The Engineering Boss Chapter 555

Chapter 551: End Of Power Station

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Since Shen Hai was coming to pick him up, he simply asked Shen Hai to bring the construction drawings over, and the construction could start tomorrow without waiting for him.

So Chen Yang immediately told Shen Hai about this, and Shen Hai said that he would immediately arrange for personnel to send the construction drawings over because the construction drawings were not on him.

After half an hour, Shen Hai drove up, and there was a young man who was walking with him. Since Chen Yang in Rongcheng must be handed over to the middle-level administrator and the middle-level construction worker in the future, Chen Yang first introduced them. Get to know Shen Hai.

After everyone got to know each other, Shen Hai originally wanted to invite Chen Yang to dinner, and finally called the middle-level administrator and the middle-level construction worker together.

The place Shen Hai invited them to eat was on the street not far from the construction area, and it took about ten minutes to drive.

In a private room on the third floor of Haohong Hotel.

"Mr. Chen, wait a minute, we just called Mr. Li and said she will be there in a while." Shen Hai said to Chen Yang after receiving a call.

Li Yun is coming!

This meal originally only served five of them, so Li Yun might have more than five when he came.

After everyone chatted with each other for a while, the door of the private room opened, and Li Yun came in with two middle-aged men in suits and leather shoes.

"President Chen, I'm so sorry, I made you wait a long time!" Li Yun apologized, "Come and introduce to you, this is Mr. Wang, and this is Mr. Gao. Most of the funds for Putao Towers are from the two of them. Up."

It turns out that the other two investors are the two of them!

Chen Yang shook hands with the two to greet them one by one, and soon everyone sat at the table.

Now that everyone is here, the dishes are successively served on the table.

"Mr. Chen, I heard Mr. Li said that you also built a tall building of this grape style in Changxi City. What's the current status of the sale, do you know?" Mr. Gao raised the glass and touched Chen Yang and asked.

After taking a sip of wine, Chen Yang said: "At present, all the buildings have been sold out, and the office buildings and shops are still under discussion. There is no unified opinion on whether to rent or sell them."

"Mr. Li said that the location of this high-rise building is very remote, and the houses are sold out. It seems that this style of building is still very popular, and I hope we are the same here." Mr. Wang said.

"Rongcheng is definitely better than Changxi City. I heard that most of the main purchasers are the younger generation. If there is a building of this style here in Rongcheng, it must be very popular among young people. "Li Yun interjected, "Currently, the development of real estate in Rongcheng is very fast. We hope Mr. Chen will seize the time to build this high-rise building."

The real estates opened in Chengdu in the past year or two have basically been sold out. This has allowed many developers to see business opportunities and purchase land to develop real estate.

Li Yun and the three of them are not willing to miss such a good opportunity to make money, so they also want to develop a real estate as soon as possible.

"As long as your funds are in place, Mr. Li, I will definitely work overtime for you." Chen Yang smiled, "In this society, as long as there is money, things can be done faster. If there is no money, then I can only stare. ."

"In this regard, please rest assured, President Chen, you will definitely not cost your company a penny." Gao promised.

"My company is also the number one partner with you, so I hope that we can continue to cooperate for a long time." Chen Yang said, "Mr. Li, the main body of Changxi City may be completed next month. I wonder if you follow this schedule. Are you satisfied?"

"Of course, if you want to have this kind of progress, then your cooperation is definitely indispensable!"

Im afraid that only Li Yun and Shen Hai know about the start time of the bright pearl of Changxi City, because when they discussed in detail before, Chen Yang told them that they can figure out how much time the main body of the bright pearl took with just one extrapolation. .

As soon as Chen Yang's words fell, Li Yun and Shen Hai began to calculate, and they were shocked when they got the approximate time.

"President Chen, if you can build the main body within this time, then we will have greater profit margins." Li Yun said hurriedly, "Shen Gong, you and Mr. Chen's people will have a good communication with this project, Chen In general, what needs of this side require you to cooperate with them as much as possible, understand?"

"Understood, President Li!"

"Then I can rest assured! Three bosses, happy cooperation!"

On April 28, the sky in Chengdu was exceptionally clear.

In the hotel, Chen Yang opened his eyes when he was awake, and the transparent panel appeared in front of him:

[Project task 1: Construction of a small hydropower station in Bagou Town, Leiyun County, Changxi City (82.6 million)-100% completed]

[Amount of reward: 826,0000.00 yuan-is being issued]

[Extra bonus: upgrade ten junior workers to mid-level workers-estimated one hour]

Soon the phone by the pillow rang the text message ringtone, and Chen Yang took a look in front of his eyes:

"Your ending number xxxx card is 8:08xx on April 28th. Bank income (inter-bank transfer) 826,0000.00 yuan, and the balance is 386348650.29 yuan [XX Bank]"

A project is finally completed, not easy!

Next is the time for systematic evaluation. I wonder if it can be judged as excellent?

Then the information on the transparent panel changed:

[The system is being judged, and it is estimated that the five-minute judgement will end...]

Five minutes passed quickly, and the moment of hope has finally come!

[The system evaluation is over, and the evaluation results are announced...]

[Judging Criteria: Excellent]

[Amount of reward: 82600000.00 yuan-is being distributed]

[Judgment explanation: The construction of the small hydropower station in Bagou Town, Leiyun County, Changxi City is of medium difficulty, the construction conditions are medium, and the construction time has not exceeded the specified construction period; no serious fault occurred during the construction process, and no construction process occurred In a safety accident, Gu judged it as excellent.

Hey, the judge is excellent!

The SMS ringtone rings again:

"Your ending number xxxx card will receive 8:14xx bank income on April 28th (inter-bank transfer) 82600000.00 yuan, and the balance will be 424948650.29 yuan [XX Bank]"

More than 400 million yuan!

As long as there is a completed project ~wuxiaworld.online~, the money in this card will go up.

After getting up to wash, and then simply packing up and checking out, Chen Yang finally took a taxi and came to the construction site.

The foundation of the house was already being excavated on the construction site at this moment. Chen Yang looked at it and asked the middle-level administrator next to him: "Has Shen Gong specified the location of the spoil ground?"

"Shen Gong has arranged for someone to take our master to the abandoned soil field. I heard that it is almost ten kilometers away from here." The intermediate administrator replied.

This transportation distance is so far!

At this moment, Chen Yang saw Shen Hai's car slowly driving into the construction site, and soon the car stopped in front of Chen Yang.

"Mr. Chen, you came so early!"

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