The Generals Vampire Omega Chapter 90

Chapter 89:

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In May, it is almost into summer, and it is getting hot everywhere.

Luo Zhouzhou sat on Xiaoyu's bedside, talking to her babblingly.

"...So the ice cream in that dessert shop is so delicious. When you leave the hospital next month, I will take you to eat."

"Okay, thank you Zhou Zhou."

"You're welcome."

Xiaoyu narrowed his eyes with a smile.

Although she is still sick, her appearance has returned to the appearance of a girl. Those wrinkles all disappeared, and people gradually gained weight.

Luo Zhouzhou and Qi Fen have developed the fourth-generation benifedo, and the medicine is also being produced in large quantities. Soon, all Xiyan patients in the alliance will be treated for free.

At the same time, the side effects that the medicine will instantly enhance the ability are also solved, and in the future, no matter whether it is a normal person or a Xiyan patient, they will no longer be stimulated with extraordinary potential.

And the fourth generation of Benzene has many names, and it is called the Heart of the Wise.

Luo Zhouzhou looked at the terminal, stood up and said, "Then I'm leaving, Chu Feng is coming to pick me up."

Today was originally a rest day, but not long after the new president took office, Chu Feng, as his right-hand man, was very busy. Even on a rest day, it was noon to get out of the presidential palace.

The little fish nodded heavily, and the pink hairpin on his head followed the movement to reflect the sunlight.

She smiled and said, "Then you go quickly, and my brother will also come later, don't worry about me."

She has been transferred to the general ward of the hospital, and Blue Shark comes to accompany her every day.

The two brothers and sisters thought that they would never see each other again in this life, but they didn't expect Xi Yan to be healed and finally met.

As soon as Luo Zhouzhou walked out of the hospital gate, he saw a familiar black military off-road vehicle, parked under the big tree beside the road.

Chu Feng, dressed in a beige windbreaker, with her long legs folded, leaned against the car door.

Seeing Luo Zhouzhou's sight cast, he touched his forehead with his right hand and made a military salute.

Luo Zhouzhou showed a big smile and ran to him.

"Slow down, pay attention to your feet." Chu Feng smiled and told, hugging the person who was blowing like a whirlwind.

Luo Zhouzhou kissed him on the cheek and asked, "Shall we go to the general now?"

Chu Feng was planning to take Luo Zhouzhou to the outskirts, but seeing him looking at him hopefully, he nodded and said, "Okay, go to the general."

Lope was released the day after Calgar was arrested. As soon as he walked out of the prison gate, Mrs. Lope and Luo Zhouzhou rushed forward.

Not far away stood smiling old friends Tommy and Mrs. Tommy, as well as the still unsmiling butler Lee.

During the time Lope was arrested, Mrs. Lope and Butler Lee were all taken care of by Tommy and his wife.

After a few people hugged, Chu Feng drove the car over.

When he looked out of the cab and collided with Lope, both of them pretended not to see each other and quickly turned their eyes apart.

In the following days, Lope retired in the military and began to enjoy life with peace of mind. Every day, he played with Mrs. Lope with her flowers, or drove far away and stayed at Tommy's house for a few days.

It's just that Chu Feng and Chu Feng are still not opportunistic, the two often start to talk coldly at the dinner table, eating a meal.

This morning, Luo Zhouzhou had just gotten up and was enjoying the breakfast that Chu Feng had prepared before going out. Lope's terminal came.

"Zhou Zhou, your mother learned a new dish, let you come back at noon to taste it."

"Okay, Chu Feng has gone to the presidential palace. I will go back together after he finishes his work."

Lope was silent on the other side and heard Mrs. Lope's voice vaguely.

"Zhou Zhou, I also cooked two dishes that Chu Feng likes to eat, you two come here early."

"I know mom."

Now Luo Zhouzhou is sitting in the car and goes to Enesia Villa area with Chu Feng.

He leaned on the car window and looked outside when he passed the previous checkpoints.

The telescopic door between Enesia and Bayardo has been demolished. It used to be a sentry pavilion, leaving only a round dark mark on the ground.

The new president is a courageous and visionary leader. The first thing he did after taking office was to tear down this barrier.

The people of the whole alliance were boiling, and although there were occasional voices of opposition, they were soon drowned in the monstrous voice of support.

Then came the drastic rectification, while revising part of the alliance program, while besieging the remaining Shinrikyo on the border.

Without Calgar's secret support, the Shinrikyo Sect soon fell apart and fell apart. After retreating further, it had already withdrawn from the border of the alliance.

Since then, his vitality has been greatly injured, and for a long period of time, it has been impossible to recover from the previous situation.

The cross-country soon arrived at the Starlight Villa area, and from a distance, I saw a person standing in the fence of the Luo family's courtyard, heading in this direction.

After driving off-road into the private driveway, the man quickly turned and walked into the house.

"Have you seen it? I seem to have seen the general." Luo Zhouzhou asked Chu Feng.

Chu Feng smiled and said, "I didn't pay attention, it should be."

After reaching the gate, Luo Zhouzhou jumped out of the car and ran into the house. Chu Feng drove the car to the garage.

"Dad." Luo Zhou and Zhou Xing rushed in.

Lope was sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper, looking at him through the edge of his glasses, and said, "What are you doing in such a hurry? Don't fall into a fall when you are such a big person."

Butler Li greeted him and helped Luo Zhouzhou to take off his coat.

He thanked him, walked to the sofa next to Lope and sat down.

"It's a bit hot outside, drink some water." Lope spoke to the two glasses of water on the table.

Luo Zhouzhou took one of the cups and sipped it.

Mrs. Lope was in the kitchen, and from time to time an unfamiliar and gentle voice came out, "...The next step is to put salt, and the next step is to put two measuring cups of water..."

"Who is cooking in the kitchen with mom?" Luo Zhouzhou asked curiously.

Lope turned the newspaper over and said, "That's the video teaching cooking."

After a two-second pause, he lowered his voice again and said, "I think this new dish is awful enough. Later, you will eat less and eat other dishes."

"Um, okay." Luo Zhouzhou also replied in a low voice.

Luo Pei glanced at the door and asked Luo Zhouzhou inadvertently, "How is Chu Feng treating you?"

"Dad, you have asked me this question many times." Luo Zhouzhou said.

Lope frowned and said: "The last time I asked was a few days ago, now I am asking these few days."

"he treats me well."

"Well, you have to remember what Dad usually tells you."

Luo Zhouzhou said: "Remember, you can't be too good to him, you have to hold three points at all times."

Lope nodded in satisfaction.

There was a sound of footsteps, and Chu Feng walked in from the door and nodded to Lope: "General."

Lope hummed reservedly.

Butler Li greeted him again to pick up his coat, and only took two steps. Luo Zhouzhou bounced off the sofa and quickly passed him to take off Chufeng's windbreaker. He said, "It's a little hot outside, take the coat off. Take it off and drink some more water."

Lope closed his eyes and sighed softly.

"Chu Feng is here." Mrs. Lope walked to the door of the kitchen and said with a smile: "The dishes will be ready soon, wait a moment."

Chu Feng smiled and said, "Thanks for your hard work."

"It doesn't work, it doesn't work, I just make a meal occasionally."

Luo Zhouzhou handed the windbreaker to the housekeeper Li and sat down on the sofa with Chu Feng.

"How are the wedding preparations? It will be held next month." Lope asked faintly while looking at the newspaper.

Luo Zhouzhou's eyes lit up and he said with joy, "It's alright, I bought a new nest for Dawu and Xiaowu"

"I didn't ask you." Lope leaned back on the sofa and continued to flip through the newspaper.

Chu Feng hurriedly replied: "The guests have all been banqueted, and the house has been redecorated again. It's just the place for the honeymoon..."

"What happened to the honeymoon location?" Lope asked.

"The location of the honeymoon has not been discussed with Zhou Zhou." Chu Feng said.

Lope threw the newspaper on the coffee table, frowned and said: "It must depend on Zhou Zhou. Where he wants to spend his honeymoon, then you go wherever he wants."

Luo Zhou opened his eyes swiftly and said: "Dad, you are so kind. I want to go for a lap on the top of Kapu Snow Mountain. I also want to see the desert outside the border. I heard that there is a deep valley there. Nobody can get up, I want to try it too."

Lope dumbly said after a moment: "The location of the honeymoon is determined by Chu."

"Okay." Chu Feng replied quickly.

"It's open, come over for dinner."

With the help of Butler Li and the maid, Mrs. Lope has put all the dishes on the table.

"Let's go, eat." Lope took off his glasses and got up from the sofa.

Chu Feng and Luo Zhouzhou also stood up.

Sitting at the dinner table, Mrs. Lope poured a glass of wine for everyone, but the glass in front of Luo Zhouzhou could only be regarded as fruit juice red wine.

"Come on, I wish our whole family good health." Mrs. Lope first picked up the wine glass.

After gently clinking the glasses, sipping the wine, and putting down the glass, Luo Zhouzhou saw Luo Pei bring the new dish to Chu's cover.

"Eat more, this is Linda's new recipe." Lope said.

Chu Feng held the ground with a chopstick, put it in his mouth and chewed carefully, his eyes suddenly brightened, "It's delicious, Madam is really good craftsmanship."

"Just like it, just like it." Mrs. Lope narrowed her eyes with a smile, "As long as you like it, I will often make it for you."

"Thank you Madam then." Chu Feng took another bunch of vegetables and put them in Luo Zhouzhou's bowl, and said, "Try it, it's delicious."

Luo Zhouzhou caught his mouth and opened his eyes wide, "Wow, it's really delicious."

Chu Feng gave him another tuft and said, "Eat more."

"Hmm, you eat too."

Lope said with a black face, "Stop talking at the dinner table."

Quiet was restored in the restaurant, only the occasional clash of cups and plates was heard.

Lope wiped his mouth with a napkin and asked, "Chu Feng, how has the military department done recently?"

Chu Feng put down his chopsticks and said, "It's okay."

"Alright? I heard that you followed the new president to revise the alliance program, quarreling with the group of people in the Senate every day."

"It's not a quarrel, it's an argument, it's a normal argument."

"The group of elders in the House of Assembly are highly respected and full of economics. You are still young, and many things are not as thorough as they are. Whenever things happen, listen to their opinions and don't forcefully argue." Lope said.

"Yes, I understand."

Lope wanted to say it again. Mrs. Lope gave him a dissatisfied look, "Chu Feng is not under yours, your ranks are still the same, so you won't let him eat well."

Lope's face sank, "I'm teaching him the principles of life, young people don't know how to behave at all--"

"Dad, don't talk at the dinner table." Luo Zhou said with a pouting mouth.

"Okay, I won't say it, I won't say it."

After dinner, Chu Feng went to help Mrs. Lope clean the weeds in the garden, and Lope was about to go back to the study with a cup of coffee.

Luo Zhouzhou followed and asked on the stairs: "Dad, don't you like Chu Feng?"

Lope stopped, turned around and said, "Why do you ask?"

"Every time you don't speak well, you always teach him." Luo Zhouzhou whispered while holding the handrail.

Lope stretched out his finger and nodded his forehead, "I am not for you."

"For me?" Luo Zhouzhou was a little stunned, "Me and Chu Feng are very good, you don't need you to help me out."

Lope said: "You don't understand. Dad has to be tough. He won't dare to bully you in the future. He has to beat him frequently so that he won't slow you down."

"Then have you been beaten by your mother's father before?"

"It's your grandpa."

"Does Grandpa always teach you too?"

"...What do you care about so much."

Luo Zhouzhou squinted at him and said nothing.

Seeing Lope continuing to walk up with his coffee, he chased him up again, and went into the study with him.

Lope sat on the wicker chair in front of the window without lifting his eyelids, and opened the terminal to read the information.

"Dad." Luo Zhouzhou squatted down in front of him, looking up at him.

Lope glanced at him, waiting for the words behind, but Luo Zhouzhou didn't say anything.

"Dad." He yelled again.


"Dad." Luo Zhouzhou hugged Lope's knee, put his chin on, and continued to look up.

After reading a few pieces of news, Lope finally said helplessly: "Okay, I won't teach him anymore, don't put on such a pitiful appearance."

Qi Fen had already relieved Luo Zhouzhou from the blocked memories. He remembered everything and the trick he used to deal with Lope.

Anyone who wants candy, wants to go out to play, and gets caught after doing bad things, use this trick to try a hundred spirits.

When Luo Zhouzhou heard this, he was so happy that he kissed him twice on his knee.

"Look at you for the sake of Chu Feng, please be like this. It's really something that turned your elbow out." Lope said sourly.

After thinking about it, he asked: "Did he usually say anything to me in front of you?"

"Say, it's all nice things."

"What's it all about? Tell me about it."

Luo Zhouzhou said: "Said you are cautious, smart, and very good at Mind City. Said you love me very much, love me and my mother. Said you are actually a good person."

Lope looked a bit complicated, and asked, "Anything else?"

"I think about it..." Luo Zhouzhou stared at the air in a daze, his eyes lit up suddenly, "By the way, you are an old fox."

Lope's face turned dark, Luo Zhouzhou smiled and squinted, "I am the little fox."

Lope's face changed again and again, and finally suffocated a sentence, "It's alright, let's go out."

"Then you can't teach him anymore."

"Know, go out."

Behind the villa is a huge artificial lake with green lotus leaves dotted with delicate flower buds.

In the afternoon, the family sat under a sun umbrella on the lawn by the lake, eating desserts and drinking afternoon tea.

When Chu Feng was talking with Mrs. Lope, Lope seemed to be listening with his eyes half-closed.

Seeing that no one was paying attention to him, Luo Zhouzhou quietly reached out to the doughnut left on the plate.

"I know that the soil in Aike Town is very suitable for planting your flower seeds. I will decorate and send it to you next day off."

Although Chu Feng was speaking to Mrs. Lope, he accurately pinched Luo Zhouzhou's wrist and took it off the table.

"I'll eat one more." Luo Zhouzhou whispered.

"No, you have eaten three."

Chu Feng released his hand and continued to chat with Mrs. Lope.

Luo Zhouzhou glanced at the donut and covered it with Lope's newspaper. If he couldn't see it, he wouldn't be greedy.

Lope glanced at him and said nothing.

The maid brought ice cream, because Lope and Mrs. Lope didn't eat them, so they only served two servings. Packed in a transparent goblet, it looks delicious when it is fragrant and soft.

"Wow, ice cream."

Luo Zhouzhou looked at Chu Feng and saw that he was talking to Mrs. Lope. He quickly picked up a portion, dug a spoonful of it into his mouth, and squinted happily.

"Didn't you have a stomachache after drinking too much ice juice yesterday?" Chu Feng suddenly turned his head to look at him.

"Ah, this, this." Luo Zhouzhou said with a guilty heart: "That's juice, this is ice cream, it should be different."

Chu Feng looked at each other for a moment, and said, "Come here, I'll touch my stomach."

Luo Zhouzhou approached him, and Chu Feng put his hand in from the hem of his T-shirt, pressed it against the soft belly.

"You eat too much, and your stomach is bulging."

"You touch it again, touch it again." Luo Zhouzhou quietly took a breath, making his belly smaller.

Chu Feng looked at the ice cream he was holding and asked, "Will you give me a bite?"

"There is still on the table, look."

Chu Feng said, "I like your vanilla flavor."

"Then you eat it, I like the mango flavor too, I have that cup."

Chu Feng invited the maid and asked her to take the other portion away and said, "No, I can't finish a cup, so I will have a bite in your cup."

After speaking, he picked up the spoon and scooped up the entire ball under Luo Zhouzhou's gaze.

Luo Zhouzhou thought of the ice cream that he had bitten off most of the time. He held back what he wanted to say, and looked at it eagerly.

Watching Chu Feng open his mouth, he slowly bit down on the ball.

"Don't eat too much, your stomach will hurt." He said aggrieved as the ball was about to turn into a little bit.

Chu Feng looked at him, but only bit a small half on the ball.

Then hand him the rest and say, "Eat."

Luo Zhouzhou smiled so that his eyes were narrowed, and quickly took the spoon and ate his ice cream.

Chu Feng wiped his mouth with a napkin, and continued the conversation with Mrs. Lope.

Mrs. Lope's face was more satisfied. Although Lope leaned on the sun lounger and closed his eyes, there was a faint smile on her face.

At ten o'clock in the evening, the two were ready to go back to their home.

After saying hello to Mrs. Lope, Chu Feng mentioned the homemade dessert she had pretended to, and then went to bid farewell to Lope.

Lope didn't respond, but suddenly said when he turned around, "The old man named Yang in the Council of State Council loves to paint on weekdays. His favorite painter is the imperial master Hong Sheng. If you know more about the life of Master Hong Sheng Anecdote, he will tell you a few more words. The old man surnamed Li loves red wine. He loves red wine from Lixi Island the most. The price is not expensive, but its a bit troublesome to ship. I happen to have two bottles in my collection here. ."

Lope turned around and told Butler Li, "Bring me the two bottles of wine I placed in the second compartment of the wine cabinet."

"These two old men are usually rigid and stubborn. I believe that if you modify the alliance program, they are the two who make the most noise. As long as these two are solved, the rest will be easy." Lope said lightly. .

After steward Li picked up the two bottles of wine, Chu Feng took the wine and thanked him: "The general is really thoughtful, thank you."

Lope sneered, "Old fox, I can't do anything else, just a little bit more mindful."

Chu Feng choked and looked at Luo Zhouzhou beside him.

Luo Zhouzhou held his arm and smiled sweetly at him.

When he returned home and just closed the door, Chu Feng lifted Luo Zhou on Monday and threw it on the sofa in the living room.

"You little fox, little fox." While licking Luo Zhouzhou's most ticklish neck, he scratched his armpit.

Luo Zhou laughed and begged for mercy, twisting his whole body, pushing all the sofa cushions to the ground.

"Chu Feng, Chu Feng, don't scratch me, hahahaha, hahaha."

"Are you wrong?"

"Wrong, I was wrong, hahahaha, I was wrong."

"Where is wrong?"

"I shouldn't be a little fox, hahahahaha..."

Chu Feng stopped and looked at Luo Zhouzhou under him.

Luo Zhouzhou panted heavily, his chest undulating. His face was flushed, his tearful eyes were moisturized, his lips were half open, and the tip of his pink tongue was faintly exposed.

Chu Feng slowly put away the smile on his face, looking down at him tenderly and enthusiastically, his light brown eyes darkened with a different meaning.

Luo Zhouzhou's gaze was very familiar. He licked his lips, hooked Chu Feng's neck with both hands, and pressed his lips to it.


Soon it was the wedding day.

Luo Zhouzhou slept in the villa the night before. Mrs. Lope repeatedly told him not to sleep in bed the next day. The makeup artist would arrive at eight o'clock and he must get up at seven o'clock.

"I will call you at seven tomorrow, and you must get up on time." Mrs. Lope said.

"Oh, I see."

The next morning, while Mrs. Lope was still asleep, she heard the door knock gently.

"Who?" she asked sleepily.

"Mom, it's me."

Mrs. Lope is so excited, has this been asleep?

I quickly touched the terminal next to me, and looked at the time, it was only six in the morning.

"Mom, when will the makeup artist come?" Luo Zhouzhou asked outside the door.

Mrs. Lope breathed a sigh of relief and replied: "It's only eight o'clock. Zhou Zhou, why did you get up so early?"

Luo Zhouzhou said: "When I thought of getting married today, I didn't even fall asleep at all."

Lope covered his head with the quilt and said dullly: "Look at him, it's so happy to get married."

Mrs. Lope chuckled, got up and changed into her pajamas, and said: "The night before we got married, didn't you keep your eyes closed all night? You ran into the wheat field and sang the song all night, and everyone in the town heard it. Up."

"That should also be because Chu Feng can't sleep. Look at Zhou Zhou and look at him."

Mrs. Lope walked back to the bed again, sat next to Lope, and said softly: "In fact, I didn't fall asleep that night. I was listening to you singing and laughing while hiding in the bed."

After a while, Lope opened the quilt and turned over and sat up, and said vigorously: "Get up, change your dress quickly."

Today's Sita Manor is very lively, with colorful balloons and flowers hanging everywhere.

Outside the auditorium, there were people standing in the huge garden and lawn, greeting each other.

On the lakeside lawn farther away, a group of military officers and policemen were posing for photos in various poses, laughing from time to time.

Luo Zhouzhou stood in front of the lounge window on the second floor, smiling at the people outside.

He saw the little fish in the wheelchair being pushed by the blue shark and was looking around curiously. Saw Qi Fen carrying a cane

Alpha, with a happy smile on his face. I saw Wang Su sitting in the garden, sorting out the blankets on Aunt Liu's legs. Seeing Chen Sihan surrounded by a group of omegas, he was talking excitedly. The group of omegas covered their mouths from time to time and looked at him admiringly.

"Zhou Zhou, time is up." Mrs. Lope opened the door.

Seeing Luo Zhouzhou downstairs holding Lope's arm, she took out a tissue to wipe tears, and laughed again.

Chu Feng was wearing a black suit today, standing on the platform at the front of the auditorium, tall and straight.

The hair is processed by the hair stylist to highlight the full forehead and deep contours, making it more handsome and compelling.

With the music and lights on, his heart jumped wildly, his eyes fixed on the door.

When the figure in the white dress appeared in his sight and walked slowly, he actually felt dizzy at that moment.

Happiness exploded in my chest instantly, I just felt that my life was complete.


The sky was full of sunset clouds, and it was already evening.

The guests gathered at the gate of West Tower Manor and sent Chu Feng and Luo Zhouzhou away to start their honeymoon trip.

When the royal blue streamlined sports car left with a row of empty cans clawing, everyone burst into cheers and applause.

"Walk around, go back, let's continue drinking and dancing." Lope laughed loudly.

An old colleague came over and patted him on the shoulder, "Where will Zhou Zhou and General Chu go on their honeymoon?"

"Tina Island."

"Oh, it's a good place, a holy place for honeymooners."

"Young people, they like surfing, sailing, etc." Lope said with a smile.


A full moon is in the sky, illuminating the Kapu Snow Mountain, and the snow is glowing white under the moonlight. The whole world is dreamlike, cold and beautiful like a fairyland.

Only occasionally a sound will break the tranquility of the snow-capped mountains, which is very unbelievable.

"Zhou Zhou, don't run too fast... ah ah... don't fly from this mountain top to that mountain top."

"I'm going to fall, Zhou Zhou... The cloud seems to be under my feet."

"Zhou Zhou, I'm so cold, I forgot to put on my down jacket..."

There was a disturbed little animal, looking out from the snow cave.

Seeing that the two strange creatures had stopped screaming, they were standing on the top of the snow-capped mountain, sticking to each other, feeding each other with their mouths, and then retracted into the cave boringly.

The moonlight is just right, let's get some sleep.

The author has something to say: The marriage is complete, it ends here, let Zhou Zhou and Chu Feng live their lives.

Thank you everyone for following the article, staying with me for so long, for your hard work! Next, I will save the manuscript for the next article, which should be opened next month. I hope that the more I write, the better, so that you can enjoy it.

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