The Engineering Boss Chapter 554

Chapter 550: Director Xu

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There are frequent traffic jams on Yingbin Avenue, and it is the peak time for work, so Chen Yang did not drive the car on Yingbin Avenue, but parked at the street parking space closest to the destination.

Then Chen Yang took the mid-level administrator and mid-level constructor who had only been successfully upgraded in the morning to the meeting place with Director Xu.

Ten minutes later, the three of Chen Yang reached the goal, but Director Xu and others had not seen it yet.

Look at the time there is more than ten minutes before the meeting time at 2:30, and at this moment the traffic jam on Yingbin Avenue has begun.

"In such traffic jams every day, a viaduct should indeed be built to ease the traffic pressure."

"However, once I start to repair the viaduct, this avenue will become even more congested."

If Chen Yang starts to build the viaduct, his construction site will occupy at least half of the driveway, and it will be even more congested.

But these are not things that Chen Yang has to consider. What he has to consider is how to repair the viaduct in the shortest possible time.

After the three people waited for about twenty minutes, an off-road vehicle stopped in front of the three, and then a middle-aged man with a bald head got out of the vehicle.

Immediately after getting out of the car was a man and a woman, basically the same age as Chen Yang.

At this time, Director Xu took out his cell phone and began to call Chen Yang's phone. A few seconds later, Chen Yang's cell phone rang.

Director Xu stared at Chen Yang for a moment, and then asked, "Are you Chen Yang from Huayang Company?"

"Director Xu!"

The two suddenly laughed, and then they shook hands to meet each other.

"I didn't expect Mr. Chen to be so young." Director Xu smiled. "Mr. Chen should know about the general things. I have delegated this project to me to take full responsibility. Then I hope that the viaduct can be repaired as soon as possible to reduce traffic. pressure."

Director Xu knew that there was Zhang Wenlong behind Chen Yang, so he was very polite to Chen Yang.

Moreover, Zhang Wenlong said hello to him, he still has to give this face, because if he wants to go to the next level in his career, he will have to rely on some support.

And Zhang Wenlong is the best choice. Now that he is on the line with Zhang Wenlong again, how can he miss this opportunity.

"Please don't worry, Director Xu. Our company will definitely try our best to repair this viaduct." Chen Yang promised. "Due to the tight time, Director Xu, when can I start the construction?"

This is what Chen Yang cares most about, because Zhang Wenlong told him the construction period, and it is still a bit urgent to calculate the construction period.

Director Xu said: "Today I asked Mr. Chen to meet you. One is to get to know you, and the other is to tell you some of the situation on the spot. You can do the construction if you know it in your heart."

"Thank you so much, Director Xu!"

Next, the young man took out a drawing and handed it to Director Xu. Director Xu took it and opened it on the ground to explain it to Chen Yang. This is the first time Chen Yang has encountered such a situation.

As time passed slowly, they didn't stay in one place but walked and talked, unknowingly it was time for dinner.

There are many restaurants and hotels in the streets on both sides of Yingbin Avenue. As soon as the meal arrived, Chen Yang took Director Xu and others into a hotel for dinner.

Chen Yang nicely invited Director Xu to the three of them to have this dinner, and it was only after nine o'clock in the evening that the show was over.

The next day, Chen Yang took the intermediate administrator and intermediate construction workers to Director Xus office to talk about the viaduct. After a day of talks, it was finally confirmed that the construction would officially start on May 1.

In the remaining few days, Director Xu will coordinate some departments to cooperate with Chen Yang and their construction, and Chen Yang will also prepare for the preliminary work in these few days.

The first is the material. Once you enter the site, you must enclose the construction area. After all, this is in the most prosperous area. If you don't get it right, there will be problems.

And this piece of material is not enough. Chen Yang doubts whether there are so many sources of goods in Changxi City for a while.

On April 27th, Chen Yang came to the office early in the morning.

Chen Yang called the mid-level administrators and mid-level construction workers in charge of the viaduct to his office and arranged for them to do the preliminary work of the viaduct in these few days.

Because Chen Yang had to take a plane to Rongcheng at noon, because Shen Hai from Rongcheng called him to come and talk about the matter.

Chen Yang had to arrange things here before he could go. Now he can have a lot of things in his hands and can only deal with them one by one.

After two o'clock, Chen Yang got on the plane to Chengdu. When he got on the plane, Chen Yang had already called his administrator. After getting off the plane, Chen Yang got on his off-road vehicle and headed to the construction site.

Chen Yang arranged an engineering pickup truck and an engineering off-road vehicle on the construction site here in Rongcheng.

When approaching five o'clock in the afternoon, Chen Yang came to the construction site. At the moment, a large number of buildings have been built around the Chenyang construction site, but they have just begun.

"It didn't take long before I left that such a big change happened!" Chen Yang had to lament the speed of construction.

At the moment, the construction board house has been set up on the construction site, and the workers have been living in it, but the workers have not officially gone to work yet.

Excavators, loaders, pile drivers and other machinery were docked next to the construction board house, all of which were transported from Changxi City.

Even Chen Yang's own four-axle vehicles were arranged to come.

"What is the current situation, is construction not allowed?" Chen Yang asked.

Seeing that everyone is resting, you must know that his own workers are not like this. If this happens, construction has not been allowed.

"We haven't got the construction drawings yet, so we don't know how to do it!" the intermediate construction worker replied.

Although they knew that the grape high-rise building was going to be built here, they didn't know the specific excavation area. They had to get the drawings and set the line according to the coordinates on the drawings before they could excavate.

"When will the drawings be delivered?" Chen Yang asked.

"Gong Shen explained that he can bring it here in the morning!"

Since it can be delivered tomorrow morning, Chen Yang will not call Shen Hai.

"Did the materials clerk go to buy materials?" Chen Yang did not see the materials clerk when he walked into the built office.

"I have ordered him to purchase materials!" said the middle-level administrator. "Boss, the construction here is more stringent than the construction in Changxi City, so the progress may be a bit slower than that in Changxi City."

Chen Yang understood what the middle-level administrator said. After all, this is a construction in a provincial capital, and all aspects must be stricter than a fourth- and fifth-tier city.

"I know this in my heart. As long as you work hard, I will communicate with them for the rest." Chen Yang said.

Chen Yang still believes in the strength of Li Yun's company~wuxiaworld.online~ He believes that Li Yun's company will help him deal with many problems.

Just when Chen Yang was about to continue communicating with the administrator, his cell phone rang.

"Hey, President Chen, have you been to Rongcheng?" Shen Hai asked on the phone.

"I have arrived in Rongcheng and I am now on the construction site."

"Ah, you are all at the construction site, then wait for me, and I will pick you up right away." Shen Hai said.

pick me up?

Why are you picking me up?

"What are you doing to pick me up?" Chen Yang was puzzled.

"President Chen is here, we have to entertain him anyway. Wait for half an hour for me, and I will drive over right away."

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