guilty: "Is it because of this kidnapping?"

This time it was definitely his fault. He should not have allowed Xiao Baozi to play by himself outside, otherwise such a thing would not have happened.

The old mans confidence was low and his mood was even worse. He promised Shao Qing he would take good care of Xiao Baozi, but in the end, he was kidnapped under his supervision.

More importantly, Shao Qing was the one to rescue Xiao Baozi. This made the old man feel even worse.

But he really didnt want to let Xiao Baozi leave. He liked him very much, as much as his own grandson. Yet now Xiao Baozi is leaving and who knows when he will see him again.

Jing Du is so far away from S City. Shao Qing and Xiao Baozi would definitely not be able to come back in two-three days.

That is to say, it will be difficult for him to see Xiao Baozi in the future.

Grandfather Qin was totally decadent. He was aggrieved and pitiful. He shrunk in the corner and did not speak.

He knew that he did not have the right to ask Xiao Baozi to stay.

Seeing Grandfather Qins dejected atmosphere, sitting in the corner and looking very pitiful, Shao Qing couldnt help but say: "There is one more thing I must trouble Grandpa Qin with."

Grandpa Qin woke up a little and asked, "What is it? "

Shao Qing smiled and said: "Can you find me a house in Jing Du? I want to buy a house. "

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