The Eros God System Saving The World And Defeating The Demonesses By Busting My Nut One At A Time. Book 2 Chapter 35

Volume 2: Volume 2 Chapter 35 Pride 1

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A million thoughts crossed Alex's mind as he got confronted with an unexpected question in Lord Rena's tent. Never in his mind would he have thought that Rena would discover about his link with the Eros God by the smell of his s.p.e.r.m

He had thoroughly underestimated her. She was clearly a league more intelligent than Rin, and much more experienced than her despite them being of the same age of 29 years old.

Having the Eros God system doesn't mean that he would have his way every time in this world. His luck in successfully conquering Erza and Rin had blinded his eyes from the underlying danger of Fiore. Unlike those Chinese novels that he read back on Earth; the villains here aren't all stupid mindless characters whose roles were only to be defeated by him.

He sighed as he reflected on the things that he had done wrong. It was game over for him now with no way out.

However, just before he was about to confess everything to Rena from his dried mouth as a testament that he had once enjoyed a life of debauchery and fun, a sudden realisation dawned on him.

Why was he still alive, especially after what he had done?

He presumed that having tortured, r.a.p.ed and trained a childhood friend of a Great Devil to become his personal s.e.x slave, it was clear that Rena would be brewing with anger and would release her fury on him by killing him or torturing him harshly.

But it was not the case here. There was no reason for him to still be unharmed except for his movement being restrained

She had saved his life from the choke and the first thing she did after he became conscious was to ask him about a question regarding the Eros God.

Did she know him personally?

Did they have a past together?

Why was she so interested and desperate to know of his relationship with the Eros God?

All these important questions flooded his mind. He had a feeling that this was his ticket away from death, so he racked his brain out in search of the answer, but to no avail.

However, one thing was for sure. Alex could tell that Rena was quite anxious to know the answer from her desirous hazel-colored eyes. Though she tried to suppress her expression, her eyes were filled with frenzy.

"I can't speak properly like this. Can you release me from the stone pillars that are binding me?" Taking advantage of the situation, Alex tested her response.

He was coiled by the same spell that attacked Rin from before, and delaying for time would be advantageous for him as he needs to extract more information from her. If she retracts her spell, that would mean that his life was currently not in danger. At least not until he revealed the secret of the Eros God System.

As if she had read his mind, Lord Rena smiled with a hearty guffaw, her twin fangs were exposed out in the air with a glint. "Don't you dare to try this trick on me. Tell me what you know."

"I've no idea what you are talking about? Who is this Eros God?" Alex feigned ignorance.

The worst scenario had happened. Negotiation between them had failed. It was doom from the start. Negotiation could only happen when both parties have around the same amount of bargaining chip. Having his life at the total mercy of Rena was not a good start to negotiation, the scale was unbalanced right from the get-go, but still he had to try.

He was determined not to spill anything even if his life was threatened. He had a gut feeling that doing so was the best option.

Judging from Alex's resolute face, Rena was certain that it would be pointless to argue or torture him seeing that he had made his decision, thus, she decided to show an undeniable prove.

"It's unmistakable." In response with Alex's denial, Rena summoned a black familiar in the form of a black snake from nothingness.

A void was opened out of nowhere, and a snake slithered out from within it. With a rather slow movement, the large snake reached Rena's feet before stopping at a halt. After that, a bulge could be seen protruding out from his belly where it subsequently moved squirming manner in an upwards direction towards its large mouth. As the bulge reached its final destination, the snake coughed out a peculiar looking object.

The object was jet black in color with a matte finish and a handle attached to the square base. Alex couldn't tell what it was but a loud gasp resounded the minute the object was revealed.

The gasp was made by Rin.

"Lord Rena! That is the matriarch prized procession!"

"Yes, this was passed down to me 6 years ago along with the title of Pride. The artefact that once belonged to the Eros God" Rena replied with pride as she opened her palm and did a push motion. The minute that she did so, the object hovered towards Alex's direction. As soon as it neared him, a bright dazzling light shone from within the object, making it hard to open their eyes.

"Fufu~ I knew it" Rena mumbled to herself.

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