The Farmer Girl Gets Rich Chapter 2742

Chapter 2742: Consummation

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But at this moment, Qin Yizhi was already unable to bear it, thinking that there were a lot of guests waiting for him to greet him, and thinking that the emperor was still there, Qin Yizhi could only say: "Wan'er, you wait Me, I will send those people back."

His voice was hoarse, and Gu Xiaowan, who had experienced her past life, didn't know that Qin Yizhi was already emotional. She nodded shyly: "Go, drink less, and be careful of yourself."

Qin Yizhi was still reluctant, so he could only kiss and kiss on Gu Xiaowan's forehead, and then left: "Wait for me. Soon."

Inside the new house, only Gu Xiaowan was left alone. When she was alone, she looked at the newly decorated new house in front of her. There were red decorations everywhere, red candles with thick baby arms, and big red ones. Happy words, everything is so festive.

I don't know why, Gu Xiaowan has an urge to cry.

I suddenly thought of some future events in my mind, the red candle was burning, and people's thoughts flew away.

Once upon a time, she also wore a red wedding gown and married another person, and that person has now fallen asleep in another place.

Tears filled her eyes immediately. Gu Xiaowan dared not let the tears fall. Zuo walked in and saw the girl sitting there in a daze. She hurriedly walked over and said, "Girl" with her.

Gu Xiaowan said: "A Zuo, how did Brother Yizhi come here during the two years I was absent?"

How did he survive the two years alone?

Gu Xiaowan didn't dare to ask her aunt, let alone ask her brother Yanzhi herself.

Asking him, it's tantamount to digging up his despair over the past two years. He was wounded all over his body, but now he has just healed. She can't bear it.

A Zuo Zuo waited on her to change clothes, and said: "The princess, the prince he"

In the past two years, if the master hadn't seen the girl's body, he would have followed the girl long ago.

auzw.com "The princess, the prince, has lived in Liujiazhen for two years, and I did not follow him. I and Ahmad, he did not bring a single person, we were alone Living on the mountain, I don't know what happened in those two years." Zuo's voice was a little choked.

Gu Xiaowan looked at Zuo who was blaming herself, and nodded slightly: "Okay, I see."

After the heavy set of headgear was removed, Gu Xiaowan sat quietly on the side of the bed, and a basic footstep came over there.

Gu Xiaowan stood up, a trace of joy flashed across her face.

He is back.

Sure enough, a man in a big red wedding gown pushed the door in, and Azuo Fu got busy and took the opportunity to close the door.

The man who walked in looked directly at the woman in red who was sitting on the edge of the bed and looking at him. The petting in his eyes seemed to be able to melt people's hearts.


He had been waiting for two long years, and the steps in front of him felt extremely long at the moment. He strode over, before he had time to speak, and hugged the person.

"Wan'er, I really feel like I am dreaming!" Qin Yizhi felt the warmth in his arms, but still felt that it was not real enough, just like a dream.

I'm really afraid that after the dream wakes up, he will return to the days when he was alone on the mountain facing the dark days. He had had enough and was afraid.

"It's not a dream, I'm here. Brother Yizhi, I'm here." Gu Xiaowan hugged Qin Yizhi back and said softly, "Wan'er is here."

Qin Yizhi did not speak any more, followed the ruddy lips and kissed them. The two did not say a word again, only the red candle burning and the shadow swaying.

In the past twelve years, the two have long since merged.

Now, the merit is finally fulfilled.

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