The Farmer Girl Gets Rich Chapter 2743 1

Chapter 2743: Finale Part 1

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Gu Xiaowan woke up quietly, and saw the familiar pair of eyes beside her staring at her intently.

"Are you awake?" Qin Mozhi asked indulgently.

Gu Xiaowan nodded and gave a choke.

Qin Yizhi put the person in his arms and asked distressedly: "Does it hurt?"

Gu Xiaowan could feel the strangeness on her body, as if her legs were torn apart, she frowned because of the pain.

This feeling now has the memory of her past life, and she knows it is the same in this past life.

In the two years when she lost her memory, she all remembered that in those two years, she had wanted to give herself to Anan countless times, but he refused every time.

It turned out that he was planning everything for himself.

Qin Yizhi saw the frown between her eyebrows, and hugged her in his arms distressedly: "Sorry, I hurt you last night!"

Gu Xiaowan: "In the bridal chamber, the couple should be sleeping together, what's wrong."

Qin Yizhi: "Waner"


Qin Yizhi leaned on the bed and held the person tightly in his arms. When kissing her forehead, he suddenly said sourly: "I know you used to love him very much, and now you have recovered the missing memory. You wont be jealous. You can always have him in your heart. If it werent for him, I wouldnt get you."

Just now, seeing Gu Xiaowan silently not speaking, but lying there quietly, Qin Yizhi's heart was inexplicably painful. Maybe now, she is still thinking about that person.

It is false to say that it is not jealous, but anyone who remembers that she loved someone so much in her previous life will feel distressed and uncomfortable.

Gu Xiaowan looked up at him, kissed his chin, and asked softly: "If you remember that there was a woman who loved me very much in your previous life, and you loved me in this life, you will think of her and want to follow her. Is she together?"

Qin Yizhi said categorically: "I won't! I just want to be with you, I love you now."

Gu Xiaowan nodded: "Yeah, I love you now. Those are all memories of the past. Besides, I promised him that if I have the next life, I will definitely fall in love with him again and be with him again. "

Qin Yizhi hugged her tightly, and Gu Xiaowan was a little bit painful.

"What about me? Wan'er, you promised him for the next life, what should I do?" Qin Yizhi asked nervously, and then, like a child, he said angrily: "I agree with your promise to His next life, but if there is another next life, you must be with me."

With an almost overbearing and undoubted tone, Gu Xiaowan was sour in her heart that she could only hug him back: "Okay, I promise you. If there is another life, we will still be together."

Qin Yizhi felt bitter in his heart and swallowed all the voices of the people in his arms.

"Then we will be together happily in this life."

There was another red-luan tent movement. Zuo, who was waiting to wash outside, was holding a basin. He couldn't hear the movement inside, and he didn't dare to come in and disturb. He could only change basin after basin when the water was cold.


My head is like a happy flower.

Gu Xiaowan doesn't need to see her parents-in-law, so she must go into the palace to meet the queen mother and the emperor. After the two were gentle, they didn't dare to wait for Gu Xiaowan to freshen up after being let in.

When Zuo Duan Shui came in, he saw the delicate eyebrows drawn in the middle of the red tent, which turned from a girl to a woman overnight, and the charm between the eyebrows became more and more attractive.

It seems to be able to hook away the human soul.

After entering the palace, I went to the empress dowager's side first, and saw that I had given him two marriages, but it was still unsuccessful. This time it was finally married, and the empress dowager felt affectionate when she looked at it.

"Come on? Sit down quickly. Don't be exhausted." The empress mother continued.

After the two were seated, the empress dowager asked something, and Gu Xiaowan answered decently, which evoked the empress dowager's heart with joy, and then gave a lot of things.

At this time, there was a milky voice from outside: "Grandma, Yong Cheng is coming to see you."

A little doll dressed in a lavender robe and a white mink coat cape ran in, staggering to the queen mother.

The empress mother picked him up and said with a smile: "I have seen the emperor's uncle and the emperor's aunt."

Yong Cheng glanced at Qin Yizhi and Gu Xiaowan, then stepped down from the empress dowager, and bowed respectfully: "Yong Cheng greets the emperor and aunt."

Gu Xiaowan looked at the child, her eyebrows looked like a cold queen. But now, in the Leng family line, there is only this surname Shu left.

Qin Yizhi glanced at Yong Cheng faintly, then took Gu Xiaowan's hand and smiled at her. The two of them only responded to Yong Cheng lightly, and were not warm at all.

Seeing this, the empress dowager felt bright in her heart.

That's right, Queen Leng almost killed Princess Anping for Yong Cheng. She had a grudge against Yong Cheng, and that was natural.

Leaving the queen dowagers bedroom, apart from Yong Chengs salute to her, she had no interaction with Yong Cheng, and she was not close to or alienated from Yong Cheng.

This is the case, she is not the Virgin. Although this matter was done by Queen Leng and has nothing to do with Yong Cheng, she still felt very responsive in her heart.

Queen Leng used her life in exchange for Yong Cheng's health. This is the great maternal love, but what about her? How about she who almost died? She is also human, and there are so many people around her who love her and worry about her.

If Queen Leng has been treating her badly, then forget it, but it turns out to be an enemy, inexplicably!

Qin Mozhi saw that Gu Xiaowan was silent, and took her hand and asked with concern: "What's wrong? Wan'er?"

Gu Xiaowan shook her head: "I'm fine, I just think of Queen Leng."

Qin Yizhi's face suddenly changed.

"The Leng family and the Song family conspired to usurp the throne. It was Empress Leng's idea. This matter, the two of them had been conspiring for a long time. When Yong Cheng just gave birth to a disability, Empress Leng had the idea of killing the king and seizing the throne. Everyone who participated in Song and Lengs family was copied and cut down, and some of the other subordinates were exiled for thousands of miles. They will never leave the frontier forever. Empress Leng was given a white silk, except for her name from the clan. , Not even a tombstone."

Qin Mozhi said angrily, and now he still has deep hatred in his heart for the dead Queen Leng. Had she not colluded with Shu Min, he would not have experienced the pain of almost losing Wan'er again. It doesn't matter if he is suffering, he only wants his Waner to be well!

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