The Genius Doctor My Wife Is Valiant Chapter 1027

Chapter 1027: Fortune teller

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Chapter 1027 Fortune-telling

After all, after Emperor Jingxuan went to Country Z, he was a law-abiding businessman, and his whole person was washed white. Although Geek was founded by him and Di Jingxuan together, in the past few years, the other party has almost ignored everything except for doing business with Geek.

The boss of his geek usually receives the beautiful lady to eat, drink and travel.

Di Jingxuan's face was so heavy that he could almost drop ink, "My daughter was taken away, and the other party's plane flew to Country I. It is estimated that it will be here soon. Helicopter."

Bazel's face instantly turned black.

"Who is so bold that he dares to touch my niece? Labor and management find him out and have to break his bones."

"My wife is here to break the bones. All you need to do is check the plane and rescue my daughter with me."

"Hao Xuan, dont worry, this is a niece who is even closer than my niece. I, an uncle, havent given her a meeting gift yet, so it happened to be delivered together this time. I wont tell you more, dont delay. Its time for me to find my niece."

"it is good."

The emperors family has a family group, and there is no small family group like grandpa and uncle.

Since the parents knew about it, the three emperor brothers spoke directly in the family group.

"Fox: Mom, Yun Xiao and I have already boarded the plane, and we can get to Country I in about an hour. Have you contacted Uncle Bazel?"

"The cutest mother in the world: Well, I got in touch. You can go directly to Bazel first."

"Facial paralysis: We and the people in Country I have always kept the water in the well. I guess it should be the one who kidnapped thousands of people."

"The cutest mom in the world: @ Anyway, I will not forgive."

"The most handsome dad in the world: I said, I will break his bones."

"The cutest mother in the world: I broke the bones and connected the tendons"

"The most handsome dad in the world: Then pick the tendons for him."

"Fortune teller: @@ I have two minutes to get home, when will you leave?"

"The cutest mother in the world:..."


Seeing that one of his parents didn't speak, and the other called himself an ellipsis, Emperor Yunmo haha.

"Fortune teller: You guys will have gone, right?"

"The cutest mother in the world: @ or you catch the plane by yourself?"

"Fortune teller:..."

"The most handsome dad in the world: What does "..." mean? Your sister was kidnapped. Do we have to wait for you to finish playing together before setting off? You are Mommy, can't find the way to country I?"

"The fortune teller: I'm wrong dad! I'll catch the plane by myself!"

Di Yunmo is the youngest of the emperor family. Logically speaking, the emperor loves the eldest son, and the people love Yaoer. Unfortunately, his father only loves his mother. The three of them were brought up by childcare teachers and bodyguards. His parents took the boss, the boss took the second, and the boss took the second. and so

Di Yunmo is the poorest and most speechless one at home.

Forget it, he is not very anxious anyway.

Di Yunmo made a call to Guan Yuchen, and Guan Yuchen answered the call: "What are you doing?"

"Tell you something, Qianqian was kidnapped to your site." When Di Yunmo spoke, there was no worry in his tone. On the contrary, his tone was full of gloat.

(End of this chapter)

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