The Generals Vampire Omega Chapter 89

Chapter 88:

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The plane had risen into the turbulent layer and began to shake from side to side, and at the same time a harsh alarm sounded.

The pilot hurriedly stabilized the fuselage, but the helicopter was completely out of control and began to fall diagonally.

"No way, it's going to crash." The pilot screamed in despair.

The people on several motorboats were holding their guns and firing in the direction of Chu Feng collectively.

The first half of his motorboat had been hit into a honeycomb.

"The plane crashed!" someone yelled in horror, "The Son is still on the plane."

The news that Calgar was the Son of God has spread throughout the entire league, and the truth has been known to everyone. This group of people was the closest to Enesya, and they also received an order from the deacon to accept the return of the Son.

Everyone stopped firing and looked up at the helicopter in a daze.

Look at it at a faster and faster speed, leaning towards the river.

Chu Feng also stood up from the motorboat, holding his hands tightly, his nails sinking into his palms.

"Zhou Zhou, you must be able to..."

Just as the helicopter was about to collide with the river, a black shadow bounced out of the hatch and flew forward.

He grabbed something in his hand, tapped his foot at the moment he was close to the mountain wall, changed direction and flew towards Chu Feng.

Chu Feng saw the dark green body, and his eyes instantly burst into light.

Luo Zhouzhou stepped in the air, stepped into the sinking motorboat, and threw the things he was holding into it.

With a loud noise, the thing shook with pain.

It's Calg.

The helicopter also plunged into the river completely. After a loud bang, the tail wing snapped off and flew out and hit the mountain wall.

The fuselage splashed into the sky, the waves swept away, and several speedboats almost tipped over.

The bullet holes in the motorboat kept getting into the water, and the water inside soon disappeared from the feet.

Luo Zhouzhou raised his foot uncomfortably, and said to Chu Feng: "I caught Calga over and didn't kill him."

"You did the right thing. We are going to bring Calgar back. He is going to be judged."

Luo Zhouzhou just opened his mouth and laughed, he heard someone shouting: "Prepare to shoot, don't use a machine gun, shoot, don't hurt the son."

He glanced at that direction and said to Chu Feng, "I'll go and pack them up and come back."

"Okay, then you still have to be careful."

"Got it."

With a few sporadic gunshots, Luo Zhouzhou turned into a swift black shadow and rushed forward.

The bullet that came straight away disappeared silently while still halfway.

Chu Feng glanced at Calgar and saw that he was leaning against the ship's side with his head drooped, as if he had passed out in a coma. And the water in the boat accumulated deeper and deeper, and it was about to overflow the calf.

The motorboat floated to the right side of the stone wall, and was stopped by a large rock that had just emerged from the water.

Chu Feng took the first two steps, grabbed Calgar's two arms, and jumped him onto the rock on his shoulders.

Just as he bent down and reached for Calgar's armpit, he suddenly opened his eyes.

His eyes were sober, calm, and fierce, and he didn't seem to have been in a coma.

He quickly stretched his hand to Chu Feng's waist and held his gun in his hand.

Chu Feng's reaction was also very quick. As Calgar stretched out his hand to hold the gun, he stepped to the side and hit him with an elbow in the face.


The bullet missed, sparks spattered from the big rock next to it, and the stones flew away.

Calgar was hit hard, and the bridge of his nose was suddenly broken and blood gushing out.

He resisted the pain and dizziness, turned sideways, and aimed the gun at Chu Feng again.

Without waiting for him to pull the trigger, Chu Feng flew a kick to the center of his wrist. The gun made an arc in the air and fell into the turbulent river.

The two stood at the bow and stern of the boat, facing each other in silence.

Calgar wiped the blood off his face and began to take off the coat that was wrapped around his body.

Chu Feng is still wearing that dark blue dress, he also took it off and threw it in the boat, then tore off his tie.

His shirt clung to his body, showing solid and powerful body lines and slightly bulging muscles.

The two simultaneously threw down their coats and rushed towards each other, their fists collided in the air, and each took two steps back.

Then, they fought together.

Calgar usually can't see it, but at this time, with his fists and kicks, he was able to make a tie with Chu Feng.

The two top alphas released all the pressure and attacked fiercely on the violently shaking motorboat.

On the other side, Luo Zhouzhou threw the two of them into the river far away and patted the palms of his hands.

The remaining few people looked at each other and took out an injection from their arms and stuck them in their necks.

"Do you think you can do it?" one of them said viciously, with blood-red eyes open.

Luo Zhouzhou said: "It's different, you are different from me."

He adjusted the crooked brooch and explained: "You have injected a lot of benzophenone, no matter how powerful it is, I am not as powerful as I am. I can defeat you all by myself."

"Then what are you injecting?" someone asked.

Another person interrupted impatiently, "What are you doing with him so much nonsense? Just kill it."

After speaking, he pressed his feet and flew forward against Luo Zhouzhou.

No one could see how Luo Zhouzhou acted, but when they pounced, they suddenly lost their goal in front of them.

The person who was still standing there a second ago just disappeared out of thin air.

"Left!" someone uttered a loud shout.

Everyone looked to the left, and saw the thin dark blue figure disappearing in a flash.

"Right!" someone shouted again.

"Head, spread, head."

"Scattered, one person keeps one direction, right."


Luo Zhouzhou walked around them like a ghost, occasionally shuttled to the middle, reaching out to grab the neck of the nearest person.

These people have been injected with benzophenone much, although they can't compare with him, but the reaction speed is far faster than ordinary people. He stretched out his hand several times and was noticed and attacked at the same time.

One or two Luo Zhouzhou didnt care about it, but its still hard for five or six to work together.

He had to stop and continue to walk around, ready to find opportunities to solve them one by one.

Chu Feng and Calga's motorboat continued to sink, and the water flooded the waists of the two of them, smashing into the sky with one punch and one kick.

Finally, the overwhelmed motorboat sank quickly, and both of them rushed towards the big rock next to them.

Calg first hugged the stone and quickly climbed up, kicking Chu Feng in the water with his feet.

Chu Feng clamped his ankle, his other hand supported on the rock, and he jumped up.

Calgar retracted his foot and followed him with a punch, and Chu Feng avoided him sideways and elbowed him under the armpit.

The two fought again on the big stone a few meters square.

"on the left."

The truthists who were confronting Luo Zhouzhou all turned to the left.

But a figure faster than the wind suddenly struck from the right, grabbing the last person and flying into the sky.

"On top."

"Climb up."

Several followers followed closely up the cliff, moving as swiftly as a gecko.

Luo Zhouzhou flew faster than them, and after a few vertical leaps on the mountain wall, he sank into the top of the high mountain.


Several people climbed up again for a short while, suddenly something fell from their heads and plunged heavily into the water.

A few seconds later, the captured cultist floated to the surface, his neck slumped softly, and washed away with the flow of water.

"Be careful, and watch out for him coming down from the top of the mountain." One said warily.

The other person looked at Calgar's direction and said: "Or I will go to the Son of God first, someone has been fighting with the Son of God, I will kill him first."

"Go ahead."

The man had just left the mountain wall and was about to go down when he felt a gust of wind blowing by him.

Before the strange feeling in his heart disappeared, his body flew away from the mountain wall.

Luo Zhouzhou carried his back collar and hid in the woods on the top of the mountain a few times.

"Go down, go down, you can't concentrate on the mountain wall." The leader ordered.

Everyone quickly slid down the mountain wall.

Both sides were as straight as a knife, and there was nowhere to go. After sliding down, they could only jump into the motorboat tied to the rock.

But at this moment, Luo Zhouzhou quickly landed like a bird, passing in front of them.

Then, the thick ropes of those motorboats were all broken in the water, and as a wave came, the motorboat floated away quickly.

Luo Zhouzhou stood on a sharp rock that emerged in the middle of the water, watching several believers who were climbing on the mountain wall motionless, and said: "You can't get down anymore. You can't gather together. You can only climb on the mountain wall Go, I can kill you one by one."

The followers all looked at him in horror.

He glanced at Chu Feng and said, "If you jump into the water and swim, I won't care about you."

Seeing no response from a few people, he urged: "It's very low here, you won't die if you jump down. Jump, jump, and walk quickly if you jump."

One of them no longer hesitated, plunged into the river with a plop, and swam downstream with his arms open.

The leader looked at him, quickly took out his gun, and aimed and shot at him.

The person's body stiffened, and the river beside him was instantly dyed red, drifting down with the rapids.

When Luo Zhouzhou saw this scene, he looked at the boss in surprise: "Are you even killing your accomplices? It's really too bad."

Without saying anything, the leader raised his gun and squeezed the trigger at Luo Zhouzhou.

Luo Zhou quickly disappeared from the standing stone tip, and instantly reappeared beside him.


The boss's neck turned to a strange angle and fell into the river without a word.

Seeing that the body of the boss was swept away by the waves in an instant, the few people who were still climbing on the mountain wall all looked at Luo Zhouzhou tremblingly, and didn't dare to let out the atmosphere.

Luo Zhouzhou lightly fell back to the tip of the stone and said to them: "If you want, you can fight with me, maybe you can save your holy son. If you want, just jump from here, if you can swim to the shore alive, From now on, I will never be allowed to return to the truth sect."

Several believers looked at him, then looked at the Saint Child who was still fighting Chu Feng, and immediately made a choice.

"We jump and never go back to the truth."

"Dump now, jump now."

They fell into the water one after another, making a thumping sound, and then swam into the distance with their arms raised.

Chu Feng looked at the air, and when Calgar could not retract his leg, he rushed forward, his fist hit his chest with fierce strength.

Calgar snorted, staggered back a few steps, and almost fell off the boulder.

Chu Feng followed forward, and Calg said hurriedly: "Wait."

He covered his chest with one hand, and pushed the other forward, panting embarrassedly in his mouth.

Chu Feng slowly stopped his movements and stood still and looked at him.

"Chu Feng, in the past few years, I think I'm not bad to you, and promoted you from an ordinary special soldier to general. Why do you want to kill me?"

The blood on Calgar's face converged into two red marks on his nose, and a face could no longer see its original appearance, where there was still half a normal and personable appearance.

Seeing Chu Feng standing silently, he said: "You wanted to investigate the cause of death of those special forces, saying that you would give me your loyalty and fate, and only ask for the power to investigate. I believed it and gave it, but you are Return me like this?"

"I am the holy son of the Shinrikyo Sect, yes, but can you say that I am not a good president? I have been in office for the past few years, and the alliance has been getting better and better under my leadership?"

"Maybe my ideals are different from yours, but you can't target me just because of this. You have to know that even if I am the Son of Truth, I still want to build an alliance so that the people can live in peace."

Calgary took a few breaths, and said: "For the good things I have treated you in the past few years, you let me go. I will manage Shinrikyo so that they will no longer oppose the Alliance army and become the largest in the alliance. Help. How?"

Chu Feng hung his head and said nothing, no one could see what he was thinking.

Calgar raised some hope in his heart, and said softly, "Let me go this time, and I will definitely return you in the future. You are a kind and righteous person, and you don't want to see me as a prisoner?"

Chu Feng's hand hanging beside him slowly clenched, his knuckles all clenched white, and then raised his head.

Calgar was startled when he met his gaze.

There was not only indifference in that eyes, but also hatred.

"I think my parents died of illness, and I told others the same way. In fact, when I was seven years old, they both suffered from Xiyan. When I was escorted out of the country, I saw me running and falling outside the cordon. I wanted to rush over to help me. Those soldiers thought they had escaped and shot them to death on the spot."

Chu Feng gritted his teeth and said: "I watched my parents being escorted and expelled, and then fell not far from me. And you, the holy son of the Shinrikyo Sect, issued an order to kill Xiyan patients. People."

"Ah!" Luo Zhouzhou who rushed over just heard this, and after a short exclamation, he covered his mouth with his hand.

Chu Feng turned sideways slightly and said, "Zhou Zhou, you go to the side to rest, and I will settle the matter between him and me."


Luo Zhouzhou silently jumped to the nearby mountain wall and stepped on a small raised rock.

Calgar slowly calmed down. He lifted up his shirt sleeve, wiped the blood off his face, and said, "Chu Feng, I once told you that the Alliance is a machine, and we are the axis of this machine"

"Go to your mother's machine, you disgusting executioner." Chu Feng yelled violently, and the blue veins on his forehead bulged high. "So many Xiyan patients have been exiled by you and executed. They are not rust, not rubbish, yes. Living human lives!"

"Calm down, listen to me, listen to me, Chu Feng, I don't do this for myself." Calgar explained as he approached Chu Feng, "Don't be too impulsive. You have stayed by my side for several years "

A bright dagger appeared in his palm, and Calga pierced Chu Feng's chest without finishing a word.

Luo Zhouzhou could see clearly on the mountain wall, and when he was about to step forward, he saw Chu Feng kick Calgar's wrist with a kick.

The sharp dagger made a long arc in the air and fell into the river.

Chu Feng followed closely and punched out.

He gritted his teeth and roared with his fist wind: "I stayed with you for a few years, so I know you."

Calgar caught the punch in embarrassment and took a few steps back, only to feel that his entire arm was numb and sore from the shock.

Chu Feng immediately jumped up, raised his fist in the air, and hit his chest with a mighty force.

At the same time he shouted angrily: "This punch was for Wang Jun. He was deceived by you, and he thought he was pursuing his ideal to his death.

Calgar raised his hand to block it, making a muffled sound of skin and flesh colliding and the sound of broken wrist bones.

He screamed and bent over to hold his wrist.

Chu Feng's whole body was naked, drops of water dripped down his cheeks, and his eyes were bloodshot.

Waiting for Calgar to straighten up, he slammed it again.

"This punch was for 28 special soldiers. They were full of blood, but they died in the hands of the most trusted officer."

Calgar didn't dare to block anymore, he only managed to turn sideways and took the punch with his shoulder.

After staggering a few steps, he leaned back on the stone, propped one shoulder high, obviously dislocated.

Chu Feng took a step forward, grabbed him from the ground, and punched him continuously.

"This punch is for those Xiyan patients who were forced to leave their homeland, never see their relatives, and finally died tragically."

"This punch is for the people of the coalition. They don't know that the president they love is actually a demon who backs up the Shinrikyo sect and wants to knock them down the bottomless abyss again."


After Chu Feng hit the last punch, he slowly let go of his hand.

Calgar, covered in blood, lay down on the stone dying, only his chest was still slowly rising and falling.

Chu Feng panted and turned around, and stretched out a hand to Luo Zhouzhou on the mountain wall, and said dumbly: "Come here."

Luo Zhouzhou quickly jumped onto the stone, threw into his arms, and hugged his waist tightly.

Chu Feng put his face on his hair, and the two of them hugged like this, motionless.

In the distance, there was the sound of a motorboat and the roar of a helicopter, accompanied by Chen Sihans loud yelling, "Chu Feng, hold on, I will be there soon..."

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