The Formidable Son In Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 206

Chapter 205 Close Shave With Death

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Lucass tone was extremely calm, but Bruce could feel the immense might, unparalleled confidence, and condescension in his tone.

Lucas was definitely not an arrogant person who had blind confidence in himself. The fact that he dared to say this meant that his combat skills were already far beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

Bruce thought of the scene when Hans, the former elite henchman of the Hales, was sent flying and crippled with a single kick before he could even dodge, and his heart was immediately full of horror and fear.

Lucass purpose in saying this was actually to scare and deter him, lest he harbored thoughts he shouldnt have.

After ending the call, Lucas pondered for a bit and then called Jordan to ask him to come over.

He briefly told Jordan what Bruce had just said. When Jordan learned that the Brookes had actually sent a so-called expert to try to assassinate Lucas, a trace of excitement and murderous intent appeared in his eyes. "Lucas, Im going to kill that guy now!"

Lucas shook his head. "Thatd be a waste of resources. Get Wade to go and stop him. Wade can get some practice by fighting with that person."

Jordan had trained alongside Lucas, so Lucas naturally understood his abilities very well. Jordan could undoubtedly kill the enemy in a second.

But Wade was different. Although Wade was also an expert known as a king of underground boxing, he was mainly just good at punching and had great strength. He was extremely aggressive, but his skills and adaptability were inferior.

Since Stanley was said to have impressive combat skills and was good at assassination, he would be an excellent opponent for Wade to practice on.

"Tsk, okay." Jordan pursed his lips, feeling disappointed that he wouldnt be getting the chance to move his limbs and get some exercise.

"But you should tag along too. Watch Wade in secret to make sure he doesnt mess up," Lucas added.

"Okay, Lucas!" Jordan immediately became excited again as he followed the orders and left.

Soon, according to Jordans order, Wade drove to the highway that vehicles had to pass through when traveling between LA to Orange County.

He parked the car on the side of a sparsely populated section of the road and leaned quietly against the car while scanning the vehicles coming from LA.

Before long, a low-profile Nissan drove over from afar. It had the familiar license plate that he saw on the paper just now.

Without saying a word, Wade picked up a fist-sized rock from the ground and hurled it straight at the front windshield of the Nissan.


With a loud bang, the tempered glass of the windshield immediately shattered, forming a hole and various densely packed cracks in the glass.


The tires let out ear-piercing screeches as the driver applied the emergency brakes. The tires caused two deep black skid marks on the ground before pulling over near the roadside.

The car door opened. A tall, middle-aged man stepped out of the Nissan and walked toward Wade with a straight face.

"What do you mean by that?" the middle-aged man questioned with a gloomy expression.

Standing at about 1.85 meters tall, he was taller than average in the eyes of most people. But he was much shorter than Wade, who was more than two meters tall and much buffer than him.

Wade looked at him coldly. "Are you the person the Brookes sent to assassinate Mr. Gray?"

The middle-aged man was Stanley, the top henchman of the Brookes. Hearing this, he figured out what was going on. "Did Lucas Gray send you? Are you trying to stop me?"

Wade looked at Stanley condescendingly and said in a deep voice, "All those who try to disrespect Mr. Gray are my enemies!"

Then he swung his iron-like fists hard at Stanley.

As Stanley looked at Wades ferocious attack, his eyes turned cold as he clenched his fists and punched Wades fist!

The fists collided with a clear boom.

Wade felt a massive and unparalleled force coming from the collision of their fists, and his complexion changed drastically as he quickly retreated backward several steps. Only then did he manage to shake off the massive force from the punch.

But at this moment, his fist was trembling a little with a numbing pain in his knuckles. He couldnt help but move his fingers gently to try to alleviate the pain.

In contrast, his opponent was standing still with clenched fists and a straight face.

To Wades astonishment, he was at a disadvantage in the simple fistfight between them!

He was a king of underground boxing, and his fists were strong enough to bend a steel plate with one punch. Almost no one could trump him in terms of strength!

But the middle-aged man in front of him easily repelled Wades punch. And judging from the way he looked, he seemed to have done it effortlessly without using his full strength.

Wade was astounded. But he immediately focused as if he was facing a great enemy and tried to find his flaw.

"Hmph, how dare you come and stop me when youre so incompetent?" Stanley snorted coldly before stomping his foot on the ground and flying toward Wade like an arrow launched from a bow.

He was so quick that there seemed to be afterimages!

Wade was startled, and he immediately raised both his fists in front of his chest. But when Stanley was about to touch Wades body, he suddenly launched a roundhouse kick and kicked the back of Wades knee with immense force.

"Aaahh!" Wade was caught off guard, and his knees turned weak after being struck by the kick, causing him to almost fall straight onto his knees!

He hollered furiously and tried his best to stop himself from kneeling. He stumbled and staggered a little before regaining his balance.

But this gave Stanley a chance!

Like a bolt of lightning, Stanley dashed close to Wade. Suddenly, he whipped out a cold and dazzling dagger and then moved to slit Wades neck.

Wade didnt expect Stanley to have a dagger with him, nor did he expect him to launch an unexpected attack. In a rush, he could only elbow Stanleys arm to try to knock the dagger out of his hand and save himself from the deadly assassination.

Stanleys wrist was indeed knocked away, but he immediately threw the dagger in his right hand to his left. The dagger formed a silvery flower-shaped light in the air as it spun. He was fluid and fast like a phantom, and in the blink of an eye, he stabbed at Wades neck!

Wade could see the icy coldness of the light reflecting off of the dagger, but Stanley was too fast, and there was no way he could stop the attack before the dagger reached him!

"Oh crap!"

Just as Wade was about to suffer the lethal blow, a figure suddenly darted out from the side and kicked Stanleys waist!

"Argh!" Stanley let out a muffled grunt. He was kicked several meters away and staggered backward before barely regaining his balance.

While rubbing his waist with one hand, Stanley looked at the young man who suddenly rushed out in front of him in astonishment.

"Who are you?"

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