The Formidable Son In Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 207

Chapter 206 Member Of The Falcon Regiment

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The young man who kicked Stanley was naturally Jordan, who had been staying nearby to observe the battle secretly.

When Wade saw Jordan, his tense heart relaxed a little.

He had almost suffered a lethal slit on his neck and a stab in the heart by Stanley moments ago!

"Stand back," Jordan said to Wade before staring at Stanleys chest and face.

Wade knew that he wasnt a match for Stanley and obediently retreated far away from the battlefield despite being full of reluctance so that he wouldnt get in Jordans way.

Watching their actions, Stanley suddenly said, "Are you also Lucas Grays subordinate? Your combat skills are quite impressive. I didnt see your movements clearly at all."

Jordan suddenly sneered. "I really didnt expect a soldier of the prestigious Falcon Regiment to become someones lackey and be at their beck and call!"

When Stanley heard the words Falcon Regiment, his expression changed drastically, and horror appeared all over his face.

He stared at Jordan and said in a shaky voice brimming with fear, "You How do you know about the Falcon Regiment? How do you know about my Who exactly are you?"

This was Stanleys greatest secret, which no one had ever discovered. But now, his identity was actually exposed by this young man only in his twenties.

"Are you, a traitor of the Falcon Regiment, qualified to ask who I am?"

Jordan sneered and moved his toes without another word, propelling himself at Stanley. His speed was much faster than Stanleys earlier, and even the afterimages werent visible!

Stanleys heart was full of horror, as he couldnt see Jordans actions at all!

He didnt dare to be careless at all as he tightened his grip on his dagger and shielded his fatal point.


Stanley felt a sudden excruciating pain in his wrist and instantly dropped his dagger. Jordan snatched it!

Immediately afterward, Jordan smashed his fist against the center of Stanleys chest, sending him flying!

When Stanley got up from the ground, he couldnt worry about the immense pain spreading from his chest and merely stared at Jordan in disbelief. "Disarming technique? Are you also a member of the Falcon Regiment?"

The move Jordan just used to snatch the dagger away was one of the secret and untold tricks of the Falcon Regiment!

Jordan glared at Stanley coldly and said indifferently, "Youre not fit to mention the Falcon Regiment. Since youve long betrayed the Falcon Regiment, what are you still carrying this for?"

He suddenly raised his hand. A thin silver chain with a small silver wing pendant hung between his fingers, and half of the pendant had already lost its luster due to friction. It was the token of every soldier of the Falcon Regiment!

Stanley subconsciously raised his hand to touch his neck, only to realize that there was no longer anything hanging on it.

Only then did he realize that when Jordan kicked him away earlier, the Falcon Regiment pendant that he always hung around his neck and kept close to him had been revealed. This was the reason Jordan could identify him as a former member of the Falcon Regiment.

When Jordan punched his chest a moment ago, he took the opportunity to grab this wing pendant!

"Give it back to me!" Stanley hollered anxiously and then leaped at Jordan. His goal was to snatch the pendant back!

"Youre overestimating yourself!" Jordan snorted coldly, clenched his fist, and lunged at Stanley.

Both of them were extremely quick, and they looked like ghosts entangling with each other. Whenever their bodies came into contact, there would be several dull sounds of strikes landing on flesh.

Standing at a spot nearby, Wade watched this unimaginable fight with his mouth and eyes wide open.

Despite having perfect vision, he actually couldnt see the trajectory of the two mens movements. This was a duel between two top experts who were far beyond his level!


With a final dull thud, a figure suddenly flew nearly ten meters away out of the mass of shadow-like figures before landing hard on the ground.

Stanley fell to the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood that surged up from his chest. For a long time, he couldnt stand up.

Holding the wing pendant, Jordan slowly walked up to Stanley and questioned coldly, "What do you still want this for, you traitor? This is the identity token of the soldiers of the Falcon Regiment. Youre not fit to have it!"

"No, I didnt betray! No! Give it back to me!" Stanley roared at the top of his lungs as he tried his best to get up and grab the pendant in Jordans hand. But the excruciating pain in his chest caused him to collapse.

Staring at him coldly, Jordan said in a low voice, "Stanley Ray, native of Miami, former captain of the vanguard of the Falcon Regiment. During his time in the regiment, he participated in team combat one hundred and fourteen times and took part in thirty-seven rescue missions and ninety-six assassination missions, all of which were successfully completed. But in the last assassination mission ten years ago, he disappeared, and his whereabouts were unknown. After some discussion, it was determined that comrade Stanley Ray died bravely and was posthumously named as a martyr. His monument was erected, and a biography was written for him. It has been included in the history of martyrs of the Falcon Regiment, and it is mandatory reading for all the soldiers of the Falcon Regiment to serve as a role model for them."

A trace of sorrow and self-deprecation appeared in Jordans eyes as he sneered. "This is what I read in the history of the martyrs, and we all think that you are a hero. But unexpectedly, not only did you betray the Falcon Regiment, but you became a lackey specialized in killing!"

Jordans words were like sharp daggers piercing through Stanleys heart!

"No, I didnt betray! I didnt!" Stanley covered his head in pain. Despite being a tough man who had only ever shed blood and not tears, he could no longer hold back his tears as he bawled in pain.

When Jordan saw the state that the hero in his heart was now in, he felt just as terrible.

He could tell that Stanley still had strong feelings for the Falcon Regiment. Otherwise, he wouldnt have worn the wing pendant on his neck at all times, and he wouldnt be in so much agony after hearing his words either.

"Stanley, Captain Ray, you said you didnt betray the Falcon Regiment, but why didnt you return to the regiment and instead stayed with the Brookes for so many years? Why did you stay there as a shameful killer who has to stay hidden and commit those sordid misdeeds for them?" Jordan lowered his head and stared at him.

"I" Stanley realized that there was no way he could explain at all.

After a long silence, he finally lowered his head despondently without saying a single word.

Jordan shook his head in disappointment. "Since youre not willing to tell me, forget it. I can kill you now on the grounds that you tried to assassinate the leader of the Falcon Regiment. But on account that you still have feelings for the Falcon Regiment, I will let you off today.

"But if you have the guts to do something unconscionable like this again, I will definitely not spare you!" Jordan said with determination as he tossed the wing pendant in his hand in front of Stanley and then turned around to leave.

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