The Farmer Girl Gets Rich Chapter 2744 2

Chapter 2744: Finale Part 2

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"She also made a wrong step, wrong step. I remembered that when she was with her back then, she was a kind-hearted queen, how did she know that for her own children, for the throne, she could kill the thoughts of the person next to her pillow? , Really vicious." Gu Xiaowan said quietly.

Thinking of Empress Leng's eyes that looked like a snake and scorpion back then, now that I think about it, I still shudder. There is something that someone who even dared to kill his own husband would not dare to do!

"Don't think so much, everything is over. Now Yong Cheng is raised by the empress dowager, and he is no longer in the position of prince and prince. If he can't afford to think about it, it would be best to give him a back cover and enjoy life in the future. With the thoughts that shouldn't be there, it is like his mother, frustrated and ashes, and will never recover." Qin Yizhi comforted, clasped Gu Xiaowan's shoulders tightly, and hugged her into his arms.

Qin Yizhi asked, "The fragrance of flowers today seems to be much lighter."

Gu Xiaowan couldn't smell it, but she sniffed, "Really?"

Qin Yizhi quietly opened her top and looked at the big red Utambula on the back. Now the color is lighter than before. Although it is still red and gorgeous, it is not as **** as before. Is red.

Anan had told herself before that after having sex, the flower would slowly disappear, and the smell on her body would gradually dissipate. After all had disappeared, her blood would no longer have the effect of a dead person or bones.

It seems that what Anan said is being verified little by little.

That's good, he wished his wife was an ordinary person.

The two of them came to the Imperial Study Room, and Shu Tianci stood with his hands on his back, standing in front of the windowsill, waiting for them.

Seeing two people who looked like Bi, walked into the Imperial Study Room holding hands, and then secretly looked at the delicate and picturesque eyebrows of the woman.

Entangling all night, her eyebrows are more charming than before. She also exudes an indescribable charm, yes, she has become a woman, and the charm and charm were brought to her by the man next to her.

There was a pain in his heart, and Shu Tianci saw them approaching, so he could only turn around quickly, came to the desk, and pretended to read.

His hands trembled a lot, the books shook slightly in his hands, his feet trembled a lot, and his body trembled like chaff. Where did he have a half-hearted mind to read, even his thoughts were involved.

Grandpa Qi shouted outside: "The slave and maidservant give the regent, and the regent please greet you."

Shu Tianci threw the book in his hand, smashed it heavily on the desk, and smashed all the folded memorabilia to the ground.

Hearing the sound of something falling inside, Qi Song hurriedly came in to take care of him, and saw Shu Tianci squatting on the ground, cleaning up the messy memorials, his expression was painful and hopeless, at this moment, Qin Yizhi followed closely behind him. Came in with Gu Xiaowan's fingers.

As soon as he raised his eyes, Shu Tianci saw their hands clasped tightly, and his heart felt more like someone was going to cut his flesh and blood with a sharp dagger.

But he still insisted on laughing: "You are here!"

Her eyebrows were flowery and charming. Her original delicate eyebrows, with the charm of a woman, made people want to look at it. Shu Tianci could hardly remove his eyes. Fortunately, Qi Song on the side saw this and hurriedly said, "The emperor, come on slaves."

Only then did Shu Tianci come back to his senses and realized that he had lost his temper, put the memorial he picked up in his hand on the large desk, and saw a pair of Bi people salute him.

Shu Tianci didn't know what to say, and could only say: "You two have gone through a lot of hardships together. You should cherish and love each other."

Qin Yizhi looked at the people beside him with a soft voice, "Midye knows that in this life, I only love Wan'er, and I will live up to it."

Shu Tianci's heart is bitter: "Okay, I will allow you."


He didnt know what to say, he only said to Qi Song who was on the side: "The regent and the regent are newly married, and I will give some gifts to them, Qi Song, you can pick one from my inner bank and give it a reward. Princess Regent. In addition, I also want to make a decree, just as Midnight said: There can only be one princess in one lifetime."

Qi Song: "The emperor", how good is this to make an decree? The regent said that he said it, but it is really not good to write on the imperial decree. What if the regent can't do it?

Whose man does not have three wives and four concubines, besides, he is still a regent!

Shu Tianci: "Let you off, you can do it at midnight." If you can't do it, and it hurts Xiaowan's heart and makes Xiaowan suffer, then he must seek justice for Xiaowan.

Qin Yizhi smiled: "Chen, it must be done."

Qi Song could only write down: "The slave follows the order."

The two newly married Yaner, please Ann to the Empress Dowager, and also to the emperor. After counting the time, they have to go back.

Shu Tianci was a little bit reluctant, see you today, don't know when you can see you again.

Seeing the two of them go away, Shu Tianci's eyes seemed to be fixed on Gu Xiaowan's body, and he couldn't move away, but he, like a ghost, walked forward step by step, and when he saw them down the steps, he was already far away. Without knowing it, he climbed up to the viewing platform, and when he saw the two figures close together, there was the only warmth in this huge cold palace. His heart suddenly became cold and sad.

The figure went farther and farther, and finally disappeared.

Shu Tianci couldn't hold it anymore, leaning against the wall, crying silently.

The two hot red ropes in my arms, the red ropes I have hidden in my body for more than two years, after all, no one tied them for me, and I can't send them out!

Leaving the palace, Gu Xiaowan and Qin Yi got on the carriage and looked at the majestic palace. Gu Xiaowan rarely felt relaxed.

Although this palace is large, it is strictly guarded, and it always gives people a feeling of stubbornness. If you can leave here and travel around, it would be great.

Qin Yizhi seemed to have guessed her thoughts: "Wan'er, after returning to the door, let's put this down and travel around."

"Really? Can you walk away?" Gu Xiaowan asked excitedly.

"Of course, everything is ready now, and the emperor can stand alone. I, the regent, should also be the idle prince. From now on, we will play around and have a child, wherever we go, wherever we are. Home, okay?" Qin Yizhi said longingly.

Gu Xiaowan nodded fiercely: "Okay, but I don't agree with one thing."

"What?" Qin Mozhi panicked.

"One child is not enough, let's give birth to a nest, and have a companion in the future." Gu Xiaowan said excitedly.

Qin Yizhi also grinned: "Of course it's good. The lady has orders, and I dare not disobey my husband. It seems that I have to work harder for my husband and give birth to a nest. Let's take it slowly. Practice makes perfect. Slowly Will be there"

The wheel of the car was rolled on the pavement of bluestone slabs, sending out beautiful songs.

From time to time, there were singing and laughter from the carriage, and Ah Zuo and Ahmad, who were driving the carriage, looked at each other and laughed.

Now that's great!

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