The Genius Doctor My Wife Is Valiant Chapter 1026

Chapter 1026: The whole family is out

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Chapter 1026 The whole family is out

She is also very worried about Jingqians safety, but she knows that the country I black hands are involved, and she really cant help at all. So at this time, as long as you don't add chaos to Emperor Yunxi.

"Dont worry, I will take care of Xiaochen. You go to Country I as soon as possible. You...Be careful. If there are thousands of news, remember to tell me as soon as possible."

"it is good."

Di Yunxi nodded and agreed, and then took his wife and son into the house.

Change clothes, wait a moment, the helicopter has arrived.

Di Yunxi was wearing a windbreaker, with a group of bodyguards, three helicopters in front and back, and left in a very windy manner.

"Mom, will aunt be abused?"

Little bun from the beginning, the little brows have not been loosened.

In this family, besides mom and dad, his aunt is his favorite.

Aunt is the one who shows him the light, and also the one who pulls him out of the darkness.

Since his aunt operated on him, he has never been uncomfortable anymore. He loves his aunt, and he is afraid that something will happen to her aunt.

Ling Siqi, why not worry...

"Don't worry, Auntie will be fine. She has done so many good things, and Ji people have their own visions."

Little Bun pursed his lips and nodded. But there was another voice in my heart unconsciously: Good people don't live long, and they will live for thousands of years.

Aunt is so good, he is really afraid of her aunt.

But he dare not say.

After receiving the news, Emperor Jingxuan and Xie Qingyan immediately called the civil aviation side and applied to go to country I.

Although the Emperor's family has a private jet, if you want to go abroad, especially if you want to go abroad by private jet, you must approve the civil aviation side.

The person in charge of the Civil Aviation Administration did not dare to agree casually, so he called Xie Mingyuan again.

Xie Mingyuan called her sister, and Xie Qingyan did not hide it, after all, they are not as good as her elder brother in guiding them between countries.

Their planes are not big, so they have to replenish their fuel in some countries. Without her elder brother's help, they would lose time when they encounter difficulties.

So Xie Qingyan could only tell Xie Mingyuan the news of Jing Qians abduction, and asked him not to tell her father.

Xie Mingyuan immediately responded to the civil aviation side, asking the other side to give his sister a special channel immediately.

Because he didnt want to delay even one minute and one second, in order for the other party to order immediately, Xie Mingyuan hung up the phone after speaking, causing the other party to want to tell him that in fact, a private jet flew away half an hour ago. The land is also country I. And that person also had a connection with the Xie family.

That person is no one else, but Zhan Lichuan, chairman of Aopu Group.

Because he knows Xie Mingyuan, he also knows that Zhan Lichuans current mother-in-law is Xie Qingyan.

Although he doesn't know what happened, everyone is heading for country I, and the goal is the same. Didn't he take away his old father-in-law when he went for Mao Zhan Lichuan?

But this is not something his little civil aviation supervisor can gossip.

Xie Mingyuan hung up the phone, so he couldn't say anything. Directly helped Di Jingxuan and Xie Qingyan apply for routes.

Emperor Jingxuan boarded the plane with his wife and 10 of his confidants.

While waiting for the civil aviation route application, Di Jingxuan called his old friend Bazel.

On the other side of the phone, Bazel looked happy: "Xuan, why did you call me suddenly? Are you coming to visit I country?"

(End of this chapter)

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