The Generals Vampire Omega Chapter 88

Chapter 87:

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The Phil River in the gorge became turbulent, and the peaks on both sides were steep and sharp.

Chu Feng drove the speedboat up and down on the top of the wave, and soon caught up with the helicopter.

The helicopter didn't fly high, and it was only a hundred meters above the water. Calgar sat in the cabin with a gloomy expression, his eyes closed slightly.

He had been in this position for a long time, and no one knew what he was thinking.

"Your Excellency, are you okay, there is airflow in this section, and the plane is a little bumpy." Wesson in the passenger seat turned his head and asked.

Calga didn't reply, only shook his head.

Just when Wesson was about to turn back, he suddenly said: "Don't be frustrated. I have been making preparations for these years, and I have also saved funds and supplies for the education and firearms, just for fear of such a day."

Wesson was taken aback, and quickly said, "Your Excellency is really foresight."

Calga squinted slightly and said: "If I got the president, I could do what I wanted to do. But it doesn't matter, it's just not that convenient. I have to make detours and work hard for a few years. When I get back After teaching, everything will be fine."

"Yes, as long as your Excellency is there, everything is not a problem."

Calgar's face sank again, and his eyes rose fiercely, "It's just that I'm too confident. I should kill the wolf cub sooner."

Wesson couldn't help asking: "Did Chu Feng do it?"

Calgary said coldly: "That's what Lope has in his hands, isn't Chu Feng who else?"

"It's a dull subordinate."

Seeing Calgar closed his eyes again, Wesson turned his head and looked at the Phil River outside the porthole.

"Who is that?" He said suddenly, and Calga opened his eyes.

Wesson said: "There is a speedboat following us below."

The two sergeants sitting in the back of the helicopter immediately stepped forward and opened the sliding door of the helicopter.

One person looked out and said, "It's General Chu."

"Fucking here, killing this bitch." Wesson didn't control himself anymore and exploded with a **** in front of Calga.

The two sergeants immediately set up their guns and aimed at the motorboat behind.

Chu Feng was driving the motorboat, fast forward in the canyon, approaching the helicopter little by little.

He had just bypassed a torrent, and when he looked up, he saw a black muzzle sticking out of the cabin, reflecting the cold light in the moonlight.

"Be careful every week."

As soon as the voice fell, there was a burst of gunfire, and a bunch of water splashed around the motorboat.

He turned the steering wheel, and the speedboat rushed out to the left flexibly, followed by another string of bullets, which instantly hit where they were just now.

"Are you okay?"

"It's okay."

Chu Feng controlled the motorboat, swiftly moving from left to right, while avoiding the bullets, while continuing to move forward at high speed.

"Let me come." Wesson saw the situation, got in from the vice seat, pulled a sergeant away, and picked up the gun by himself.

A string of flames spurted from the door of the helicopter cabin, and bullets splashed around the motorboat like rain.

After several metal crackles, several bullet holes appeared on the boat.

"Damn, the helicopter and the motorboat are moving, it's not easy to aim." Wesson cursed angrily, and then asked the pilot, "Can you stop the plane from shaking?"

The pilot shouted: "There is no way to stabilize the fuselage, the airflow in the canyon is too fast."

"All come." Wesson gave up half of his position and ordered the two sergeants behind him, "All come and shoot, I see which direction he hides."

Chu Feng stared closely at the helicopter's hatch, and after seeing all three guns stretched out, he yelled, "Keep down."

Then he hugged Luo Zhouzhou and squatted behind the console, using only one hand to stabilize the steering wheel.

When the more intense gunfire sounded, Chu Feng's hand was empty, and the person in his arms suddenly disappeared out of thin air.

He hurriedly looked around and yelled: "Zhou Zhou."

"Don't be afraid, I'm here." Luo Zhouzhou's voice sounded in his ears, "Just keep chasing."

The gunshots were fierce, echoing in the canyon, awakening the night-dwelling birds, spreading their wings and flying into the sky.

Chu Feng only heard gunshots, but did not see the water splashing on the river beside him, and the motorboat was not shot.

Just as those bullets disappeared silently in the air before they had time to hit the target.

Luo Zhouzhou disappeared in the same way, only occasionally paused, he could see a figure that was blurred because of the rapid movement.

Chu Feng steered the motorboat steadily, followed the helicopter closely, and swiftly moved forward on the Phil River.

The gunfire finally stopped, and he hurriedly shouted: "Zhou Zhou."

A black shadow flashed past, stopped beside him, and Luo Zhouzhou appeared again.

"Are you okay?" Chu Feng asked.

Luo Zhouzhou looked up at the helicopter and said, "It's okay, you don't need to hide from bullets."

In the cabin, a sergeant asked in astonishment: "What's the matter? None of the bullets I sent hit, not even a splash of water splashed."

Another sergeant stared at the people on the motorboat, and suddenly said, "Can you see the man standing? I always think he is a little weird."

The three raised their guns again and looked at the magnified person from the scope.

"This is makeup? How could it be like this?" The man posted on the right side of the cabin looked at the sight and exclaimed.

"Make-up, continue to shoot him to death."

Luo Zhouzhou faced the helicopter, raised both hands, and then slowly let go.

With a crash, two large warheads tilted down from his hand and rolled into the motorboat.

Wesson put down the gun in his hand and asked in astonishment: "What did he drop? Is it our bullet? He caught all our bullets?"

"Yes, the captain of the guard, what he holds in his hand is our bullet." The voice of the sergeant on the right was panicked, "What is that?"

Calgar had been sitting quietly, and then asked aloud: "What are you talking about?"

Wesson said: "Your Excellency, one of the people below is Chu Feng, and the other one can't see what it is."

"Can't see what it is?"

"Yes, it's like being injected with benfidox, and it has fangs like a ghost, and it can catch our bullets." Wesson's voice bursts tight.

Calgar glanced out from the porthole on his side and said coldly, "Lower the height and continue shooting."

Upon hearing the order, the pilot immediately lowered the helicopter until it reached a height of more than ten meters above the water.

The wind brought by the propeller swept the river towards the motorboat, and the boat began to shake violently.

Chu Feng tried his best to control the steering wheel so that the motorboat would not get out of control and hit the cliff next to him.

Luo Zhouzhou stood at the bow of the boat, his dark blue suit was soaked in water, and water drops on his hair dripped down his pale cheeks.

In the moonlight, his eyes were bloody, and his two sharp fangs were cold and sharp.

"Shoot, shoot him!" Wesson let out a roar, and the intensive gunfire sounded again.

As the first bullet popped out of the chamber, Luo Zhouzhou once again disappeared out of thin air, blending into the night like a gust of wind.

Chu Feng continued to steer the motorboat steadily.

A sergeant turned his back against the edge of the cabin and replaced the gun in his hand with a new magazine.

He felt a flower in front of him, blinked, and when he saw it again, he found that the sergeant beside him had disappeared.

He turned his head and glanced at the cabin, then stuck his head out to look at the river, wondering if the man had fallen.

As soon as he approached his upper body, his collar was pulled strongly, and the whole person was planted out.

Wesson noticed that the two people on his side suddenly disappeared, stopped pulling the trigger, and looked around suspiciously.

"What about people?"

"Come in quickly." Calgar, who was sitting behind him, suddenly shouted sharply.

Wesson didn't know why, but reflexively leaned back and took two steps back.

Just after stepping back, something swiftly passed by in front of him, and the bridge of his nose seemed to rub against a small piece of clothing.

Calgar gave a loud command to the pilot: "Climb quickly, climb higher." Then two steps forward, he quickly closed the hatch.

The pilot followed the order and pulled the joystick, and the helicopter staggered straight up.

"Your Excellency, why are you going to be elevated?" Wesson still didn't understand, "I can kill them soon."

Calgar said with a sullen face, "The two people beside you were thrown into the river, haven't you noticed the danger yet?"

Wesson realized that the two soldiers had disappeared, and cold sweat broke out on his back.

Calgar added: "Don't bother about the motorboat. The alliance must be in a mess now, and there is no one to host the scene. If you are delayed by Chu Feng and wait for the military department to respond and send troops to pursue it, it will be troublesome. "

"Your Excellency is right." Wesson replied with his head down.

"Out of this gorge, there is the sea over there. The people in the teacher will wait there to meet us and return to the border together." Calgar's eyes narrowed slightly.


Luo Zhou Zhouyue returned to the steamboat and said to Chu Feng, "I caught them and threw them away."


"Don't worry, if they shoot, I can take all the bullets down.

Chu Feng turned the steering wheel, rounded the motorboat around a large rock in the middle of the river, and said, "I'm worried that Sihan and the others have not caught up. When this canyon passes through, it will be difficult for us to catch Calgar."

At this time, it has entered the middle section of the canyon, the peaks on both sides are tighter, and the current is more turbulent.

"Their plane is lowering." Luo Zhouzhou pointed at the helicopter and shouted suddenly.

When the helicopter's fuselage was slanted and lowered to a height of more than 20 meters, it staggered up again.

Chu Feng said: "There are a lot of strong air currents here, and their planes do not fly high, so they can only fly on the edge of the air current."

Luo Zhouzhou fixed his eyes on the helicopter and arched his body slightly. When it descended again, with both feet harder, the figure rushed up towards the sky like a cannonball.

"Zhou Zhou." Chu Feng shouted out of silence.

Luo Zhouzhou made a strenuous leap, getting closer and closer to the helicopter.

But at this moment, the helicopter stopped descent and began to climb again.

Luo Zhouzhou had already jumped to the apex he could reach, and watched the plane go up, he fell from the air.

Chu Feng could see clearly. When he fell down, he stretched out his hand into the air, trying to catch someone.

When Luo Zhouzhou was getting closer and closer to the motorboat, he suddenly turned over and stood firmly in the motorboat.

"Chu Feng, you see I can jump as high as an airplane." He said excitedly.

Chu Feng walked the first two steps with a pale face, and put him in his arms.

Luo Zhouzhou said: "Don't worry, I am a vampire."

The corner of his eyes suddenly looked in front, and he pushed Chu Feng away and shouted, "Ah, it's going to hit the mountain wall."

Chu Feng hurriedly grabbed the steering wheel and turned to the right. The motorboat made a sharp turn, nearly dashed over the mountain wall, and shook violently a few times.

After the motorboat stabilized, Luo Zhouzhou looked at the helicopter that was starting to land again, and said, "I'm going to jump on it again."

Chu Feng still had lingering fears about the scene just now, but seeing his confidence, he finally said: "Be careful, I will follow you below."

The helicopter landed to a height similar to the beginning, Chu Feng accelerated, and the motorboat, which had been gradually pulling away, caught up.

After rushing to the belly of the plane, Luo Zhouzhou took a deep breath and leaped towards the sky.

He kept going up, up, his hand was about to touch the helicopter tripod.

But at this moment, the fuselage suddenly moved to the left, and the tripod slipped away from his hand.

Seeing that he was about to fall down again, Luo Zhouzhou simply squeezed his right fist and slammed it against the belly of the plane.

With a muffled bang, the helicopter shook violently, leaning to the side of the mountain wall, and a fist-sized dent appeared on the hard belly.

Luo Zhouzhou fell down again like a broken kite, and after turning over in the air, he steadily fell into the motorboat and stood beside Chu Feng.

"Awesome." Chu Feng said loudly.

Luo Zhouzhou touched his teeth triumphantly, and said, "I will be able to climb up next time."

In the cabin, the pilot finally stabilized the helicopter and continued forward.

Wesson looked at the bump under his feet and asked in horror, "What the **** is this? Even with the use of benfidol, this effect will not be achieved."

Calgar said with a sullen face: "Don't care what it is, we just need to get out of this canyon as soon as possible."

He also instructed the pilot in front, "Try not to go down, but fly up."

The pilot reluctantly explained: "Your Excellency, if you continue to go up, the plane will be swept away by the strong current and hit the mountain wall."

"No matter what method you use, don't continue to lower, as long as you stick to the canyon." Calgar looked at the motorboat outside the window and shouted sharply.

The helicopter did not descend anymore and flew staggeringly at high altitude.

A little further ahead is the end of the gorge. Now the mountains are gradually opening up and the river surface is flat.

"In front is where the Haihe River meets." Chu Feng wiped the water off his face.

Luo Zhouzhou looked up at the helicopter, estimated the distance, and said, "I want to try and see if I can jump on it."

"Don't go, you can't jump that high. Sihan has my position, we will follow Calgar until they catch up."

After traveling for a while, Luo Zhouzhou suddenly pointed to the front, "Chu Feng, look at it, several motorboats came in front."

Chu Feng looked in the direction he was pointing, and found that at the farthest end, several black spots appeared vaguely.

"Is it a motorboat? Zhou Zhou." He asked.

"Yes, I can see clearly."

"No, that's someone from Calgar. They should still have ships at sea."

The speed of those motorboats was very fast, and the people on the helicopter also found out and began to descend.

"Chu Feng, the plane is landing, you send me to go there." Luo Zhouzhou said excitedly, pointing to the helicopter.

"Okay, then you have to be careful, I will still follow you."

Chu Feng increased his horsepower, and the motorboat roared forward at full speed and rushed under the helicopter.

"Let's drop a little bit, then drop a little bit more." Luo Zhouzhou clenched his fists and looked up without an instant, "Yes, yes, let's drop a little bit..."

When the helicopter descended to the height of five or six stories, Luo Zhouzhou rushed into the night sky like an arrow, all the way up.

He didn't jump directly to the helicopter this time, but slanted across the mountain wall. When he was about to fall halfway, he stepped on the mountain wall and continued to go up with that force.

Just when the altitude was about the same as the helicopter, he faced a vertical leap in the middle, grabbed the tripod flexibly and lightly, pushed open the hatch, and got in.

Wesson was commanding the pilot, "Keep to the right... they have already come, let's go down, let's go down a little."

The hatch beside him was suddenly pulled open, and a violent wind poured in.

Before he could react, he only felt that his body was light, and the next second he was in the air, and the river was approaching rapidly in front of him.

"Ah----" He let out a scream of horror in the air, slammed into the river heavily, and disappeared in an instant.

The pilot was frightened and slammed the joystick. The descending helicopter suddenly stopped landing and began to ascend rapidly.

Chu Feng was looking up nervously, and suddenly there was a gunshot, the motorboat made a crisp sound, and the river surface also aroused water splashes.

He leaned down and hid under the console, pulled out the gun behind his waist, and looked out from the gap in the console.

Those motorboats had come by through the wind and waves, with people standing on them, holding guns in his direction.

Chu Feng aimed at the driver of one of the motorboats and pulled the trigger.

The man collapsed, and the motorboat that lost control continued to travel at high speed, hitting one side of the mountain wall and making a loud noise.

Three seconds later, an explosion resounded across the canyon, and the motorboat was instantly engulfed by the raging fire.

In the cabin, Luo Zhouzhou stretched out his hand to catch Calgar, when he heard movement from below.

He quickly stopped and looked worriedly from the hatch.


There was a gunshot behind him.

He put his hands on his chest and turned his head slowly.

The gun in Calgar's hand was still emitting white smoke, and a few words were squeezed from between his teeth, "Go to hell."

"I won't die." Luo Zhouzhou said.

He took off the hand covering his chest and slowly spread it out in front of Calgar.

In the white palm with long nails lay a golden bullet.

And the round hole on his chest healed quickly at a speed visible to the naked eye, and instantly returned to its original state, with the skin as smooth as before.

The author has something to say: thanks to the little angel who threw the landmine: 1 Licyivy; thanks to the little angel who irrigated the nutrient solution: 10 bottles of juice; 5 bottles of Yunli and Befeifei; 3 bottles within seven minutes; no meat, ran, If 1 bottle of water;

Thank you very much for your comments.

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