The Formidable Son In Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 208

Chapter 207 I Want To Leave

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Stanley subconsciously held the feather pendant tightly in his palm, as if he had recovered a treasure.

As Jordan left, Stanley stared at his back in a daze, but the things Jordan said before leaving echoed repeatedly in his mind.

I can kill you now on the grounds that you tried to assassinate the leader of the Falcon Regiment.

No, the person the Brookes want me to kill is called Lucas Gray.

No, no, Jordan is from the Falcon Regiment, and hes Lucas Grays subordinate. Does this mean that Lucas Gray is the captain of Falcon Regiment?!

The person the Brookes want me to assassinate is the captain of the Falcon Regiment?!

Stanleys heart suddenly jumped, and he struggled to get up from the ground to catch up to Jordan and clarify his doubts.

But Jordan had long already gotten into the car that was parked a short distance away and left together with Wade.

Head hung low, Stanley looked at the feather pendant stained with mud in his hand and suddenly raised his hand to give himself a hard slap on the face!

He then fell to his knees and cried out loudly in agony, "Ahhh!"

Meanwhile, when Jordan and Wade arrived in Orange County, they headed straight to the Stardust Corporation to look for Lucas. Then Jordan reported to Lucas about Stanley being the former captain of the assault team of the Falcon Regiment.

Lucas frowned slightly.

Jordan continued, "However, I can tell that he doesnt really seem to have defected from the Falcon Regiment. He still seems to have strong emotions and attachment to the Falcon Regiment, but he refused to tell me his reason. There seems to be more than meets the eye."

Lucas nodded. "Go back and find out what his situation is. After you get a clear idea, come back and report to me."

"Yes, Lucas!" Jordan obeyed and left.

Lucas sat by the floor-to-ceiling window of his office and took out a wing-shaped pendant from his collar. It was different from Stanleys because it was golden in color, symbolizing the captain of the Falcon Regiment.

He looked out of the window of the top floor of the Stardust Corporation office building and stared into the distance for a long time without moving.


The Brookes gathered in the living room of Andrew Brookes villa and discussed the matter of the sealing of all the factories and warehouses belonging to their family, as well as the sudden tragedy that struck Andrews favorite grandson, Aston.

Just now, they received news from the hospital that Aston was diagnosed with severe injuries, and all his limbs and joints were crushed into bits. There was no longer any possibility of recovery in this life.

In other words, Aston, the descendant all the Brookes had high hopes on, had been completely crippled and became an invalid.

The Hales all gritted their teeth and cursed at Lucas for causing Aston and the Hales to fall into such a terrible plight.

"Andrew, Lucas Gray is merely an abandoned child kicked out and disowned by the Hutton. Its simply unforgivable that he had the guts to do this to us!"

"Hmph, when Stanley captures him later, we must teach him a good lesson! I will use a hammer to break all the bones in his body to avenge Aston!"

"Me too! I also want to take revenge on him! Im going to try every single torture method on him!"

"Dont let him die so soon. We must make sure he suffers enough pain before we let him die!"

The Brookes were all speaking with righteous indignation and bloodthirstiness. If Lucas appeared in front of them right now, they would definitely use torture methods like plucking out his tendons on him!

At this time, a bodyguard ran in from outside and bowed while reporting to Bruce, "Sir, Mr. Stanley Ray is here."

"Okay!" Andrew exclaimed agitatedly.

He then hurriedly said, "Quickly invite Mr. Ray in."

He thought that since Stanley returned, it meant that he had completed the task he gave him and brought that bastard Lucas Gray back!

How could Andrew not be excited and overjoyed?

The surrounding family members expressed their joy as well. They were just waiting to take revenge on Lucas for Aston.

Stanley maintained a straight face and walked into the hall.

Andrew took a glance at Stanley before looking behind the latter to see what Lucas looked like now.

Unfortunately, Stanley walked into the living room alone and didnt bring anyone behind him.

"Stanley, wheres Lucas Gray? Did you leave him outside? Hurry up and have someone bring him in!" Andrew urged eagerly.

To his surprise, Stanley shook his head and said in a low voice, "Im sorry, Mr. Brooke."

The expression on Andrews face froze, and he immediately turned sullen as he questioned, "What do you mean by that? Did you not bring Lucas Gray back with you?"

Stanley answered calmly, "I couldnt complete the mission this time."

"What did you say?!"

Before Andrew could question further and lose his temper, Stanley quickly continued, "Mr. Brooke, Im very grateful to you for saving my life back then, but Ive already worked for the Brookes for a full ten years. During these ten years, Ive done a lot for you guys and saved many of you on countless occasions. Ive also helped you kill many people.

"In the past ten years, I should have already repaid your kindness for saving my life back then. Its time for me to leave the Brookes now."

After hearing Stanleys intention to leave, Andrew, who just wanted to ask Stanley about why he hadnt been able to nab Lucas, immediately turned gloomy.

Back then, he had saved Stanley by coincidence. And for the sake of repaying him, Stanley chose to stay with the Brookes and put his elite combat and assassination skills to use by doing lots of dirty deeds for them.

Many of the Brookes old rivals had silently died under Stanleys assassinations.

Moreover, Andrew also became increasingly fond of using Stanley. After all, using brutal force and assassinations was much easier than resorting to devising business tactics with painstaking efforts.

This also caused those the Brookes bullied to be too afraid to take revenge because they were scared of Stanley.

But once the news of Stanleys departure from the Brookes spread, the Brookes would fall into an extremely dangerous situation.

So no matter what, they couldnt let Stanley leave!

Andrew narrowed his eyes and stared at Stanley, scrutinizing every expression of his. "Why are you leaving us? Is there another family trying to poach you with a large sum of money?"

Stanley shook his head. "No, there were many people who wanted to poach me with money in the past, but I still stayed with the Brookes. Money doesnt mean anything to me."

"Since its not because of money, then tell me why you want to leave!"

Looking at Andrew calmly, Stanley said, "I promised someone that I would never do anything unconscionable again. Besides, youve offended someone that you definitely cant afford to offend. The Brookes will vanish soon."

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