The Eros God System Saving The World And Defeating The Demonesses By Busting My Nut One At A Time. Book 1 Chapter 30

Volume 1 Chapter 30 Rin's Betrayal 2

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Through the self-made pinhole, Alex could clearly see the otherworldly beauty strolling into the tent with light footsteps. Accompanied her as she entered, was an alluring aromatic smell that permeated the tent to the brim in the blink of an eye.

The smell seemingly hosted a bizarre property, as a whiff of it made Alex's rock-hard p.e.n.i.s oozed non-stop with pre-c.u.m.

Alex was startled by this matter as ever since his body condition had been improved by the storm dragon bloodline, he had never encountered any issue pertaining with pre-ejaculation or pre-c.u.m anymore with his ample stamina available. However, after a few moments, this matter had completed been thrown out of his mind when he found his eyes completely glued to the bewitching Great Devil.

Rena was unlike any other woman that Alex had seen before. He had never laid eyes on such an irresistible and aesthetically pleasing woman before.

Sporting a long hazel brown hair with a simplistic braid woven together with interlaced strands of her hair tugged behind her left ear, she looked exactly like a young high school girl with her 5 foot and 4 inches height and her skinny frame.

However, what made her stood out to Alex, was her transcendental beauty. Her small face was as if it was personally shaped and carved out by a goddess with meticulous care throughout the whole carving process.

Her thin, long, and slightly curved eyebrows, and her sharp and small nose were like works of art, whereas her small cherry mouth was like the work of a devil, tempting men to taste it at the cost of sacrificing everything.

In addition, her large green eyes with its long eyelashes looked extremely seductive and mesmerizing. It was as if they could draw out the l.u.s.t of anyone that her eyes places its sight upon or suck out the soul of anyone that got lost in her eyes.

Though her small face have somewhat like a snake-like feature, it did not inherit any of the bad characteristics of it. But rather, it increases the exotic feel and otherworldly look of her appearance which in turn, heighten her naughtiness.

The outfit of Rena was extremely raunchy. She wore a small black corset that barely covered her C-cup jugs that were sticking out from the top of her corset, and her waist was fully exposed in the air, revealing her adorable belly button. As she walked into the tent, two shades of pink could be seen appearing briefly before disappearing as it tugged back into the corset repeatedly.

Below her waist, Rena was wearing a high quality leather-made black miniskirt, and on her thighs, a layer of translucent black thin leather was wrapped around it, giving her the look like she was wearing black stockings.

Unlike Rin or the other lamia knights, Rena had a pair of slim legs that could only be possible in the realm of anime girls. And, upon entering the tent, Rena paused for a short moment to take a sniff of the air.

"Sniff, Sniff."

"Fufu, Rena, I could smell s.e.m.e.n inside you. Have you finally learn the taste of a man?" Rena laughed heartily as she teased her childhood friend.

"II, Lord Rena, please don't tease me!" Rin was fl.u.s.tered, partly because she was having a guilty conscience and partly because Rena had found out about her having s.e.x with a man.

"O, the young Rinrin had finally grown up. Come, you must tell me your first experience with a d.i.c.k. Did it hurt?" Rena smiled with a wide grin as she tickled Rin's neck and pulled her to the wooden bed to talk.

Remembering Alex's orders, Rin stopped Rena's pulling and spoke in a stern tone, "Lord Rena, please enter the bath quickly or the water is going to turn cold. Also, you have just recover from your injuries, so where did you go these few nights?"

"Fufu... I shall bathe now." Rena avoided the question like a sly slithering snake, and rushed straight to the side of the wooden tub.

Once Rena reached there, she slowly unbuttoned the two large buttons at the front of her corset, revealing a pair of beautiful shaped milk jugs and showing her well-endowed body.

Meanwhile, her glistening white body that were fully bared was driving Alex into a l.u.s.t frenzy. There wasn't an ounce of fats on her body. Her waist was so slim that an A4 sized paper could cover it entirely.

Behind the screen, Alex mentally gulped several times when he saw her perfectly graceful body. When he thought about how he was going to ravish her paralyzed body just a little later, Alex's little brother expanded even more. He couldn't wait any longer. He wanted to bust his nut and unload his s.p.e.r.m all into her.

Thinking about how so many men have their ways with her already, Alex couldn't help but feel that it was such a waste. But soon, he managed to console himself.

"I am the future Demon Lord. A s.l.u.t or two is perfectly fine; they have more experience either way. Saves me from the training, like how I train that clumsy Rin."

As Alex was still happily indulging in his imagination, a sudden sight jolted him fully awake from his daydreaming. It was an eyeball, and it was looking back at him through the pinhole from the other side of the screen.

"Hey, Rin. I thought I was imagining things when I smelled something filthy when I first entered the tent initially. Fufu... Turns out, there was a rat hiding here." Rena said as she smiled wickedly.

But, unlike what Rena had envisioned, the answer from Rin was not something she had expected. She had never once thought that Rin, her childhood friend would ever betray her.

"I know, Lord Rena. I'm the one that brought him in." Rin spoke coldly as she pushed Rena into the wooden bathtub from behind.

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