The Formidable Son In Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 209

Chapter 208 Kill Me

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"You! Bastard, what nonsense are you babbling about?!" Andrew pointed at Stanleys nose furiously and berated at the top of his lungs. "Who is it that we cant afford to offend? Who? Tell me! Hmph, the Brookes have already developed to where we are now, and were also a first-class family in this city! Lets see who has the ability to make the Brookes disappear!"

Andrew had always been a conceited and arrogant person, so Stanleys words greatly angered him, and he found his explanation to be completely unacceptable.

At this moment, he seemed to have forgotten the predicament that the Brookes were currently in. All of their factories and warehouses had been sealed, and within less than two weeks, the Brookes would go bankrupt.

Moreover, after knowing Lucass identity, Stanley understood exactly how the Brookes had landed themselves in this predicament.

He had wanted to advise Andrew not to offend Lucas again on account that he had worked for the Brookes for ten years. But he was well aware of what Andrews personality was like. At this point, Andrew definitely wouldnt take his advice.

Stanley sighed and looked at Andrew with pity in his eyes, "Since youre so confident, I wish you all peace, Mr. Brooke. Goodbye!"

With that, he turned around and walked toward the door.

He had already repaid the Brookes for their kindness during the past ten years.

Andrew stared at Stanleys back with a cold and gloomy gaze in his eyes. In the end, it turned into a crazy murderous intent.

"Hold it!"

With Andrews holler, around 30 elite experts dressed in bodyguard uniforms rushed in and blocked Stanley.

They were all experts the Brookes had hired from various places. Although they were inferior to Stanley in combat prowess, they were all highly skilled, and many of them had received guidance from Stanley before.

Stanley stopped in his tracks. He frowned and turned to look at Andrew. "What do you mean by this?"

A trace of ruthlessness flashed in Andrews eyes as he said coldly, "If I hadnt saved you back then, you would have died. Do you think youd be able to repay me for saving your life by working a little for the Brookes? You must be dreaming! You will never be able to repay this kindness in your life! If I dont let you go, you will have to stay with the Brookes for the rest of your life and work for me!"

Stanley sneered. "Andrew, are you planning to make me work for the Brookes like a slave?"

Andrew sighed in a pretentious manner. "Stanley, I originally treated you as an honored guest of the Brookes and paid you well. However, youre so ignorant that you insist on leaving. In that case, if you want to leave, I have to tell you clearly.

"If you are willing to change your mind and continue working for me and the Brookes, I will naturally still provide for you as before. But if you insist on leaving, I will have to kill you! Think it over carefully, but I advise you to choose the first option."

Andrew looked at Stanley hypocritically, acting like he was sparing a thought for him.

Prior to this, Stanley still felt some feelings and attachment to the Brookes and thought of giving them a reminder.

But at this moment, Andrews words made Stanley lose the last bit of attachment.

"Andrew Brooke, you should understand that the Brookes cant force me to stay with the skills that I have."

Stanley was no longer polite and directly addressed Andrew by his full name with some derision on his face.

With a gloomy smile, Andrew said, "Youre right. No one in the Brooke family can defeat you in melee combat, but are you faster than a bullet?"

Then he gestured to 30 experts at the entrance.


These experts each quickly pulled out a black pistol from their waists and pointed the muzzles at Stanley in unison.

A cold glint flashed in Stanleys eyes.

For so many years, he had done his best for the Brookes and did so many of the unconscionable tasks that they had given him. He had helped them kill and get rid of their enemies, which he thought was already enough to return the favor.

But he never thought that he would actually be treated like this by the Brookes now that he wanted to leave.

At the same time, the Brookes in the hall all screamed and retreated toward the back corridor behind them, leaving Stanley alone in the empty hall.

"Andrew, get rid of this ungrateful dog! The Brookes saved his life and fed him for so many years, but now he has the audacity to leave us!"

"What an ingrate! He claims that hes returned the favor just because hes done some things for us. Thats utter bullshit! Only when you die for us will the scores be settled!"

"Hmph, you just know some martial arts. Thats all. Whats the big deal?! The Brookes have so many experts armed with guns now. We dont need him at all! Since he dares to betray the Brookes, just kill him!"

The Brookes hid in a safe place while screaming and cursing at Stanley in the middle of the hall.

Stanley glanced at them.

Among these people, there were people he had helped save and some he had watched grow up since they were children. There were many he usually took care of and taught martial arts to.

But they were all now glaring at him with hatred and malicious intent in their eyes, wishing that he would die here immediately.

For the first time in his life, Stanley was so disappointed with the Brookes that a trace of killing intent even surged within him.

"Stanley, have you thought it through? Do you want to live or die? What is your choice?" Andrew spoke up again with a sense of superiority and the confidence that he would win.

No matter how good at fighting you may be, you cant outrun or beat guns!

He didnt believe that Stanley would be able to escape with so many guns pointed at him.

Of course, Andrew still hoped that Stanley would obediently choose to stay with the Brookes. After all, Stanleys combat skills and assassination techniques could still bring lots of benefits to the Brookes and help them deter their enemies.

If he really died, it would be a loss for them.

But if Stanley was forced to stay, he would definitely be less loyal to the Brookes and might even turn against them. However, Andrew was not worried about that.

Once he compromised and agreed to stay, he would have someone inject Stanley with poison!

If he didnt want to be in pain and misery every day, he would have to obediently listen to them, and they would never have to worry about him retaliating!

Andrew had already thought of all the steps to take next, but he suddenly heard Stanley calmly say, "Over the years, Ive helped the Brookes kill and commit lots of dirty deeds. Money doesnt mean anything to me, and neither does my life. It doesnt make any difference to me whether I can live a few more days or not.

"I definitely wont continue staying with the Brookes and killing people for you anymore. Since you dont want to let me go, kill me now."

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