The Formidable Son In Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 210

Chapter 209 Arrived At The Door

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Stanleys voice was extremely calm, and he didnt seem to have any fear of death or desire to live. It was as if he was saying something as simple as its time to eat.

Andrews eyes widened in shock, and he was speechless for a while.

He could tell that Stanley had really decided to leave the Brookes, even if it meant that he had to die!

In fact, Stanley was already bent on dying now.

Andrew frowned. It was completely different from the outcome that he wanted to see. His goal wasnt to kill Stanley.

He lowered his voice and softly advised, "Stanley, youre only in your early forties now, and you still have decades of good times waiting for you in a bright future. So, why do you have to be so stubborn? Actually, if you stay with the Brookes, itd be good for both you and everyone. Dont you agree?

"If youd like, I can give you a luxurious villa and let you enjoy an endless amount of money and fortune. If you want a partner, I can find you all kinds of beautiful women to choose from. Even if youve gotten sick of killing, I can also arrange a more relaxed job for you, as long as you agree to stay with the Brookes and help us out when were in need.

"Stanley, look, Ive already said so much and made a compromise. Are you still going to put us in a life and death struggle?"

Andrew persuaded Stanley by offering him tempting benefits, especially the last concession about letting Stanley retire from doing those dirty deeds again.

If it was in the past, Stanley might have really agreed to it.

Unfortunately, Andrew had already offended Lucas, the captain of the Falcon Regiment. This predetermined that Stanley wouldnt stay with the Brookes and help them to deal with Lucas.

Stanley shook his head. "Andrew, I wont change my mind. If you dont let me leave, Id rather die."

Andrew immediately seemed disappointed, and at the same time, he was puzzled too.Stanley was fine before this. Why is he acting like another person after returning from Orange County? Why does he insist on leaving the Brookes?

Despite finding it a pity, Andrew had no choice but to choose to kill someone who insisted on leaving the Brookes and was no longer of any use to them.

Only by killing Stanley could the Brookes guarantee that he wouldnt reveal their dark secrets and that he wouldnt be taken in by an enemy and turn against them.

Although Stanleys death would also bring a lot of trouble to them, their enemies would still be deterred from confronting them as long as they remained tight-lipped and didnt let outsiders know that he was dead.

Just as Andrew was clenching his jaw and planning to order these elite henchmen to shoot, there was suddenly a loud voice coming from outside the hall. "Hey, its so lively here now! Are they starting a fight?"

Everyone looked over in the direction of the voice.

Two tall and slender figures in their twenties entered through the gate one after another.

Stanley turned over and saw Jordan at the back with a single glance. It was Jordan who said those words.

The person in front of Jordan

Stanleys breathing suddenly became quicker, and he had a burning gaze in his eyes as he stared at Lucass face without blinking.

It was a very young and handsome face belonging to someone who seemed to be about 27 or 28 years old and was tall and toned. He was emitting a domineering aura that wasnt to be defied, and he was obviously a powerful and mighty figure.

This must be the person Jordan mentioned!

Lucas Gray, the leader of the Falcon Regiment!

Stanley couldnt help getting excited.

He had left the Falcon Regiment ten years ago, and Lucas had only joined the Falcon Regiment six years ago, so it was the first time he met Lucas.

"Who are you?" Andrew frowned as he looked at the two uninvited strangers in front of him.

Although the Brookes had dealt with Lucas for some time, Aston had always been the one communicating with him because the latter was in Orange County. Andrew had never seen Lucas before.

After taking a clear glimpse at Lucass face, the butler standing beside Andrew instantly seemed horrified!

Although he hadnt seen Lucas with his own eyes, the butler had just handed over a copy of Lucass information that he had collated to Stanley a few hours ago. So he had seen Lucass picture.

Its Lucas Gray!

Hes actually here at the Brookes!

The butlers face paled, and he hurriedly came over to Andrew to remind him who Lucas was.

But Lucas beat him to it and said with a smile, "Mr. Brooke, we finally meet."

Hearing Lucass slightly familiar voice, Andrew first froze for a moment before quickly realizing what was going on. He pointed at Lucas and hollered, "Lucas Gray! You must be Lucas Gray!"

Just a few hours ago, he had had a brief conversation with Lucas through Astons phone. So he had a vivid memory of Lucass voice!

"Not bad. You have quite a good memory, Mr. Brooke. You managed to recognize my voice." Lucas openly admitted to his identity.

Andrews eyes were immediately full of murderous intent as he laughed maniacally and menacingly. "Hahahaha! I was just worried that Stanley might not be able to kidnap you, but I didnt expect you to come here of your own accord! Youve crippled my most promising and my favorite grandson, so be prepared to stay in the Brookes forever to atone for your sins!"

Andrew issued an order, and half of the 30 people who had their guns aimed at Stanley in the hall immediately turned and aimed their guns at Lucas and Jordan, who were standing outside the door of the hall.

Seeing this, Stanley panicked and looked at Jordan and Lucas anxiously and worriedly.

He wasnt afraid of death, nor was he afraid of how many guns were aimed at him.

But if he ended up causing Lucas and Jordan to die here, he would die with guilt and without peace of mind even if he also lost his life!

After making brief eye contact with Stanley, Lucas immediately looked away, but he could see the worry in his eyes and couldnt help but feel a little comforted.

Lucas came here today with the intention to take a look at the former captain of the Falcon Regiments assault team. Indeed, Stanley didnt disappoint him.

Facing the dozen or so pistols being pointed at him, Lucas maintained the same expression and said calmly, "What? Do you want to kill me?"

Lucass calmness made Andrew despise him, and he couldnt help but get even more furious.

"Lucas Gray, I have to admit that you do have a lot of guts! But since youve crippled my grandson, I definitely wont let you off! Dont worry. I wont kill you easily. Ill definitely lock you up and let you enjoy all the misery and agony there is in this world before sending you on your way!" Andrew roared with resentment and malice all over his face.

But Lucas suddenly smiled. "Just a few days ago, there was also a family that thought they were very powerful. And like you, they pointed more than ten pistols at me while threatening me. Do you know what happened to them next?"

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